Honestly. If it is an entry level job, then it’s not a red flag right now considering the employee shortage


You mean the self-imposed employee shortage because they refuse to pay people a livable wage?


That and one thing the media refuses to talk about…a million people died. That’s a lot of workers. That’s not even counting the severe effects that put people on disability.


I've been saying this. A million people died and sure we can look at statistics for how many of those people were still in the workforce but that has cascading effects. A grandma who helps watch the kids is helping keeping parents in the workforce, someone who is suffering from long covid might need a caretaker when they didn't before, someone who used to be an active tradesperson might have long term effects and is looking for less demanding employment. It's not a rebound despite what people want to think about covid being over.


If we ignore everything and only take the million people who died, that's still about 3000 people per major city that were employed. That creates _a lot_ of upward pressure on wages as everyone fights for the remaining workers. This is why unemployment is so low right now _and_ there's a shortage of workers.


There were also tons of people that retired early because of the pandemic and the shutdowns.


Yeah, and the boomers are finally retiring en masse.


Now we wait for them to die and then sweep the elections


Too bad they already drummed up a new generation of shitty people that will also move in on the territory


Not as many tho, but they are trying


More concentrated. Less of them, but way more intense.


Supreme Courts packed and all the gerrys have been mandered




Lol that would require young people to actually vote instead of just bitching on twitter, good one.


i wish. i was just reading about an elected official running to be re-elected in my district at the age of 73 and i said out loud on the ferry (accidentally) WHEN WILL YOU GUYS RETIRE?!




Whose “they”? There’s no way that nearly 10% of the adult population has COVID complications severe enough that they can no longer work.


I could see a very large chunk of people taking the disruption in work, illness, and age to retire. 22 million seems like a lot though, especially if you're directly blaming covid. Perhaps 22 million are experiencing long covid, though. edit: "The numbers are stark. A recent report by the Solve Long COVID Initiative estimates that some 22 million Americans, about 6.7% of our population, are already dealing with the effects of the virus months after their initial infection....... Roughly 7 million in our country may be experiencing disabling long COVID symptoms. " -[fortune.com](https://fortune.com/2022/04/19/long-covid-symptoms-vaccine-tests-masking/)


So 22 million who are experiencing any kind of symptom after initial COVID infection and 7 million that are defined as not being able to return to 100% pre-COVID function. Not to say that isn’t an issue from a public health standpoint but, especially given that a large portion of that 7 million are probably at or close to retirement age given COVID’s disproportionate severity with older people, it’s definitely a far cry from 22 million on disability.


I don't know why you're being downvoted. That was kinda the point I was trying to make too. 22 million are not going onto disability, 22 million have some sort of long lasting effect from covid. 7 million "may be experiencing" a status that could qualify them for disability. That does not mean 7 million are going onto disability, and it especially does not mean they are going onto disability forever. The most common thing I hear about is a lack of taste or smell, which sucks, but is not disabling.


I remember hearing this exact comment, except "There's no way a million people will die!". *The pandemic is not over*


I’m not making predictions about the future, I was responding to a specific claim that was not supported by the evidence


Also the fight against immigration has reduced our workforce considerably. We were already below replacement level birthrates and COVID definitely didn't help.


Very very true. My gf used to work at a workplace visa company. Trump slowed things down by adding a bunch of loopholes, but Covid has full on put a pause on a ton of legit skilled labor immigration.


The media is talking about that if you get past the high level headline. 1m people dead, a bunch of people retired during Covid, people being tired of the system


1 million people died and 3 million retired early because of the pandemic.


Not just those who died, but also those who have and are suffering from serious long term physical issues. A whole lot of them aren't out there working or in the job market. :/


About 3/4 of those deaths were 65+ tho


Wouldn’t there also be less jobs because of recession though?


Out of the million people who died less than 1/10 of them were in the workforce.


Or to pay back the PPE loans they got whom all had a qualifier that would need to be paid back once fully staffed.


This 💯👏🏾


Or hire people


It's happening even to 6 figure positions.




Ofc it's different for every job, but the majority of people who are advocating for off-office work are the people working desk jobs. They drive in traffic for who knows how long, just to sit in a desk, which they can do from home. I think, even they would understand going to the office a few times a week for large-scale meetings.


>For everyone else it’s like- I’m not going back to the office anymore. Well this job requires meeting with the customers in their offices… No it doesn't. Unless you're a masseuse or a hairdresser or something like that, it is absolutely not required.


If businesses want people in the office, maybe they should pay for gas and commute time. And continue to have proper policies to prevent COVID risk in the office.


There's no employee shortage lol. People just don't want to work crappy jobs anymore.


Is that not causing an employee shortage? I feel it's still correct to call it an employee shortage even if it's just for entry level jobs. Shouldn't need to need to specify it.


"Employee shortage" is an effort to frame it as not the employer's fault.


I don't think it is. It's just people calling it what it is in the simplest terms. Maybe that's the effect, but I don't think that's the intent for a lot of people.


No there is definitely an employee shortage — unemployment rate is low and lots of places are struggling to get employees. Not sure what else you would call it


There are still people to do the jobs. Not a shortage. They just don't want to do the shitty jobs. Make the shitty jobs less shitty, and maybe people would want to do them.




Not really an uprising if the unemployment rate is low, we all went back to work 😭😭😭


It is, it just takes time


Yeah, minimum wage has been $7.25 for almost a decade and a half in the States looooolllll.


Havent made minimum wage in like a decade. Also its $15 in my state


Exactly this. Covid relief and restrictions gave employees the ability to be more selective in their employment


I’m a corporate fast casual manager. If within two minutes I know: a) reliable transportation b) know what you’re getting into and still want the job You’re hired. We staff until over staffed, let the best employees sort out the culture, let the natural attrition lead to 80% staffing with all people who know what they’re doing, hire support/people to cover days off, done. Except Saturday’s. They’re just an eternal staffing hell.


All of this. Same here


When bitching into the void reminds you you’re a competent manager


Lmao yes it is. Means they have two employees when they should have ten and you’ll be doing the work of multiple people


How does it say that? If I need 10 people, I am hiring 10 people with minimal effort. Why should I go through two interviews when a single one would do?


Nah man, real modern managers be like “what if I just hire 4 and gaslight them into the output of ten”


Hire 10 and mske 6 of them burn out so I can keep 4 of them


Now you’re thinking management!


I've been working in entertainment for 15 years. Gig becomes available. You say you can do it. You get it or you don't. It's one of the things that stops me getting a real job, I'm not applying for shit I can do if you're gonna be an asshole about interviewing me 6 times.


For sure. Interviewed for a custodial job recently and they were very excited to just fill the damn position… I took another job tho lmao


Right. This post is dumb. Being hired on the spot is pretty common


I once went lookin for the red flags. When I needed a job after moving for another one that rescinded the offer (after they paid me to move there) I jumped on craigslist to the rants section and there were a few people talking mad shit about a company they just left so I applied there. Hired two days later. Wasn't too bad. Paid the bills.


> ~~Employee~~ Livable wages


Even aside from that it's not. Entry level jobs with openings could be because someone else moved up either internally or externally.


Too true!


There is no employee shortage


There is no war in Ba Sing Se.


can you elaborate?


It's just a line from the show, Avatar :]


I was working at Sears selling appliances for about 3 years but decided I wanted to get into car sales. I walked into a dealership literally just looking for an application and the manager not only interviewed me, but hired me on the spot. Bro, they gave me ZERO training and just threw me out on the sales floor and told me to just watch what the other guys do. I only stayed there 3 months.


I did that too. 3 months. I learned a lot about car sales in those 3 months. Including that car sales was not for me.


Commissioned Sales isn't for everyone. In fact it would probably more accurate to say it's barely for anyone. Either you're a motivated type-A with questionable ethics or you're not. It's sink-or-swim.


> Either you're a motivated type-A with questionable ethics or you're not. I thought the second half of that sentence was gonna go into a very different Herbalife™ "Of course you're not gonna make it if you don't have the drive to get up early and grind and put out 110% or you could just be lazy like everyone else" energy.


This validates my experience in sales, thank you. It’s not for me.


This is pretty common for dealerships. It’s a very sink or swim atmosphere. Some people thrive in that kind of sales but some don’t.


When they don’t even interview you, they just start orientation 🚩🚩🚩🚩


That's way worse


I had this happen one time and the company that did it was probably committing insurance fraud so yeah +1 to this


How da hell does that even work?


If OP is talking about what I think they are, the company reaches out to you wanting to schedule an interview but they send you a link to an online orientation/seminar for you to watch before you schedule. None of those companies are legit.


My first job at Walmart, I filled out an application and did the little test and not even an hour later they called me and asked if I wanted to work this position, at these hours, for this amount of pay and I said yes like a dummy. They told me to come in the next day for orientation. They don’t train you or tell you anything about the job. They just put you some where, have someone show you how to do a few thing and then leave you on your own to figure the rest out. Then get upset that you aren’t a fucking robot and might actually need training.


Sounds terrible for everyone involved. I guess the silver lining was that your experience was with a company that actually pay their employees on time unlike some of the other shady companies with similar practices.


It was terrible. It was terrible for me because I was shit at my job because I didn’t know what I was doing and I thought I was going to get fired everyday. It was terrible for the people in charge of my department because I didn’t get shit done on time because I didn’t know what tf I was doing. It was terrible for my co workers because they were the ones who had to help me when I fucked up because they didn’t want to get in trouble. But every 2 weeks I got paid and that was the only perk.


That’s how Amazon is basically. I never had an interview, just orientation and then right out to the floor. I was just there for the sign on bonus. I took advantage of their attendance system so I only ended up working about 4 days in total to get a free thousand dollars plus whatever I made on the days I actually did work. In general I think what I did was pretty unethical but Amazon can certainly afford it/eat shit.


Apply at the post office and find out lol. If you can walk, you're good to go


Lol Amazon. You take your drug test on the spot(the one that even the hardest users pass with like a day of sobriety) and boom, your in


> You take your drug test on the spot > boom, urine


They do spit. Everyone sits in a tiny ass room with a giant qtip in their mouth filling out paperwork


That’s an actual concern. I’ve seen interviews where the person being interviewed did so good we wanted to just start them right away. And this was a rare thing.


Came in for a burger and left with a spatula😭


I literally just left my job and this happened lol


Happened to me at ups, worked for 29 days as a driver they fired me on day29 told me I can’t get unionized and they’ll offer me a position part time


I didn't even know that was possible


That's basically all those pyramid scheme jobs that sell themselves as "being your own boss"


I never understood pyramid schemes and how people fall for them. I’m teaching an online seminar on how to spot them out. You’ll get a 10% discount for each person you bring with you and an additional 10% for each person that they bring.


Yo I am too! I'm running an online seminar but you'll get 8% discount each person you bring. /s


I've already contacted people from high school on Facebook that I rarely or never talked to so they can get in on this opportunity to work for themselves.




Some dead giveaways are if it is a giant group interview with 10+ people also interviewing. And by the end of the rant the person gives, you still don't know exactly what the job is.


Yeah these are jobs that typically target college kids or fresh graduates. Also watch for the overly friendly people at grocery and retail stores who randomly show interest in you and your job. They're recruiters for these types of schemes.


i once had a guy approach me at a gas station wanting to talk to me about a job offer. i was a dishwasher at the time working 20 hours a week so i was eager for anything else. i met with the guy sometime later at a wendy’s and he told me vague details about the job and what i’d be doing. i was already familiar with pyramid schemes (cutco😞) and this sounded fishy to me. i asked him to clarify what my job would be, and after he talked for 5 minutes i was still no closer to understanding what i’d be doing. i told him i’d think on it and later that day i texted him my concerns. i told him i still have no idea what my job would be and it kinda sounds like a pyramid scheme, so i will have to pass on it. this upset him and he kinda chewed me out before rescinding the job offer. this was in 2019. last year he calls me one evening and i recognize his voice immediately. he asks if i remember who he is and i told him no. he chuckled then started to say something… i hung up and blocked his number. i still don’t understand what the job was.


Yep! This. 100%. Never again (fuck AmWay and Primerica)


Cutco/vector marketing


Ugh stayed up late ironing my Walmart purchased suit and squeezed into church shoes that didn’t fit, then drove across town in a tropical storm and got into a fender bender with the median on the way to this interview. When that bitch came out with knives it took everything in my body and soul not to start throwing chairs before I walked out. I guess they get everybody once.


I got hired at the interview and called my mom to let her know the details and she told me to quit and she would come pick me up. 😂 My mom is a Saint.


Good! I can see myself doing this for my kid in 18 years. They are gonna get everybody with that scam.


Where's the scam? They're annoying and I dont like how they operate, but what scam are you talking about?


I’m not going to do the emotional labor of explaining something to you that you could easily Google.


I've worked for them before, briefly. But if you're emotional state is that fragile, carry on.


The fact that you came in here caping for an MLM by pretending not to know anything about it being a scam… good on you, my guy. I mean, Hon.


Oh honey they scammed you?


How though? I didn't buy anything. I just sold knives. Their methods were scummy, but I don't see the scam


Everyone falls for cutco or they fall for that, MARKETING SPECIALIST shit where you just stand inside a half abandoned Best Buy and sell Direct Tv


We need a support group.


I was job hunting and saw their ad with excellent pay for no experience. I was really excited and had the online application pulled up before my friend was like “NO DON’T DO THAT.” Dude saved me so much time and energy.


Buddy tried to get me to join World Ventures, after I said no he said I was missing out and how'd he get my boss to join while making more money than me. I think he's still a waiter. I don't know how delusional you think I am to try to hawk that shit at my white collar office, I like my job.


Does anybody have a good Cutco story?


I still have the knives. I use them faithfully to cut whole chickens at home. Does that count?


Ha! Are they everything they claimed to be?


Bro they slap. I was hired over the summer of my junior year of highschool and only worked during. Didn't make much money, but damn if these knives don't walk the walk. Haven't sharpened mine since and they're still high quality lol


Their solid knives. Vector/Cutco being shady af over shadows it though. It's the only positive I have from 'working' there.


Yeah, I remember the “write down all the people you know who fits our target demographic, and call them, following this phone script” day


I just got a letter in the mail for 24 an hour. I did my research before applying. 😫😫😫


I once was told there were 3 rounds of interviews. And a few days later they’ll tell me if I’m one of the candidates who makes the 2nd round of interviews. And then at the end of the interview we were scheduling the 2nd interview, like y’all didn’t look at the other candidates yet


This isn't that much of a problem. They will want to proceed with a third round if you're a "yes", it's not always about how you rank order.


In my experience the first interview has a list of questions, but they're really looking for a) felonies, or b) You aren't breathing, and (opional) C) Do you have the basics of what we are looking for? The second round is to put you against all the people who made 3 items. Places that have that kind of interview cycle usually have a hundred or more candidates. Or at least DID before COVID.


Are there really positions that are having interviews for 100 or more candidates? I'd imagine you'd be able to get good enough info for your 3 bare minimum requirements from the persons resume and whatever they filled out on the application. Seems like a lot of resources to do 100+ interviews to fill one position but maybe that's just me.


Yes, but they are free and far between. Union jobs at the railroad have a ton as do a few if the warehouses around here that pay 21, 22 an hour. Walmart even did that back in 2014 because there were so many.


Really depends on what you're applying for. I've had technical interviews like this, sometimes you just get a huge batch of bad candidates and then when you find a diamond you know you want them to move forward. When I was interviewing people there were times where I would still have five more candidates to go through but the previous five were shit, but number six was great and I honestly didn't want to interview the other five.


This doesn’t apply to small businesses, they literally hire the same day all of them. It’s not a bad thing it’s just a company size thing. Less paper work with smaller businesses, it’s not really an indication of a bad workplace.


Yup every time ive needed a job ive been hired pretty well the same day all small buisnesses.


Yeah I went to an interview and got hired on the spot and they asked if $100k was enough. The interviewers flew in for the meeting so I guess they figured no point in wasting time.


Worked for a small business basically hired with no interview and left within a month.


Got hired at the interview aswell. Can confirm, did not pay a liveable wage, didn't train me at all, yelling all day long. I left after 8 months with reocurring nightmares and a skin rash from the stress.


This the fucking mismanagement and how they attempt to normalize it saying it’s every job


Because people don’t move on, disappear, get a promotion, change career paths, have babies, lose loved ones, or any other unexpected life altering events…


Depends on the person I guess.


A lot of people are short staffed especially retail and fast food, if it’s a blue collar job yeah it’s definitely a red flag.


Every blue collar job I had is mainly a “when can you start” thing, I’d you’re qualified. No reason to do anymore than that.


Not really right now. Production is crazy short staffed right now. Not because they are losing people, but because order volumes are insane across multiple industries. I'm hiring like crazy just to try and keep up because our order volume is up ~3-400% over last year and we are at the point we are just telling some customers "no".


Plot twist- It’s a casting couch video.


Sometimes it's good. My current job I found out same day I had been hired because I was the best candidate so I got first chance to accept or reject. Has been a good job so far.


Girl I know was confused when she came to drop off her resume and the restaurant manager said "come tomorrow in all black". No welcome aboard, no you're hired. Just straight into the fire like they don't have time for pleasantries. [Me](https://youtu.be/uxBfukKmATo?t=1)


I was surprised that recruiting is like this. I had a recruiter call me for a technician role. I declined because I wanted to work from home and by the end of the call I was hired as a remote recruiter. Our whole job is interviewing people but I didn’t have to show a resume or really answer any questions at all


So where could one apply for a remote recruiting job?


Applying for them is useless. Your best bet is reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn to pick their brain about recruiting, while also making it clear that you’re interested. Recruiters are in extreme demand right now. My buddy with three months experience just did that, and had three actual offers within a day


Thank you for this info. Shared with my network. Did your friend share salary info from the job they ultimately accepted? (If you do not mind sharing)


Not at all. He started with a 45k base (same as me with a year at my company) and 10% gross commission. Plus he’s W2 and has benefits


Had a smoothie place interview/hire/ask me to work that afternoon all in about twenty minutes. Should’ve known something was up. Assholes fired me a month later for “not fitting in.”


LOL, Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaach! That's like saying if there's love at first sight, red flag. There are so many circumstances that could lead to a person being hired on the spot. - Candidate knocked the interview out the park and they want to lock him down immediately. - Candidate is replacing someone who abruptly died or took another position and quit w/ no notice. - Business is metroBOOMING and they need to increase staff and the applicant fit their needs perfectly. A good question to ask at any interview is why is this position open. I got hired on the drive home cause the previous guy violated policy by setting up an ipsec vpn tunnel from his home pc after the other network person took a different position at the company.


Many of the warehouses here hire on interview because no one wants to do it.


Nope, 🚩apparently…. 😂


I’ll be getting a 23% raise 🤷🏾‍♂️


Can't you just be a bad ass and exceed all their expectations? That's how it is when I roll up to interviews. I leave them fiending.


Idk I’m in a heavily competitive market for sales and if I like someone enough I’ll hire them during the interview, or same day, just so they don’t go interview anywhere else not because I’m desperate


Big facts! Ain’t nobody that good. Something is wrong with your organization 😂


Yeah as someone who was dumb enough to accept a job like that once. They hire you that fast for a reason, which is usually not that good for you.


I had this happen twice. Both times it wasn’t an “offer” but more like “you’re going to get an offer.” So maybe that’s different.


Sounds like dude is surprised he got hired on the spot … isn’t that red flag on him? … gonna brag here, I’ve been hired at the interview 9 times in my life. And it’s because I’m confident, I come prepared and I go in with the mindset that failure is NOT an option.


Right lol




A principal of a private school once hired me as a teacher after one conversation on the phone. She didn't even see my resume yet. I declined because I just knew the school would be a shit show. Also my friend who recommended me said the principal had said some of the students would only grow up to be day laborers. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩


I got hired on spot but I’m making bread , can’t complain


Your job hiring?


Yeah I’m sure you could get this job in any city


Did anybody else fucking NAIL their Cutco Knives interview?


There are obvious exceptions to this. My current employer had a lot of really toxic people working. We’ve gotten rid of them all. They pay pretty well for the area and are ready to hire people for entry level pretty much on the spot. They do a phone interview then bg check, if you pass those you come in and are pretty much hired if you show up for the interview.


Hey I got hired at the interview. But it was also a billion dollar airline who needed people.


I don’t think it’s automatically a red flag depending on the situation. If it’s an established company with a lot of money, I’d be skeptical because that probably means there’s a high turnover rate for that position. If it’s a startup, there’s a good chance that just need qualified people and they don’t have to go through the same bureaucracy that larger companies do. What I generally do is reach out to people with the same role on LinkedIn and ask for some honest feedback. Most of the time, they don’t have a reason to lie to you and will tell you straight up.


[DollarTree] has entered the chat. 👀👀


I got hired at the end of my interview because I was qualified and they needed to fill the spot ASAP. This is definitely case by case.


Costco hired me at the interview and that was one of the best jobs I've ever had.


Unless its service industry job. People ALWAYS hiring servers on the spot because there's never enough fucking servers


"Can you start today?"




My husband got hired through the phone for a small family owned construction job. Seemed suspicious at first because there was less than 10 workers. It ended up being one of the best jobs he ever had. His boss is rich and always spends a lot of money on his workers. He is always throwing parties for them. He also gives them a 1K bonus a year. I’m honestly jealous


They did that to me at Chick-fil-A. I went to my interview, we talked, and after it was over they hired me on the spot.




Companies are getting hip. They at least wait for you to get home before offering the job lol


I don't think it'd be a red flag. A job can just think you're good,and see it in you based on your resume.


Why is this a red flag?


That’s literally all temp agencies do.


I agree if they hire you no background check after talking to you for 15 minutes, they got a turn over problem.


Kinda felt that way about the latest job I'm at, but it's not that bad now.


Multi level marketing companies, watch out for them






Every single call centre job I’ve had, I was hired at the end of the interview.


"Open Interviews" are also a good sign.


Honestly it depends on the company. Either it's a green flag because they researched you beforehand and were just making sure you could communicate or it's a red flag because they're hiring anyone who comes along. Flip a coin I guess.


I got hired without an interview lol


Shit maybe someone died or got canceled for being racist on social media. Who mad about a pay increase?


One of the best jobs I ever had hired me at the interview


or if they interview 2 candidates at once, huge red flag


Yeah same goes for girls in STEM, fckn weird how they are hiring people just to make poster childs out of them. Even if they are amazing engineers they will always have this feeling they might be hired because of what they represent instead of their skills.