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He let him off easy by not killing him. Glad that young man didn’t kill him though. Can’t protect your family from jail.


Normally I’d say that’s a bit much but if dude put hands on his mom the young kid actually let him off kinda easy…


Ya dude I'm not a fighter but if you touch my mom...


If a man hits a woman, that does not give other men the right to murder that man.


Assuming you have a decent mother, I'd imagine you'd change your mind if some asshole beat the shit out of your mom.


No it does gives right


You’re right. It gives them the obligation to


No it definitely does… And the day it happens to you, hopefully it doesn’t, you’ll change your mind real quick


Stop justifying hitting women sicko


Leaving justice and punishment to the state is one of the cornerstone of our society. But dare to mention it in a reddit video of a kid beating a women-hitting human and prepared to be downvoted 🤷🏻‍♂️


Nah this is still too much. Never got someone while they’re defenseless unless you’re trying to kill them


What does that have to do with anything? That kid is going to prison for years for choosing to be a white knight instead of calling the police on him. Male feminists like you turn women beaters into victims.


"white knight" "male feminist" bro he literally beat his mom who in their right mind WOULDNT let the dude have it???


"White knight"? Are you serious, you fucking dolt? Yes, that kid's probably getting hit with the book but calling him a white knight for beating the dog shit out of his mom's abuser? You're definitely a redditor.


Lmfao not defending some THOT is one thing but not defending you own mom??? What d man


That went way past defending his mom. Bro already beat him and proved his point at the very beginning of the video. All that other shit was uncalled for and made the woman beater a victim on the eye of the law. So out of all this only the son probably went to jail. Now we have a woman beater on the streets and a kid in jail. How is that scenario good to you?


Well imagine if this wasn't recorded and there wasn't proof of the beating??


Y’all forget they in tha hood… police ain fin be called 😂.. nobody filin charges.. this ain like community’s where neighbors call the cops or nun.. that man took his beating and stayed somewhere else for however long


Get off the internet and actually think about reality. The only one catching a charge here is the son. In what way is it good to you to have the son of the victim in prison while the victimizer is out on the streets being considered a victim also?


No ones catching a charge 😂😂.. this is the hood not the suburbs.. the man ain calling the cops or filing a law suit.. he gon take his beatin and live wit his homeboys for a few weeks.. the neighbors finna mind they own business and not be snitches and call 12 on that.. this happened and they likely went on their own ways actin like it didn’t happen.. no police got involved in these hood politics


Nope the streets see him as someone who got they ass beat not a victim.. your talkin bout the wrong side of the city big bro


Lol at the streets like the police give a fuck.


So protecting his mom makes him a feminist? Your parents raised you well


Holy shit, deeply deranged comment


Is that a fedora on your sprite lol


Link article of him going to prison for years


So glad I’m not this much of a dense fuck


Dumbass redditor cuck


Tf are you even talking about?! What makes you think the mom hasn’t done that shit several times… and whether she did or didn’t, I said what I said…. I’m sure your mom feels good knowing you’re not a “male feminist” tho… whatever tf that means


Your mother must not have shown you the attention you begged for in your adolescence. You obviously have mommy issues.


Doubt it neckbeard


You're dense dude judges are people to he will likely get off easy easy on this and id easy do life sentence without question if someone laid a hand on my mom no regrets about it thats your mom if you aren't willing to kill for the woman that raised you then you're a hoe plain and simple (unless you have a toxic relationship with your family and don't speak)


Your user name makes me think of those old heart burn med commercials where “your food fights back” lmao




No way in hell a prosecutor is going to be easy on a black kid after watching this video.


If it was about anything other than him hitting his mom id agree


Are you fucking retarded? He probably will go to jail, but goddamn you're stupid.




Perfectly cut scream


that was the last of his manhood leaving his body


he beats his partner he's no man, he's a cockroach.


That guy needs to be real careful in these situations, it's all too easy to break one or many bones in your hand for punching a guy with his head down like this. Always remember to do hammer fist when a guy is down and protect yourself.........the more you know 😏


He was throwing a lot of elbows, probably to protect his fists.


Im always reminded of the time that I left college in the middle of class when my siblings called me for a similar situation. Stayed 6 hours away from home...... me and one of my roommates was there in 2.5 hours and we waited for the coward to get home from work, parked the car down the street and we hid in my old room. My mom comes in and she has no idea we are there. My siblings act like everything is normal, but i tell them don't do ANYTHING. NO CHORES NO WORK NOTHING. She panics because the house isn't "presentable" and no food is made. 2 minutes later he comes in and sees the house the way it is. He calls everybody in the living room and starts acting crazy. He goes for my mother and i burst out my room and grab him by the neck. I push him against the wall and i unload everything on him. I throw him outside and I'm stomping him out on the front yard, while my roommate is keeping everybody inside. When it was all over i told him grab his shit and leave the house and if he comes back whether it's by himself or with some other people, ill kill every last of them and bury them on campus. Ever since then my mom has been free, happy and in a better relationship. Fight these assholes, mama comes first.


Dude respect all I gotta say.. protect your momma


Salute bro 💯💯💯… hope you beat the brakes off his bitch ass


Love to see this lingo on Reddit. Stomp a mud hole is his chest!!


You did the right thing man! We’ll done.






Yeah you ain't kidding shit sounds completely ridiculous.




I just don't believe the autistic story tbh. And no my mother wouldn't be dumb enough to associate herself with someone she would need violent defending from.


So you're calling victims of domestic abuse dumb???


Don’t speak for your mother.. she may jus be puttin on a act showin she’s not that dumb.. what did she do in her past? Yu don kno shit about her frm before you were born and you prolly don’t know shit about her rn


Can you speak English please?


I remember seeing this video years ago and somebody commented "he's yelling and screaming now, hoping the kid will stop, but imagine all the times that kids mom yelled and screamed for him to stop and he just kept beating her." Got exactly what he deserved and I don't blame that kid for doing what he did. Asshole deserved every hit.


Last week my sister got beat up by her boyfriend... Idk how or what to do about it. I'm not wanting to go to jail


Talk to her, if she doesn't want help, you involve the police, if she doesn't press charges or file a restraining order, confront him, don't hit him but be ready to defend yourself the moment he lays his hands on you, self defense, oh and make sure to get your confrontation on tape. Always be smart, angry people are not smart, they're angry.


That was the best advice I've gotten. I appreciate it.


if you have a couple of good friends who do fight, bring them along just incase. Fuck that cat man, your mom deserves better.


Nah it's my sister. She's for some reason attracted to bums. Problem is I'm 32 and have alot going for me and I don't want to get involved but it's the principle of it.


aye man sometimes the strongest muscle in your body is your brain. Get some homies and dont fuck up your life. Let them handle it.


Naw yu should confront him yourself if you really feel the need.. and don’t hit him unless he attacks you.. try and record but if he even touches you.. you have the right to defend yourself. That’s most possibly the best way to do it.. but you might want to have your sis involved bc if she jus goes back to him.. he could take his anger on you out on her. Don’t let your sister get abused bro


No problem man, glad i could help.




Yeah but I don't know people that can do that or even if they get caught I don't trust them enough to not throw my name out there




He got off light imo. Video should have been a hour long.


I was too young but my older brother did this to my moms abusive boyfriend. My mom didn’t learn the lesson and got back with him. The abuse happened again and my brother was older this time and had some friends I wouldn’t have messed with. When they heard what this asshole did to our mom they said “let’s go take care of this”. My brother and his friends went to the house of my moms boyfriend me they busted in his door and dragged him out. They beat his ass with a bike chain and broke his jaw. They told him if he even looks at our mom They were coming back. And they said If my mom contacted him he better ignore her and if he saw her on the street he better turn the other way. He never came back into her life. I heard about 10 years later he had died of AIDS and I thought how fitting. He died a horrible death from something wasn’t even killing people anymore.


As it should be


Tbh I don’t care how soft you are, if some dickhead hits your mother, even if you don’t like her, you better fuck that dude up. That’s an open invitation to maul.


If that was me the mf aint walking again


Yeah right


So many days I wished I could have done this to my step-dad. Good for this man, glad he got a piece of how it feels to not be able to fight back.


I remember spending every waking day of my teenage years hoping and praying I would see my father lift a hand to my mother. He only ever beat us kids, and only when we were too young to fight back. By the time I was about 10, I was cutting my hair too short to be grabbed. When I was 14 I pulled a knife on him when he burst into my room at night and told him with all the fury I could muster that if he ever gave me enough to legally claim self defense that I would end him. He never raised a hand to me, but I always prayed I'd see him hit my mom. I'd have murdered him, I really think I would have. I guess I'm glad he didn't because I still have a life, and I'm no longer defined by my hatred and trauma from everything he's done to me.


So he didn’t beat your mother but he did to you? Did he punch y’all in the face or jus whoop y’all? Cuz if your not over exaggerating then ofc he beat the shit out of your mother.. but if you are, then it’s not abuse( but I have no earthly idea who you are and am jus givin my not so thought out opinion)


First, you're not gonna tell me what isn't or is abuse. Second, he beat me, starved me, and mentally and emotionally abused me. I grew up in a house with holes in the walls from his fist, worried that dropping a fork at dinner would make my face his next target.


Get blocked, lmao


Damn whyd the video cut, he was about to go super saiyen


how much time y'all think he's gonna get? if he has no prior i imagine only probation.


Nun.. this in the hood ion think anybody called 12 at all


Mans sounded like a blender


"removed cause no defenceless victims" on the other sub? Nah he wasn't defenceless he could've fought back, but he was just getting his ass beat






That guy hitting him couldn't knock out a wank, let alone the older guy.


he beat that dudes ass fym


You're correct, the older guy didn't fight back. You think they were solid throws he threw?


ok fine hes no mma fighter but that looked like it hurted


In the end he had a chair thrown at him so not like it matters lol


i mean he cried at the end.....


Umm no they weren’t that solid.. because the dad had his head down the way he did.. that shit is gonna fuck up your hands dummy.. and he was elbowing him when he got Low.. he could knock you out jus by seein your inferencing skills.. he prolly did fuck yo his hand in all seriousness


He’s not trying to. He could get his jaw if he wanted, he did at the end. Wants to punish him, can’t feel it if you’re sleeping


Same guy would probably kick your ass


Whts satisfying bout punchin a knocked person




He’s not catching charges. What’s old guy going to do, go to cops and say this kid whooped me because I assaulted his mom. And no snitching


You know when someone never lived in the hood lol charges lol


that doesn’t make any sense


They don’t all the police for shit like this in the hood. He beat his girl up which means he’s gonna catch a case. So no he won’t be calling the cops


no I meant that I genuinely couldn’t understand what you said, not I didn’t understand why they didn’t call the cops


what /u/N1celyDunn said, plus there's some situations where you'd rather eat a charge over how you respond to a situation than let a situation slide. There's a calculus where you honestly consider whether or not it's worth the prison time to put hands on this person, or if you can end them before someone can intervene and save them.


Would hate to be your Mom.


The older guy went too far by hitting his mom


Tell me you know nothing about the hood without telling me


Who else would do the same thing


Fuck this karma posting cunt


I get it…..that’s just a lot of effort.


Honest question for people who know ways around things ... or just cut straight to the chase . When Exactly Do You Defend Yourself ( Hit ) A Woman , Or How To Play It Smoothly ??


Not saying I want to but I've been in an incident where this one in particular literally thrashed my house & ripped off mirrors of my car , busted my passenger window & and stole a firearm ... then attack me with a broken vodka bottle ... still defended with a few swings and got charged , but then again I guess it was a lose/lose situation. Or I'm just plain dumb .


This looks like a WWE video


This actually played with tom and jerry music from the video below which i was not actually seeing but i could hear the audio of. Made me have a good laugh.


I don't feel like this is a fight. This is just someone getting beat up. Which seems to happen all too often on this sub, someone posts someone getting beat up for doing something "wrong," and calls it a fight. Here's the thing, who knows for sure if the person actually did something wrong, like did this guy actually hit his mom? We have know way of knowing other than the title. This could just be a video of a young guy just casually beating the hell out of an older man for kicks and giggles for all we know, and an incident of bullying, which is what I suspect some of the other videos posted to this sub actually are. Just videos of people getting bullied. Which is obviously not cool.


If thats the mom eggin her boy on to beat on a man whos not fighting back mabey she isnt worth it.


Either this old man is immortal or the young buck has no power behind those punches.. I’d think someone would be K.O after all those blows


i deadass have the EXACT SAME chair. that bitch is heavyyyy as fuck lmao


Stop beating gollum


Punches doing 2 damage


Now this is where it’s at, he deserves it


I love and commend your use of "fucking dolt" in your reply. Upvote and golf clap for you sir.


Super. Fucking. Necessary.


typical stupid sexy kevin XD