Why do the Italian and French have world renowned food while the British don’t have nearly the same reputation?

Why do the Italian and French have world renowned food while the British don’t have nearly the same reputation?


You know the phrase "as American as apple pie?" Apple pie is from England in the late 14th century. Beef Wellington, as well as Cobbler, are another 2 examples that are heard commonly.


The way French cooking was explained to me was that they have a long history of making fancy stuff for the aristocracy and they were writing some of the most important cook books a few hundred years ago. Italian food is quite diverse. In the north they have butter as their normal cooking fat while the south uses olive oil. One big factor in food is the creativity of the cooks. In southern Italy poverty and scarcity of their usual foods gave rise to new ways of cooking.


you're probably not really familiar with a lot of the more complex french and Italian dishes only the ones which were commoditized and introduced into the new world and became mainstream. England has a lot of very specific and famous dishes but they never really traveled well, the world got Cornish pasties and fish and chips, haggis and that was about it and maybe Yorkshire pudding and roast dinner. England still has some of the best food in the world, Elvers on toast anyone?


If an official list of the 1000 best foods in the world existed i guarantee you none of them would be toasts.


haha, it's the elvers which are rare and a delicacy, baby eels I'm English and I worked as a cook for many years back in the day, I can guarantee you that most traditional dishes from UK do not sell particularly well in most standard restaurants, so yer, top 1000 you're never gonna see Lancashire hot pot


Ohhh Welsh Rarebit on toast is so good!!! Anyone who dismisses toast is missing OUT!


I'm sure there are other factors, but it might have something to do with the fact that not as many things can grow in Britain's dull climate. Sure, you can grow plenty of wheat and potatoes and i guess apples too, but that stuff is farmed everywhere in the world. Italy and France, on the other hand, benefit at least partially from the presence of a Mediterranean climate that's suitable for a much bigger variety of crops, thus allowing for a richer cuisine to develop.


British food sucks because they drink warm beer that ruins their desire for food.


Blood sausage and tea time


Civilized world versus Barbarian march. More seriously, I am curious about the answer, especially considering that the same happen in America, Latin America has amazing food while US food is awful