Once, it went something like this. [Random disjointed dream comes to an end in a wood] (Spots le Morpheus) "Oh, you." "Yes, me." And then I woke up.


I wish. I've been waiting, but he never comes, likely because he occupies my waking mind too much.




Last night I had a dream about Tom's character Jake from Sweetbitter, so maybe I'm getting somewhere lol


A few times, but the one I remember the most is the one I had about half a year ago. It was wild and I had plenty of dreams that night, but he appeared briefly in one of them. I was just walking at one point, I looked to my right and saw him looking at me, probably walking or maybe even floating beside me. Then, I was looking at myself through his eyes, before something entirely different started taking place. I sort of just... flew away to another place, still looking through his eyes, or I was him? It was so trippy and so cool. I still can't clearly remember all the other stuff that happened in that dream, but that one I will always remember. It was so awesome.


I did once, many years ago. I’ve thought about that dream often over the years.


Neil Gaiman appeared in a dream like a week or 2 ago. Don't remember anything else about the dream, just that Neil Gaiman was in it then I woke up just after, but he was pretty Dream-like.


Back when the comic book came out. I was the incarnation of Death talking to him and Lucifer about their issues. Weird dream.


"When you dream, sometimes you remember. When you wake, you always forget."


I constantly have this feeling when I dream that I'd forgotten or left something unfinished in the dream or see "people" I've dreamt of in past dreams who I recognize. I've been having a few dreams of looking for "Morpheus or The Sandman" and found different representations(their face shifting or taking the form of someone else) and even asked a couple questions, I can't remember what but it seemed to amuse them. When I wake I don't understand why I'm so determined on finding The Sandman whenever I have those dreams. When I wake, logic tells I have no reason to look for them. So, I don't get it. Haven't read the comics, just seen the show, but many of the things mentioned in there just clicked. Idk if anyone else has that feeling.


I'm waiting for it. I had a few GOT dreams. Mainly about the ending. If Superman came and heat vision beamed the White Walkers then I think that would have been a better ending.


Yeah like...a lot? LOL once I dreamed that he is my boss and I'm working for him.


Yes, once that i can remember. It was the start of me remembering a lot of my dreams. Dream started with me talking in a cave with a figure I didn’t know who said things I couldn’t remember. After leaving the cave there was a vast land and a group of colorful horses ran by led by a dark 6(?, might have been 8?) legged horse with stars in its eyes. He looked at me for a bit before running off.


I have had several instances of Endless related dreams, and the most significant of which happened while I was recovering from emergency abdominal surgery in the ICU. I spent close to a week there constantly fading in and out of consciousness thanks to the trauma of sepsis, back to back surgeries under full anesthesia, and IV morphine and fentanyl. I watched movies and listened to audiobooks while I going through all this, and honestly couldn't differentiate reality from fiction. My memories of my time in the ICU are sketchy, but I do distinctly remember the David Lynch Elephant Man film and the Audible full cast recording of The Sandman (part one) playing a critical influence over my experience there. It was beautifully surreal, and if you have to come close to dying that way, I can certainly think of worse ways to process the trauma. I was kind of sad to eventually be dragged back into our mundane world, but I did lose any anxieties I previously had about dying. That seems like a fair exchange to me.


Twice in the last two days. Probably cause he's all I think about.


Weirdly enough, yes just the other evening. I thought it was the best dream I had in ages.


I've actually had two dreams about Morpheus. I had the first one on the very first night that I watched the show. It was a little risque so I won't go into any details. But the second dream came weeks later. I was sort of like Gault, a runaway nightmare that was trying to help people through their dreams. And Morpheus came after me to bring me back to The Dreaming, but he wasn't angry or pissed or anything. So I followed him back to this really colorful and misty dreamlike place and explained to him what I was trying to do and he understood, but he made it clear that if I really want to help people that I have to stay in The Dreaming. This series has definitely gotten me interested in learning how to lucid dream.


A few times, yes, usually he's like "stop summoning me" all annoyed. Last night though.... That one was memorable, jeez. Haven't had a dream that intense in a WHILE.


Yes, multiple times, and each time was a lucid dream, so I knew I was dreaming the whole time. It was actually a very comforting experience each time.


Once in a dream, as I became lucid, the dreamscape started to fade and I thought that I could look at my hands and shake them so that everything resolidifies. My hands disolved into sand, as well as everything around me, and I was stuck in this dreamless blackness. I also had many dreams of how dreams and realities are made, but never met the Dream himself


I dream of him a lot. It’s weird but kind of hilarious. It’s never a bad dream either


Last time i had dream with Morpheus was 3 days ago.


I did, the first time i was reading the books




Unfortunately, no. Sometimes I listen to his episode of Dreamcast to somehow manifest him in my dreams, but everytime I listen to it I can't sleep 😭


A couple of times, last night he was a part of my dream for a bit but it was mostly Desire in the dream last night. Don't really remember the context as to why lol


Yeah I remember having one recently. Rose Walker was trying to escape from Morpheus but failing to do so. She then drove her Bugatti (no clue how or where she had obtained it from) Then Dream somehow attached ziplines to it??? Anyway, she ended up crashing through his castle, but drove right back out the window. The end. That’s all I can remember lol.


I did have a couple of dreams, or maybe just one, and I just saw her multiple times through it. But I couldn't stare into them without feeling like it was wrong too. I’m also introverted and can’t hold eye contact for long, so maybe it was just a me thing, but still, she was haunting.


i had a dream with Desire and Dream, after obsessing with the show for two weeks straight


No unfortunately but I did once dream that I gave therapy to Neil Gaiman


Not really but after reading that line about knowing how to fly in dream I had a dream about flying. It’s just so simple. I just put the broom between my legs and pushed hard with my legs. The key was to avoid jumping and instead pushed the ground down confidently. The dream was so realistic that I could feel the g-force when I rose up, and when I woke up I felt like I still knew how to do it for like 3 seconds. It’s fun to regard it as a “true dream”, but it’s probably just my brain repurposing my old memory when I learnt how to ride a bike ha ha.


I would imagine seeing Morpheus would be like seeing the hat man. Quite terrifying