The best part is when you randomly find them still exploring in the information era.


In this one online Civ 5 game on Earth map, I had automated my workers. I found them building roads in South America. My civ was in Africa...


In Civ 5 you could weaponize workers by getting them to build roads in other player's territory. Since roads used to cost gold/turn to maintain, you get an open border, then fill every tile of you frenemy with roads, sending him straight into bankruptcy.


Ah, the city planning Ponzi scheme. Just like real life!


Ah yes, [The Xi Jinping Strategy for building up foreign infrastructure...](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belt_and_Road_Initiative) definitely not a debt trap for poor countries!


Lol i was thinking that too


Roads?? In the information age?? You need a monorail! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDOI0cq6GZM


Omg. I need to do this.


Dude nice. I’ll admit my workers do that too but I didn’t automate that. Everyone knows infrastructure matters most and until I have trans-continental railroad travel I shall not rest.


> and until I have trans-continental railroad travel I shall not rest. 100% this is me, lol. Some folks live for canal networks, others for fields of rice. Not me. Assuming I'm not playing on an ocean map of some sort, my main goal most of the time is simply to colonize and conquer my way to a transcontinental road/rail network. I'll raze cities if moving them over two tiles makes for a tidier look and more direct routing, production be damned. I'm a strange man. XD


You are strange and it’s awesome.


Epic and based


>Some folks live for canal networks, others for fields of rice. The rice must flow.


Good ole belt and road initiative


The great trans afro-asian north south American highway


There's no such things as trans highways highways are built going in one of two directions only.


And sometimes “hey what ever happened to that scout from 4000 years ago?” And you see them walking an endless patrol trapped on either side by borders and water.


“Barbarians are nearby!” My Club Warriors in 1968:


>water Ah, a fellow "don't research shipbuilding until late-game when you realize you somehow have tanks but never needed that particular tech until now" afficionado


And on top of that in (at least) Civ V, even after you get optics to embark, they don’t get the upgrade unless they are in your territory (I don’t remember if allied city states count) after getting that tech. So basically no one ever taught them how to build a raft in those 4 millennia.


Oh that's a neat dynamic. Jumped from IV to VI, so never faced that challenge...


is it not like that in VI as well? i keep moving my scouts back toward my territory when im getting close to having the tech to embark lmao


I don't think so? Going to have to try it out, I've never noticed not being able to embark, but it's possible I'm just... Not very observant


>So basically no one ever taught them how to build a raft in those 4 millennia. Ooga ooga, How send water hut over great sea plain, ooga ooga.


Faithful to the last.


“My pappy explored these hills, and his pappy before him, goddamnit I don’t need no government upgrades” “Please come home sir we have satellites”


https://youtu.be/G4Mwt0XIw00 Fun story about that:


No the best is when they're exploring, come across a tribal village, ask you what to do, you accidentally hit explore again, and they go suicide right into a barbarian camp.


Or when they are done exploring and look at you like “Ok, what now…” as they freeze thier asses off in the top of the map because they always seem to end up in the arctic


I hate that shit. They always end up somewhere and I have no intention of using them for anything other than exploration. I usually have them pick off other scouts, but once the map is filled I usually March them right into a city state to pillage and die. Then I sue for peace lol.


One of my favorite civ memories is me demolishing a civ that started a war with me and them being the last area of the map for me to find. So I start the attack and it pops over cause my scout is now in trouble. It's 1 turn away by water. So they ended up going to my capital since I had nothing better for them to do


They need to know if there really is just open ocean along the ice sheets.


I had a scout unit in civ 6 that I discovered in the late game, wandering a large island beating up barbarians. I named their unit The Fighting Doras and sent them home to relax in retirement. But I don't know how well they could have adjusted to civilian life after 3 millennia or so of combat. I probably should have left them out there.


Hammurabi ftw, attack helicopter beats guy with club at least 7/10 times


As someone who got one of the free Reddit nfts I think your pfp is hilarious


My favorite is when they stop because they found some barbarians, I pull them out, then the automation takes them back to the barbarians


Hmm, I could cross the river and stand directly adjacent to this barb camp or I can walk around the river costing me half a turn in movement? I think I’ll kill myself.


Scout mid game ? Camp them in cities, build 9 of them, and easy corps and army Boost


Yep, plug in garrison? card for amenities


Retainers- great card


Oh yeah! Always mix up the names :)


Oh. Ya I’ve been playing a lot of domination lately and usually have several corp ready to create anyways.


Quality meme


The 03:12 on the clock is a nice touch. Great work!


it was 22:12 a turn ago


Yes, but which turn?


*Looks over at my clock* Uh..


I'd rather do that and blame it on the AI, than manually explore and lose the unit to barbarians myself.


Can genuinely say, with complete honesty, I've never trained a recon unit higher tier than the scout. If you jive with my work, a check out of my Twitter is appreciated https://twitter.com/DocksEcky


I think the last tier of scout can attack support units in a link. Useful at times


Banned in most multiplayer and AI doesn't even build support unit .


In my past couple of games, I feel like the AI just doesn't build any military units in the late game at all. I had a game on emperor difficulty lately where I invaded my neighbour in the information age, and they had literally zero military (and didn't even attempt to build any in the entire duration of the war). Does this change at all on higher difficulties?


Depends on the civ I've had GDR smash with shaka and alex . Mayans have fought my tanks with mechanized infantry. I do use real strategy mod now a days and even canada build pike and shot to defend against scythian cavalry corps. Wasn't even close to stopping the the bazillion of troops from scythia but he did build a few.


AT units. I'm higher difficulties they just spam AT units for some reason. The real killer for Dom late game on higher difficulties is air units and a decent navy. It was the same in 5.


>Banned in most multiplayer What, why?


You do know how powerful bombers are in single player. They're still a pain to deal with in multiplayer. There's two ways to defend bombers and nukes dropped with them . 1.You get a lot of fighters , you need atleast 2 to defend a nuke. 2. You get anti airgun , you need 2 unless you get victor with airdefence promotion. Spec ops ability to attack and destroy support units without killing the unit they're escorted by makes them op against anti air gun. They could just take them out and pave way for fighters to kill your tanks. Without the ban top tree becomes the only viable way. Stopping nukes is already super difficult , protecting everything is impossible . If they can also take out the anti airgun without going through tanks make it a death sentence.


“Hey this game mechanic warps how we play so much a single unit that works in a different way makes it so the other player basically automatically loses.” “Oh just ban the unit, easy fix”


Technically the unit itself isn't banned in competitive but the ability to attack support units without having to kill the escort is banned. It's done through mods. I think bbg includes it now. There's a lot of balancing is done for multiplayer . Like they recently reduced iron requirement for swordsmen. Poland gets free relic with new era , crusade is +5 instead of +10 etc. Many fun strategy in single player are removed from multiplayer because how polarizing they're. Without any surprise Babylon is auto banned in competitive.


What's the deal with Babylon? I hear it is REALLY hated and now I'm reading it's auto-banned. Why?


Way too OP. Playing as them is pretty much an entirely different game.


How so?


No one wants to deal with crossbows in ancient era or caravels in classical . They're an instant win with no counterplay unless 4 civs spawn right next to him and kill him. They get full tech for eurakas. So they build a slinger , kill a barb and they unlock archers. Build 3 archers and you unlock cross bow. Clear a barb camp and get bronze working . Build an iron Mine and get swordsmen . Build 3 mines and get men at arms. Build a quarry unlock walls , build ancient walls get aquduct. Build an aqueduct and you get niter and trebuchet and armory. Build an armory , 2 trebs , a military engineer , upgrade 2 archers to crossbow . Now build 2 forts and 2 workshops. Now you have cuirassier , bombard and field cannons in classical era when everyone is unlocking swordsmen or men at arms at best. Your factory and coal power plants will let you produce them in decent turns . You might think you can stop them from doing all that but they unlock crossbow in ancient era , there's nothing you can do to push through that.


Oh damn! 🤯 I didn't realize that!


First time I’ve heard that. Never seen it in civ fanatics banned exploits or Civ Players League banned exploits.


I've generally only trained them for city state quests.


The incan Warak'aq is under rated


I won a deity domination game once with only recon units


Is the drawing yours, OP? Asking to make sure I credit the right person when next I use this template!


Haha thanks, yeah it's mine.




Ah yes, the B-line to the nearest barbarian camp button


I only click the sacrifice button after I've gone all the way around the world, for the era score.


Lmaoo yeah I never use that feature. But what’s the symbol of a hand with hearts?


pet the scout's dog


Useless in the game but needed when the scouts have no chance to survive against barbarians.


Unless your scouts have cats instead. Then you can't even press it.


It says something like "One does not simply pet a cat" which, rude! I pet my cats all the time!


It’s funny in the RED mods there’s three scouts cause they’re smaller and pet the dog has one actually petting the single dog. The other pantomime it.


I… I can’t tell if that’s a joke or not… I hope not… now I feel scammed as I don’t have that button…


Are you behind on an update or something?


1: I don’t have any DLC’s at all. 2: I play on mobile so uh… yeah I have bugger all fancy features lmaoo


That'd be it then. Might I extol the virtues of PC gaming? Some of the expansion packs are great!


Mobile and PC have all the same expansions available. You can't get community mods on mobile to my knowledge though


Yeah no mods. I’d love some mods…


I’d love to play on PC. I can play through a friend’s shared library on steam, but tbh I don’t like steam and it being a shared library is Oof. If I could use my account on PC I would, but i really don’t want to spend ANOTHER $60, plus the DLCs


I dont think consoles have it either.


love it


I genuinely lol'd at this


Not that often that I'll see something on this sub that makes me properly LOL. Good job, OP.


Such nice




Why is Nessy from apex playing civ?


The best part is the time on the clock lmao. One more turn


and don't come back "until we find something?" uh yeah, sure


in 5 I hated the automation button for whatever, in 6 I just use it on my boats and then occasionally pull them away from barbs


Why is that character look like the visitor from that flashgame