Guess no one is hooking up at the heavy metal concert now…


Or in Hawaii


Or at white power rally


Wait what lol which one of those signs is for white supremacists?


Okay sign. Edit: Some racists didn’t like me giving away their totally not a secret secret.


It’s easy to remember because it’s also the sign for “asshole” in American Sign Language.


Okay sign is now racist? How did that happen ??


Make the 👌with your right hand with your palm facing towards you. 3 fingers make W while index and thumb make a P. WP:White Power. It's dumb, racists ruin all the best gestures, symbols, and mustaches.


Definitely not letting them* re-purpose the okay sign and for sure not mustaches


Yeah for every 1 white supremacist OK sign there is probably a thousand normal ones (at least), so its best to assume an OK sign is just an OK sign unless they start doing something weird with it while shouting "white power." Then again, thats basically the rule for all symbols


Nah 4chan made it up and media gobbled it up and got tricked. OK sign isn't racist


If the 3 fingers are a w, than thumb, index and middle are a d. White supremacists are idiots.


During the Trump presidency sometime. It was appropriated so those cowards could do it in the background of news, and rallies and shit while playing innocent. Just like that stupid childish “Let’s go Brandon”. Like they are 12. Like if you believe in your cause then grow a pair and commit. https://www.npr.org/2019/09/26/764728163/the-ok-hand-gesture-is-now-listed-as-a-symbol-of-hate?t=1637504678296


Oh okkk so it’s just a couple of idiots




I’m pretty sure 4chan decided that they were gonna make the ok sign racist for fun, and then it caught fire for a bit among the incel types, and crept into a lot of alt-right circles. Then it became a big punchline to them when major news orgs started reporting on the “new racist hand sign” Famously, Kyle Rittenhouse used that hand sign when posing for photos with cops after killing some people.


I think the downvotes are more from people who think the idea of the OK sign being associated with white supremacy is a joke, and are annoyed with the fact they are expected to change a commonly used hand signal because a few terminally online people started flashing it in a bad context To put it this way, imagine if tomorrow you read an article that said the "rock on" sign now meant "white power," and now people were throwing accusations of racism against those caught flashing that hand signal. It would seem pretty ridiculous, right?


It’s annoying but it’s context driven. Are you scuba diving? It’s fine. Are you a bunch of normal people who don’t have allegations of racism swirling around them telling each other everything is ok? It’s fine. Are you hanging out with white supremacists and do that in a photo? Yeah, this time it’s got some seriously racist undertones. Are you a politician who is known for recently (people change) pandering to racists? It’s got racist undertones. It’s like the swastika - completely context driven. Also the white supremacist one, if I recall correctly, is not the normal one. The raised fingers for normal ones go on top. With the racist ones, the raised fingers are at the bottom. I might be wrong there.


Yeah it really just sounds like you are picking and choosing when it's racist based on the politics of whoever you see doing it. Racists usually arent that subtle, ive used the OK sign (non-racistly) at least dozens of times in my life without thinking, I'm sure a lot of other people are in that boat too. Id rather not dip into secret handshakes and symbol conspiracies based on a 4chan joke about how the media will believe literally anything is racist. Reminds me about how everyone was paranoid the "Odal Rune" at CPAC was a secret Nazi callout, right up until they found the stage was designed by a pro-Biden company. Its peak confirmation bias. Maybe you are right that someone has now come up with a special white supremacist version, im pretty sure i saw something like that in the all gas no brakes proud boys video, and I'll happily recognize that as different, but so far all the accusations of racism ive seen come from the normal version of it.


> just sounds like you are picking and choosing when it's racist based on the politics of whoever you see doing it. Yes - I feel I was very clear about that. Someone supporting racism is more likely to be using the sign as a racist dog whistle whereas others are less likely to do that. Same way I wouldn’t think a random Hindu family were supporters of hitler if they had a swastika in their house. > Id rather not dip into secret handshakes and symbol conspiracies based on a 4chan joke about how the media will believe literally anything is racist. Except as soon as the racists co-opt it, it is. Once again, swastika. Honestly, it’s not a normal sign to use while posing - it can happen in normal life but prior to the racist connection, it really didn’t seem like the physical equivalent of saying “cheese” for a photo. > but so far all the accusations of racism ive seen come from the normal version of it. Perhaps. That’s why it’s about context.


*Get me away from this person ASAP* "PARTY ON, GARTH!"


Would be hilarious if a girl was doing the👍 while a guy was furiously signaling 👌 or 🤘to his buddies


The 👌 means something different in guy code… often paired with a lil 👈or if one is feeling ambitious 🤜.


Don’t forget this. ✊🏼👈🏼 In and out, in and out.


I like it when someone👉🏽🚧📷,👖. Touch my camera through the fence, jeans.


How do you get a job here anyway




Little green ghouls buddy!


Oh yeah keep going babe ✊🍆💦




1. Up the bum 2. fanny like a mouses lug hole 3. one in the pink, one in the stink...... He's having a good night.


Hows that funny ? Do you not realise rape and assault happen to males as well ?


Not the point here


👌 is so ingrained in my brain to mean “Ok” (learned it when scuba diving) that it would cause problems when trying to use this system. I like the idea though!


I get the idea but this is OD it’s in reality one sign to say you’re ok and another to come get the guy away.


It's something you have to agree upfront. Using signs with meanings already is a pretty good cover to stop unwanted escalation in my opinion.


When my boys and I go out, we use our own version of American sign language to communicate. For example, if I see a girl I'm into and she's into me, I will hand sign "G E N T L E M E N . T H I S Y O U N G F E M A L E A P P E A R S T O B E R E C E P T I V E T O M Y C O U R T S H I P R I T U A L . P E R H A P S I T I S T I M E T O E X E C U T E P L A N S E A L T H E D E A L. It's foolproof too, because nobody knows the code except for us. For example, the letter A is represented by flapping your arms slowly, like an Albatross. The letter B is represented by flapping your arms quickly, like a Bat. For the letter C, you simply lick the back of your hand, and rub it awkwardly over your face, like a Cat. Foolproof.


Now I want to know how you imitate a zebra for the letter Z.


In the UK we use "Ziggy" (Stardust) for Z, but that does mean you have to take face paint with you when you go out, to do the lightning bolt.


It's Sunday and I've got a reet thick head. I read this and spat out my coffee in rage before I realised how steeped in satire this was.


Gentlemen, a short view back to the past....


yeah but if your with someone whos dangerous or full of themselves using a sign they know might end up in a heated situation.


Just create your own personal subtle signs among friends its not that hard


“Using signs with meaning already” I took this as signs with pre-intended meaning for the things you mean, did you mean something else?


Not me but i interpret it as "using signs with meanings is already a good way, as opposed to no signs at all"


Everyone in the friend group better have this system down to muscle memory. Imagine being tipsy and trying to remember which sign to give your friend. I like this guy, he's A-OK, I'll give the OK signal! 👌 Here comes security to drag the poor guy out.


Yup. Friends and I had a simplistic binary code - 1 or 0. 1 meant I’m good, 0 meant I want to move away from the person currently approaching/stalking/dancing with/being creepy to me. And it works when dark and too crowded to see because you just jam your hand and finger in a 1 or 0 shape into their hand and they literally feel out what you’re saying. 1 meant I’m happy, go do what you want, 0 meant yank me away from this creep. Occasionally there’d be a hand held out flat like someone saying “so-so” and that was asking “is this person attractive or are my beer googles fogged?” With the goal being having a friend approve your choice in partners as a mechanism to prevent hung over regrets.


The disappointment when you think you found a cute metalhead and she's really signalling for help.


The disappointment when she points up the perfect symbol and the police show up


Seems like a good idea for girls to have a system like this. Lots of creeps out there. Better raafe than sorry.


Better raafe than roorry


Hey Scooby, what are you doing in here?


Ruh roh, Raggy


And I would have gotten away with that creeping too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids and your hand signals!


A few too many beers. I should stop posting.


I rhhoud rttop posting


Yes yes... I should.


Give me a 👍 if you're safe give me a 👌if you need help getting out of this conversation.


Hahaha... right? Best comment so far...


I sHoUlD sToP pOsTiNg


You said it scoobs


Ok, Scooby.


Raaghy? Where are you?


Raafety first, then reamwork


Note to self; try and refrain from drunkposting. :)


But that's sometimes the best and funniest posts, so it may be worth it.


Agreed, Noone wants to be raafed


Yea... raafe. Lol. Meant "safe".


Thank god you didn’t mean raped


99% of women don't need a "secret hand signal system" lol. This is just reddit/twitter reposting austistic nonsense again as some kind of indirect shot at men. How sneaky. Daily reminder that women who are victims of violent crimes are almost never attacked by strange dudes at the bar or on the streets. It's almost always someone they are in a relationship with.


Theres been a few cases now of women being identified in abusive relationships because they signal to others in public like this. But even so, I pictured someone being attacked frantically signaling and giggled a bit


Surprisingly if you go with a mixed group, he girls will always tell you when the guys are weird. There's no need of hand sings. If it's anything below the first they'll just yell at you "this guy is fucking insane, make him leave"


You must not be a woman if you think there arent plenty of creeps in bars who cant take no for an answer


Why to you find it hard to believe that a bar is the type of place people would make terrible/overconfident decisions?


"Creeps" being anyone you're not attracted to engaging with conversation in a social setting.


No, it's people who follow you around the room after you've made an effort to disengage. People who keep asking you to leave with them after you've said you're here with friends and not interested a few times. People who keep touching you even though you pull away and try to leave them every time so far. These aren't even the really bad ones


To easy for false positives.


If you need 3 different signs to tell your friends it's going to shit and you need their help.. you might not be going to the right places if you are trying to meet new people there. Totally agree with having a plan and staying safe, this just seems like an overkill. Maybe it's just me but i thought it should be about clubbing/meeting people not training to join the secret service


Seriously, I feel like I'm on crazy pills here... If I'm a woman and I don't do any of that, does that mean I'm brave or an idiot? I don't think I'm either. My idea of basic safety while clubbing is: don't take your eyes off your drink, and don't get separated from your mates for too long, text if you're leaving with a guy, etc. If your friends are close enough that they're able to see you making those signs, you're already safe. Predatory men prey on women who are alone, they don't want to attract attention of their friends. It's still a public place, what do you think he's gonna do if multiple women publicly confront him on the spot, just murder them all with his bare hands in front of a crowd? Just get your friend away from him, tell the security and get out of there. There's basic common safety and safety, and then there's sheer paranoia...


And they don’t even got a sign for the sniper to take the person down


If you can’t say any of these things just using your eyes are you even friends?


Best comment, these could easily be used accidentally in conversation or telling a story, etc. They r like super common im having fun at a bar signals, im sure there's other subtle but less commonly occurring ones out there.


Me and a friend developed straw language; if she was swirling her drink with her straw (round and round motion), it meant, all is good. If she started to stab at her drink (up and down) it meant come help me now


Wait why the fuck is “get me out of here” literally the international sign for I’m ok? I like the idea, I’m just saying there may have been better options.


So the dude thinks everything is alright and doesn't questions the gesture while her friends can get her safely away


If you want security you're probably worried he's violent or dangerous in some way. Giving a signal that looks like a positive is significantly safer for getting out of the situation without incident.


That's the point. If your code is just belting out what you're thinking, then it's not much of a code. It's so you're not escalating an iffy situation by broadcasting that you're 'rejecting' them.


You mean like "The Dambusters Raid" was called "Operation Chastise" instead of "Operation Blow up the German Dams?"


It’s so the dude doesn’t know what they are saying, duh. Just FYI, women get murdered, like A LOT if they reject men in any way.


Yeah, wouldn't a better sign have been flapping ones arms wildly with indiscriminate hollering? I mean, it's not subtle but we're talking about safety first here.


I think it’s more to not signal to the potentially dangerous guy that something is wrong. Girl feeling unsafe flashes the 👌sign, then her friends ask her to go to the bathroom and get her out of there


flapping her arms and yelling could make the guy think she’s hallucinating that she’s a canadian goose though, and then he’d definitely back off


That’s true, if I was suddenly talking to a Canadian goose i would run away immediately, maybe the answer is just to puff themselves up to scare off the predators


that’s what I’m thinking - first of all, she’s having some sort of psychotic fugue but more importantly, she’s a goddamn canadian goose and those things are MEAN - she could also practice hissing and spitting


this is a tiny bit horrifying because it exists


We humans are awful. Always have been.


Lol at the people getting offended at what you said. Everyone thinks they’re a fucking saint don’t they…


What do you mean?


Speak for yourself


By who's standards?


By, well, the collective standards agreed upon by every modern human civilization?


But you just said that humans are awful? Why would you trust their standards to be any good?


A “standard” is a relative term, defined by societal norms, which have evolved over millennia, and continue to do so. If you’re suggesting that Im considering the standards of other species, I’m not.


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Good bot


Have had women pretend to be with me at bars on several occasions do to some lurker. Little did they know he was on my payroll. Insert maniacal laughter. /j.


LMAO they'll never catch us boss


I’m playing both sides so I always come out on top!


Ridiculously overcomplicated. Two signals would suffice.


It's an absolute shitpost


I'm amazed that people are taking it seriously. Well played to the OP.


It’s the female equivalent of men who pretend to be special forces operators. Like it’s a nice idea in principle but Jesus Christ.


Always have a system! This is likely just an iteration specific to her friend group, but a good system nonetheless


If traveling somewhere new or unfamiliar, designate a person ahead of time who will be sober for the trip, or take turns who will drink and who will be sober for the night, etc. My girls and I went on a trip once. Went to a club our first night. Everyone started drinking (except me, I don’t drink). Met a group of guys in line and started talking. They asked us where we were from, told them we were from out of town, etc. Once we got inside they started buying us drinks, asking us to dance, etc. A couple of the girls joined them. They seemed to be having a good time and I didn’t think much of it. As the night progressed the guys kept buying more and more drinks and the girls are getting drunker and drunker. At one point I was dancing on a platform above the main floor and could see 2 of the dudes dancing with one of the girls. I couldn’t help but notice how they seemed to have migrated towards a dark unlit corner of the club near an exit door. I watched as one guy then goes to open said door while the other guy starts aggressively pulling my friend’s arm towards the door as she drunkenly resists. My alarm bells go off and I jump off the platform and start running, pushing everyone out of the way. The other girls start running after me, totally confused. I reach my friend and she is literally 3 steps away from the door, still being held open by their creep. I couldn’t see previously but there was a VAN in the alley way with its back doors open. My mind just flipped out and I Sparta kicked the dude in his side and screamed “WTF are you doing?? She doesn’t want to go with you! Don’t you see that she’s drunk?! Let GO of her!” The guy holding the door bounced and I never saw him again. Another dude that was with them flicked his cigarette at me and it started a whole commotion. Security came and I told them what happened and they kicked dude and his friends out. TL;DR - Designate a mother hen to watch over the chicks, especially in unfamiliar territory. It could save someone’s life!


They just kicked them out? That's it?


Yes, they got kicked out because the one guy flicked his cigarette at me. The police were called but they really couldn’t do much because it couldn’t be proven (what I believe their true intentions were, and that was to take my friend somewhere else without her compliance.)


I always see people using 🤘🏻at loud concerts and stuff but no one rescues them… I’m gonna have to start whisking people away from the people that are trapped with.


women should not need Atreides battle handcodes to exist in public wtf is wrong with people


Men also experience harassment you know. Might not be in the same volume but pretending it doesn't happen is not helping anyone.


Jesus Christ, these comments. Why the alt-right brigade?


I downvoted and reported because OP is literally a karma farming bot.


Incels get their fee fees hurt when they learn that they are privileged. And of course every man who sees this has to say “well not *all* men”, as if that matters in any way.




Because this has been reposted many times all over Reddit


So edgy rape jokes are the response to a guide for women to communicate in loud bars to stay safe?


Gosh, why do women feel unsafe? 🤔


It's a mystery to me


You could just openly say you feel uncomfortable with some dude in a bar. You don’t need hand signs for that. He is not going to grab you and pull you out on the street in front of everybody.


Bro, some people are insane. Like saying "Im uncomfortable" could send them into a rage rampage. You can never underestimate people, including people in a bar or whatever.


You're dead-ass wrong, and you know it? Go fuck yourself you rapist creep


Reddit moment


Nah, a Reddit moment is stanning for rapists Eat shit


I made a good argument and you didn’t understand it and called me a rapist. That’s a classic Reddit moment.


You didn't make shit


The sad part is, after 5 years of Reddit, monkeys like you don’t even surprise me anymore.


Must get confusing at a rock concert.


Bitches out there throwing gang signs


Would be cool if I'm with a girl at a bar and she starts weaving hand signs for a jutsu


Underrated comment


I have to admit I don’t understand why women go to clubs at all I’m a big broad bloke and I’ve never ever felt safe in a club Not once They’re always full of predatory types (mostly but not always male), most of whom are regulars, meaning the doormen will be on their side I’ve been attacked and started on in clubs so many times it’s unreal, but almost never in pubs The darkness and deafening music makes spiking easy and speaking hard, too Yuk I’d genuinely love to see female only clubs Or ones where men can only come in if accompanied by two or more women who vouch for him, in writing No, I’m not joking


A lot of clubs do "ladies free till midnight" or something to that effect. The goal is to have a higher ratio of women to men.


How long till /b/ co-opts this and turns it into pro trump signs.


I think you mean /pol/


Gonna teach this shit to my son. Idgaf what situation it is.


Us guys do too.


Good. Stay safe


We don't matter on Reddit tho


I’d love to point out how everyone in the comments is assuming the “bad person” is a guy, while the tweet never mentioned genders.


So this tweet is common. This one says 2020 but this same tweet has existed since at least like 2016-17. All this time I have never met a single person that uses this. I get this was a unique, novel or genius idea at the time but times change.


I see they are white supremacists with their racist hand signals 👌 /s




So dumb. Also, a weekly repost.


It should be a daily post. It’s incredibly smart.


Too many hand signals imo. Should just be two. One for I'm okay, and another for get me out of here.


Agreed. Would have to bring my notes to the bar for all of these!




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wait, you guys don’t appreciate your work




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1 for good, 4 for bad. Seems about right


Repost retard


I never had dudes do anything crazy to me at clubs or bars, maybe in ugly as hell. Even with a man hella drunk, he can still tell I’m ugly. This post is a hot girl problem.


This is fucking stupid and made up. Me and my friends..... just talk to each other like normal people without trying to be secret agents or something


Or yall could just speak up for yourselves. Its a crowded place. A perv would get his ass kicked. Fuck all this code shit just say youre creeped out and leave.


You know how many times I’ve said “I’m not interested leave me alone” and they do no such thing! Dudes don’t listen and that is why women back each other up. Here is one example out of many. There was one time we had a guy literally follow us all over a club after we told him to leave us alone and that no one liked him and that he had ZERO chance. We were blunt and direct. He still followed us and kept triyingto rub his gross boner on us while we were dancing. We told security and he laughed because most guys get boners dancing with hot girls. Ugh! We had to leave and didn’t get to enjoy our girls night at our chosen club because unless we were in the bathroom that creeper was trying to touch his penis on us or touch us in a weird way. So I have a hundred more stories like this from my 20s. The reason a simple no doesn’t work is because many guys in that situation don’t take no for an answer. They think you are playing hard to get or some nonsense.


Huh call me old fashioned but simply communicating with the person you’re trying to get your friends to deal with seems a more direct course of action. But yeah, you can also treat them like aliens that don’t understand spoken words too hahah




Spoken like a chick lol. Women of Reddit think being a man is easy when it really isn’t.


Right because saying no aways works and no one ever gets raped if they say no.




Once stopped a sexual assault in an outdoor club in plain view of hundreds of people. Dude had her pushed against a wall. Just looked like a couple making out till you realize she's not holding onto him but actually struggling to push him away, and those moans you can barely hear over the music are actually protests. He was over 6' and she was probably like 5'6" and couldn't do anything. It was crazy fucked up. It definitely happens, especially to women who somehow end up alone.


Yes, it can happen. People to into what they are doing to notice.


Thats a great way to get raped




Not super likely to get murdered, but you probably know at least 1 woman who's been raped, and most women will get sexually harassed at a club at some point. Clubs are gross.


It's not likely to happen in the middle of the bar, but if you think rape isn't a pretty common occurrence, you're highly misinformed.




Well, a lot of dudes on reddit are bois cosplaying as girls. They get a bunch of benefits at not much trouble


Do you just post the same thing in each comment thread? Do you think it’s enlightening?


What if they’re just throwing up lame gang signs tho? Lol


why cant women just use their words like normal people lol


Because some people are insane and will freak the hell out if you say no.


Why cant men accept a no?


Because I'm such a good guy! I treat her so much better than those other guys, why can't that bitch see that??


Why can't you read 9 lines?




At some point, posting this over and over again is spam. We get it. Move on with your life already.


Be carful with 👌👌👌 that’s supposedly a very dangerous and harmful alt-right racist fascist hand signal do better.


It means ok. Or if held below the waste and your friend looks at it, you can punch them- although a gentle punch is recommended for this game. Meanwhile, if you dont look at your friends below-the-waste upside down ok sign, AND you put your finger through it… you are a winner for life.


Supposedly…key word right there. Some fucking 4chaners made the up and the fucking media blew it out of fucking proportion.


uh... no buddy that's the ok sign, just some random 4chan people made that up.


nice satire bro


Yeah that sign has been used by a bunch of assholes, so I say we all take it back. The sign has been used by divers to let other divers know you’re ok for hell of a lot longer that these alt right fucks have been around.


Why would you go to clubs where you’re perpetually in danger?