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I hope it brings you and the little(s) much joy :)


Bookmarked. Thank you really much. This might be usefull.


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Eat all the Halloween candy then have him figure out who ate it all lol.


You forgot a step: candy wrappers in mom's nightstand lol




Maybe hide something and leave clues. Toothbrush in refrigerator. Favorite snack not where it normally is...


And leave a letter as a clue. ​ >"Your toothbrush is getting old, > >In a place where it's very cold. > >It sure would be very nice, > >If you find it, before it's ice."


Nicely done


That's perfect because I can do that with something different every day...I needed that


My game was to draw a picture of the destination to find the next clue. Like a treasure map. You can map it as simple as a picture of the bath tub, and have the next picture in the tub to the next clue..... of the plant, that has the next paper with a picture. I would complicate with behind, under, on top...etc. you're imagination can guide their's.


Scavenger hunts are fun. It can be as easy as "Bring me something blue." Or as intricate as you want to make it.


I did this with my kid over the summer. She had a blast, but what made it extra special was I took pictures of her with her finds. Things like a bike, something red, or a flower. We did it on a walk to Grandma's house, so she had something to show her when she got there.


Put dead batteries in a smoke detector and have him try and find out where the beep is coming from. You can hide it anywhere in the house and it's a mystery for him to find.


In my experience, you wouldn’t even need to hide it. That sound somehow magically travels through walls and bounces off nothing to make it nearly impossible to figure out which bloody one is beeping.


Come join us over at /r/ConstructedAdventures and get some ideas about building little scavenger hunts and clue games! It's a fun community to share ideas for all ages, maybe you can find some inspiration!


"who took away all my free time?" and "why does my back hurt all the time now?" could be two good ones. I kid, I kid... Unless...




I make my son wait in the other room then line up all his soft toys and action figures. I break a snack in half and hide half in one of the toys, usually in the mouth or a pocket or underneath them. Then I call him in and make a big fuss about somebody stealing my snack that I was eating. He loves to thoroughly investigate all the “suspects” with his magnifying glass till he finds the snack. Then we repeat a million times :)


The case of the missing remote... a common mystery in my home


If its anything like my house, it's usually under dads butt.


I was in to all of this kind of thing when I was young. My parents got me a kids book about spies that had a ton of old-school spy activities in it that I could do - learning secret codes, how to hide messages outside (the one I remember was rolling up a tiny note and inserting it in to a hollow stick, like a bit of bamboo.), learning about disguises, tracking etc. I was also really in to archeology and my parents would hide things overnight in the garden, buried, for me to dig up and discover (a coin, costume jewellery etc). At the time I really thought I was finding real hidden treasure and had no Idea that they were hiding things. Later they got me a metal detector and would take me to the beach or old castle near my house - I never found anything for real though! I would also write my own ‘newspapers’ where I would be a reporter and talk to neighbors about what had been happening locally. Ie tiny local mysteries like why the bins hadn’t been collected or who’s cat was missing. Probably even better to do now that kids have access to cameras and printers - I would hand draw my ‘editions’ and then get mum to photocopy them to hand back to the neighbours 😂. I also created my own mysteries - we had garden gnomes and I took hid one and told my sister it had gone on holiday. I then faked postcards that would arrive from him to my sister where he would write about his adventures ‘travelling around the world’. She got so in to it that she would cry when he had troubles (i remember I wrote that he had met a girlfriend garden gnome but she got accidentally smashed going through customs). Basically I guess I was a creative but lonely kid. But my parents really fostered that and let my creativity and imagination fly.


I love this post, it's so wholesome and adorable, thank you for sharing.


Honestly, for any story related questions I go to r/dnd or the subreddit specifically for Dungeon Masters in dnd. The people over there love creative story telling and a lot of their existing plots can be adapted easily to a younger audience.


Out of the box. I like it.


Related, there is a slimmed down, kid-friendly roleplaying game I can wholeheartedly recommend called "No Thank You, Evil!". It puts kids in the role of a hero of their choice (knights, wizards, robots, ninjas, superheroes... pretty much anything they can think of), and sets the framework for storytelling and problem-solving with minimal rules and/or math, bit with options that can be added on as their math and reading skills grow. My just-turned-4 year old loves it.


Oh that is awesome!! My son is only two so he isn't quite ready for that but I am going to order the game now. Looking forward to playing a rpg with my mini me!


If you would like to play together with your son you might look into geocaching. There are courses set out everywhere




Maybe not for a 4 year old, but there's a company that will send someone you know some series of 'mysterious' pieces of mail that tell a story culminating in a package with a prop type thing at the end. I ordered one for my adult sister a few years ago and she seemed to enjoy the experience; but we also play a lot of ttrpgs and board games as a family still in our 30s Edit: it was several years ago, so don't take this as a review of their quality or price/affordability but I think it was Mysterious Package Company


What's the company's name?


As kids we played Hide the Thimble. Trick is that it had to be in plain sight. Maybe do something similar. Letters that spell out a clue then he goes to find the thimble or whatever objects you choose.


When my 5 years olds do this I always tell them to find something they lost or misplaced that day. The hunt for this missing stuffy or paw patrol toy. Two birds one stone.


Make a treasure map around the yard or neighborhood and hide clues in various spots indicated on the map. Good Mother's day activity too if you make one for mom.


What happens to the socks?


Make a children's version of Natuonal Treasure


Scavenger hunt!


Move something around or add something strange and say that a mysterious creature must have left it. You could use something from Harry Potter or Pooh’s Hephalumps or any other fantastic creature that you can think up. Also, if you think he’ll get scared, maybe combine this with the scavenger idea or say that the creatures are tiny.


There is a board game called outfoxed that hits the detective mark. It's designed for around this age.


I spy


My boys love a game where they wait in their room while I had some stuffed animals. Then I make up some silly names about how they escaped from jail and are hiding somewhere. If they need clues I make it relate to where they are eg if it’s hiding in a coat I tell them he went somewhere cold and needs to be bundled up. We’ve played multiple rounds and even switch up who does the hiding and finding.


Treasure hunts are great, but also redirect that energy into other problem solving games, like creative carpentry. What tool would you use to do this, etc…


I don't know where to stream it but if he's super into them, there's a show called Noddy, Toyland Detective that my son loves that's all about scientific process and deductive reasoning. May give you a break from the askings. On top of that, two piece toys. My 3yo loves Onward and his uncle bought him a staff from the movie that came with the gem. He loves to use magic to find the gem in the house.


My kids are also obsessed with Scooby-Doo. Try breaking something you want to get rid of anyway, act very upset, leave clues like footprints.


Treasure hunt.


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Stuff written so you can only read it in a mirror Missions written in lemon juice (invisible ink) that only show up when you microwave them


oh I am looking forward to this phase. I have ADHD so i need help finding things ALL THE TIME and I don't even recognize the path of misplaced things and weird thinking i took to get there.


Mine likes to search for the AirTag


My son LOVES scavenger hunts. Just post it notes with clues that lead to the next one. Even if it just ends in a Hershey kiss or something he's ecstatic and wants to make a new one ASAP.


We did a Christmas present scavenger hunt one year that culminated with them finding a bunch of brand new fishing gear stashed in my boat. Another time the final clue was left on their new trampoline that was already set up out back.


Can you solve the mystery of who left the toilet seat up? Time to investigate who are the last cookie… Can you solve the mystery of how these clothes ended up on the bathroom floor instead of being put in the laundry basket?