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Add Vaduz in there


For even more of a challenge pick a lower ranked Liechtenstein team


Chertanovo is a tough one as well


I loved my Chertanovo last year. Was going to do them again this year but with the Russian sanctions in place losing out the champions league isn't the same.


There is (or at least, was) a Russian database on fmscout that still lets the clubs play in European competitions. Plus they start in a 3rd division this season.


Do Vaduz use special registration rules?


They can't get into European competition through the league, as they can't represent Switzerland coming from Liechtenstein. Thus, you have to win the cup in Liechtenstein which (I think) gets you into Conference League qualification. The only way to get into the Europa League is then by winning the Conference League. And if you want to get into the Champions League, win the Europa League first. And if you get knocked out... You have to start over in the Conference League again.


Well, that is certainly food for thought. That's nuts. Thanks for explaining bud.


Wait, so finishing in the European spots of the Swiss Super League isn't an option to qualify for Europe?


Nope. They would be representing Switzerland, which they can't as a club from Liechtenstein. Even winning the Swiss league won't get you qualified for anything. And the cup in Liechtenstein only gets you qualified for the Conference League.


Was running to the comment section just to write it


As a player that only does Sunday league start journey man saves, thank you for thinking I’m that good


I do those too haha. Get hired by a nothing team, win, go to bigger club, win, go to bigger club, repeat until PSG 😂


Never gone to PSG, but went from Muba Babel Utd in Indonesia League 2 to Bayern in about 15 years


I did one once and started at a Welsh semi-pro team in the Welsh league. TNS are fucking English bastards.


Gonna have about 6 months with a decent chunk of free time and very tempted to do this. Any tips?


As I said, I wouldn’t say I’m that good, so I’m not sure I have any useful tips, but here goes: Get your coaching badges done asap, you won’t get PL job offers with a continental Pro license, it just allows you the opportunity at some point. Explore the world, I went from Indonesia>England>England2>Australia>Portugal>Germany>Back to my second English club. Looking to either go to MLS or Korea for my next club. Also managed a couple of national teams while managing clubs. If your English or want to manage them, get it done as early as possible, England are at their best from game start to about 2030, after that they start to drop off. I think it also depends on your style, I love to build a club, but once I’ve built it, I can only win for a few years and then I move on. I took Nottingham Forrest from the championship to Champions League winners in 6 years, but after that first title, I left. If you want any more specific help then comment again, I’m pretty bad at just coming up with stuff.


Don’t take it too seriously remember that you have all the Time in the world (unless you want to challenge yourself) also national team achievements can carry you surprisingly far so don’t sleep on them


The satisfaction of getting the San Marino league into the top 10 coefficient >


How do people do build a nation? Do you manage clubs in the league and make them better? How long does this take in game years?


In a nutshell, get into the champions league and do well.


Also when you get to the point when you are rich, start loaning your players to your league rivals so they can advance to Europe as well! To be fair I haven't done that in San Marino, but I did it in Poland and even managed to facilitate a polish CL final... and lose it.


There's a guy on here who took control of the whole Azerbaijan league and had all Azerbaijan euro super cup


Taking control of other teams isn't as satisfying imo, it's part of the fun to improve other teams while not controlling them


Umm it takes a while unfortunately. I’m not some FM god, I’m average and I’ve been at a Swedish team Goteburg for 7 years (in year 2034 now) and I’ve managed to pull the Swedish league from around rank 35 to rank 17 completely single handedly because Malmo and Djugardens both suck in Europe. It’s definitely easier in higher reputation leagues even if you start as a second division team etc in the likes of Austria or Switzerland because they have team that have carried the flag IRL giving the league a good reputation. I will say though that I’m starting to finally produce some alright players through my youth intake and I’ve noticed a huge increase in good Swedish newgens at foreign clubs in England, Denmark etc. So far all I’ve really done is dominate Sweden and get steadily better in European competitions. Next step is to improve my rivals performances in Europe by loaning / selling them good players while keeping the Swedish league title


Sweden is really fun, I started bottom division and worked my team to the third before moving to a second division team and now on course to move to first and then to try my hand at champions league football


For sure it’s fun, it becomes super weird though when you get into European competitions because your league runs Jan - Dec but you have to start doing most of your transfer business in summer because of champions league / europa registration. Also being 4th seed in a champions league group is absolutely terrifying but fun in a weird way at the same time


I've never done a save like this, but wouldn't it be better to try to switch between the clubs in the league once you've got them to a good point where they are able to challenge in Europe? Personally, I get really bored if I get a club to a point where I'm just dominating every year in the league.


To be honest I’m kinda bored of dominating the league too but I really want to see the job through! Plus I already spent 6-7 seasons journeymanning. You could go around the teams, you’d definitely be able to upgrade facilities etc faster but because of the low league reputation big European clubs would decimate the good squads you put together. I have a 22 year old LB on a 4 year + optional 3 more years contract who is easily top 4 premier league quality and the likes of City bid less than 5 mil for him every single window lol


Fair enough, this sounds like such an interesting challenge


Add human managers for every team in the league and go about it that way 🤯


Even if you're dominating the league every year, if you still have goals of UCL knockouts, then UCL quarters, then semis, etc., it can still be a fun save. If I got invested in a save like that I'm not sure I'd be happy until I win the UCL. And even then, I might try for a prove-it campaign and do it again (assuming it didn't take 5+ years to get back there).


It depends really, I had a save recently where I was dominating the domestic league but not really able to challenge in Europe at all, so after December every year it was really just a waiting game until the next season's to have another go at UCL. Got a bit stale


I'm pretty average too but love doing these build a nation style saves. Following a trip to Budapest before Covid, I quite like Hungary. Got a save on FM20 I still play with Ferencvaros where I'm now in the 2025/26 season. Consistently making the group stages so think I'm up to 16th in the co-efficient, and loaded as a club, but still struggling to bring through anyone decent at all. Like, I'm talking even youngsters good enough to play in the Hungarian league.


Another Fradi save! Agree it’s hard to have much Hungarian talent on the squad, but Dominik Szoboszlai in from RB Leipzig has dominated the Hungarian league for a few years for me!


Szoboszlai has been my dream! Might need to keep going a bit to get him though. Salih Ozcan is probably my biggest name I brought in. Had Adam Hlozek too as you can always sign him dirt cheap for most teams at the start of FM20, but he had a release clause of £2 million negotiated in his deal which I couldn't remove and Chelsea took him within a season. :(


I'm managing in Sweden myself now (1st division elite) the absolute audacity from top division leagues to offer such low fees for my players is ridiculous


I wish I could tell you it gets more reasonable when the big boys in Europe come knocking but it really doesn’t :(


I managed to get over a million for my best player and best youngest (I took over a freshly relegated team) but that was selling them abroad


After a few years managing Huddinge IF i sold my egyptian wonderkid to Southampton for something like 70 million pounds!


Manage club and country, youth facilities go brr


This has been completely debunked and you can never grow San Marino into a powerhouse nation in X years.


4 years into Blyth Spartans save. We’re in League 2. Probably get promoted the year after the one I’m in. Expecting to win the UCL in 2033-2035ish. After that I’m definitely doing a youth academy only save. Undecided on team. Might do Middlesborough but since I’m doing England now I might want to do a different nation. Maybe a German club.


Or Italy. There registration rules are really limiting and in addition to that, their youth rating is insane. Try Palermo.


Will check it out, thanks! Nation rules are definitely gonna come into consideration.


Aight look, I’m Turkish and I say this whole heartedly. I will give up my left ball sack to be as good as the Dutch or the Portuguese leagues


I'm a deluded besiktas fan allow it please, I know we are shit dont tell others though.


It wasn’t long ago it was arguably stronger


Currently five continents / eighteen years into a hexagon challenge: - Started in the second tier of New Zealand and got a random side called Roslyn Wakari promoted - Moved to Hamilton Wanderers and bagged the O-League - Went to a mid table South African side called Chippa Utd and won a cup, league, confederation cup and champions league (also unearthed a wonderkid from the second tier on a bosman who now plays at Real Madrid after spells at Kaiser Chiefs and flamengo) - Ended up at Melbourne City and won a league title and two cups but not being able to sign players from A-League hindered my Champions League prospects so left - Got Busan promoted out of K-League 2 - Finally won the Champions League with my third Asian club Seoul - Won a Mexican cup with Necaxa - Got lured to Monterrey and ended up haemorrhaging trophies, eventually winning NACL - Moved to Argentinian strugglers Union de Santa Fe, but their finances were so bad that even after selling £6m of reserve players I got a £120k transfer budget but they reduced my wage budget so that I was £10k over so I left - Just about to finish a season with Goias, moved them from 16th to 11th and hopeful that if we get out of the Sudamericana groups we can land that and Libertadores qualification by the end of next season; once I’ve won that I’ll probably move to a feyenoord or sporting club level side and eventually engineer my way to the big 5 to get UCL


An interesting idea would be to try to traverse a country/continent. You could start in say Ukraine then every couple years move west until you reach a top league


How come you can't sign players from the A-league as Melbourne City? Is that a league thing or club thing?


I believe it’s a league thing. The only way I was able to get around it in any way was signing players about to be out of contract on a free transfer


I started unemployed with Sunday league level experience. Got a job with Tranmere in the November, accidently took the captaincy off the captian on day one, immediately lost the dressing room and struggled through until February and got the sack. Took stock, got offered a job with Annan Athletic with a mighty £13k transfer budget, a squad full of 16-18 years olds and some random loanees, and finished 6th.... what a bloody damn chore but that's why we love FM!


Hanging around this sub I almost feel like an outsider when I have a save in a top 6 league.


man, how do you think I feel? I'm a United fan and play a save with them every year, feel like they're second on the hate list next to only PSG.


Last one is impossible seen as DYR isn't real


That's why its bottom


Ahh couldn't tell if it was that deep. Tbh me learning that it doesn't work helped me kill the save I was playing


Just asking, do we really need DYR to build a nation tho?


I think we need something, whatever it will be named. If you go to say Bangladesh where cricket is bigger than football, if you start having teams win the Asian cups, and super cups, and have the Bangladeshi national team reach world cup finals then the want for the sport would grow and more chance of youth players etc etc etc and it grows them more. You can't do that if the base score of the country doesn't actually move, DYR was alleged to do this but as it was found out it does not


Just sharing my experience of trying something with Hong Kong teams in the previous FM. After dominating ACL and with tons of naturalized players, newgens seems to become better and better. Sure, SI failed to deliver the expectation of DYR.


Depends on your objective. Just building up the league? No, DYR doesn’t matter. Building up national team too? Then yes, it does.


Oh...That's the difference. Thanks for the explaination.


What is DYR?


I think it's Dynamic Youth Ratings.


Makes sense. Thanks


Depends on your objective. Just building up the league? No, DYR doesn’t matter. Building up national team too? Then yes, it does.


I had a crack at the San Marino challenge, ten years in and the only good regens had all declared for Italy. So I started again, went in to the editor and bumped up the stats for the San Marino so they produce better regens. Joke was on me because all that happened was Italy had a golden generation of San Marino wonderkids declaring for them


That’s unlucky mate and I hope doesn’t happen to me! So far I’ve had 3 amazing regens and all have declared for San Marino, I just call them up as soon as they come into the game at 15/16, did you do this too?


I'm in year two of my first Portugal save.


Can you tell us what team in Portugal?


Yeah, I'm managing Vitória de Guimarães. They're in good shape as far as finances, training, and youth ratings, but still a ways off from the likes of Porto and Benfica. Portugal is often mentioned here as a nation to play for lax transfer rules, and it's been great in that regards after managing West Ham almost exclusively. The wages and transfer fees are low, there's no transfer limit, and any age restrictions are imposed by UEFA or the selling country. I brought in a 15YO midfielder for $275 from a team in the third division and he's started a few games already.


I always do a portuguese save, but i'm from Portugal. I'm always overwhelmed with all the restrictions on other leagues. Vitória are a good team, usually qualifying for european football. That said, I don't play with them because of their rivalry with my local team, Académica, from de second division


Ahh, I'm American so I don't have much exposure to the Portuguese league outside of the big clubs and what I'm picking up from FM. I was pleasantly surprised to find Quaresma on my roster when I started this save. I support West Ham so I've always managed them (since FM20). Do you manage Académica in FM, or do you go with other clubs?


I usually manage Académica, but always end up jumping to a bigger club. But this time i persisted, and eventually won the league, with Vitória finishing second, actually ahah. Only took 12 years...


Start with a poor team on the conference south/north all the way to the premier league


I really can't get into lower league teams, I just don't find it fun, I don't recognise any of the players. I have hundreds of hours in the game but I always just play Serie A, Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and Ligue 1


Imo, the fun part about now knowing your players is the fact you don't know how good they are.


Yeah. It's not as fun for me either when I know the players and who is/isn't good. Starting way down let's all the real world wonderkids pass through before your club can get them, and it's all regens. Generally speaking, the good players IRL dont change much year to year, so I feel like the saves wouldn't be much different.


The thought of doing a lower league save is better than actually doing it


Completely agree. I always think I'm going to have so much fun doing a championship save (not particularly low league but lower than what I'm used to) and end up dropping it after like an hour because I don't recognise anyone so I lose interest. I like to play teams I have some kind of prior knowledge of and where I know the players


If you want to try a lower league save them watch the YouTube channel Bunch of Amateurs and play a save as Dorking Wanderers. I now know a fair bit about each player because of their episodes on Dorking this season. You'll get a fun lower league game and have 30+ episodes of fly on the wall documentary to watch too.


In my current save I started in the fifth division of the Swedish leagues. It's been a special ride, hehe.


I always sim the first season and take a newly promoted, previously unplayable team in the bottom league and try to get them to win the league and champions league. Currently in 2035 in France with Hyeres FC and we're in the europa league this year. PSG are absolutely insane though - they've won the league every year, 5 or 6 UCLs and at one point had a 96 game unbeaten run!


I'm doing 'build a nation' with Latvia - 4 seasons in and can tell it's going to be a slog. Part of me feels like I need to leave my current club eventually to start buidiling others, but I worry the AI will destroy all the good work I've done.


Legit every save I’ve ever done has been a Sunday league no badges. Just feels empty without the progression from the bottom.


Same here. I have a hard time understanding why people would even want to jump right into something like a Liverpool, City, or PSG save. You're already winning the league on auto pilot anyway


I did it with Vikingur IV in the Faroe Islands (they’re not affiliated with Vikingur Gota in game for some reason) and got them to the CL 3QR. Most of the squad are in their late 40s and early 50s, it’s bizarre.


where can I get custom databases from and which are the best?


Steam workshop or one of the various FM forum websites, and depends on what you want. Zealand has a database that adds like 8 tier pro/rel system in USA. If you want that it’s good, if you don’t play USA then it’s not


In my San Marino save I climbed the world rankings from 210 to 140. (I’m in 2028 and also managing Victor San Marino in Italy)


I had an idea of save, it's like a build a nation but you change the rules via the editor and forbid every clubs in the country to buy foreign players


What exactly is a Glory Hunter save with a "1 year limit"


I'm a Galatasaray fan So I decided to manage Farul Constanta in the Romanian second division because from what I have read it's the club Gheorghe Hagi played for before us. It's great


Did a Sunday league experience, unemployed journeyman. Just won the 2032 Euros with England and got the Real Madrid job after. First long term save I’ve ever done and it’s been very enjoyable.


Journeyman with no experience or badges isn't that much more difficult than a normal save. You just have to accept the first job you can until your reputation is high enough


Custom save with your home country that’s not on fm for the win


Just finally got promoted into Serie B with Victor San Marino, long road ahead of me


NAC Breda moment lol


I have a PSG save on fm22 and it is honestly one of the most fun saves I've ever done. I realise it's basically easy mode but meh, it's great winning loads of stuff and developing amazing players through the academy


Eh. Play the way you enjoy the game. I often do lower league saves, but this time I decided to start with my favourite club and went into a career mode from there. I'm now eight seasons in, at my fourth club, trying to pull an Ancelotti (win all big leagues). It's been great fun actually.


Where would making an actually financially stable team comprised of very competent home grown players in China Super League would lie in this scale? Because arguing with owners who have opposing views are very fun.


TBF Journeyman is super easy. I was CL winner by 2028


Started unemployed no badges in England, currently in the Vanarama regional, but we're barely clinging onto our spot in the league. Finally got the debts cleared and got a real budget, but now because of my reputation team morale seems super brittle. Might take a job in the Vanarama National if it gets offered. I love how the journeyman saves really makes you feel like a passenger, I pretty much just bring in whatever quality I can convince to join me and make a tactic out of that.


I did a journeyman SLNB that got me hired to train Bilbao after 15 seasons in, where do I rank in there?