> The reason for this, according to Warner Bros. Discovery, is the same that they announced when the first titles were quietly removed: Eliminating lesser-watched content saves money on residuals, which is the amount paid to actors and creators for the time a specific series or movie is up on the streaming service. https://collider.com/hbo-max-30-catalog-titles-removed-summer-camp-island-generation/




It’s not HBO, it’s HBO Max that’s losing these shows. HBO is the same cable channel it always was. HBO Max is the streamer that is losing money like crazy, so Warner/Discovery has decided it’s going to cut its losses and fold it into its Discovery Plus streamer.


This is a pedantic take that I continue to see. Prior to Zaslav, it was clear that the HBO brand was moving to HBO Max. As people continue to cut the cord, the streaming destination was home to both HBO traditional shows, as well as, their streaming only offers in one place. The fact that this is continuously a topic shows that the initiative was working and that this change hampers the progress that had been made.


There's no world in which the residuals are THAT costly




Next time WB talks about how art/culture is important, this decision should be referred to. So much is being created, and so much will be lost. EDIT: It seems some cretins do not understand that niche/unconsumed product will sit somewhere until it is forgotten or lost. Just because it is digital does not mean it lasts.


Don't worry, piracy will remain as the superior platform and nothing will be lost. At least until the streaming era ends with something as disrupting as when Netflix killed cable. And then they will fuck that up too with their greed and back to piracy we go.


The pirates have never left…. Just saying the community is alive and well… there’s also a much more legal way to pirate that has zero consequences and zero probability you’re caught doing it




r/usenet - it’s as much as I’m not allowed to say.


You're right and it's an indictment of the content industry that 10+ years into streaming with multiple Netflix competitors, piracy is still superior in just about every way: cheaper (obviously), but also easier to find a better selection of content.


Lol, lost? It's not like they destroyed every copy


To shreds bro


To shreds you say?


Flushed down the toilet and lost in the dark abyss for eternity


I mean they basically did, they removed all content, from every service and discontinued the contracts between them and the showrunners/actors etc, meaning these shows won't be able to be sold/streamed anymore anywhere. They might have the master tapes but no legal right to distribute them anymore.




Reddit lol


Why is this so dramatically written?? It's a reddit comment about streaming services lol, not an advanced english final


Oh interesting, I would've guessed it was only based on views or time spent watching. But that might be too difficult to track.


No it isn't. There must be some contract that was poorly written when streaming strated before they knew the value of shows and movies and how it effects long term.


It's because all the streamers (except YouTube) refuse to show view counts.


There is public information and there is backend information. They have it. It's just not usable in the type of contract they had for that content. There is still debate about the value of a single stream of their content. With YouTube it is easier to quantify as they play ads. I think the way YouTube does it with premium is the best way forward however it might not be in HBO and others best interest to do it like that. YouTube is one of the highest if not the highest in terms of their share of revenue to creators.


YouTube is the absolute worst site to watch material. 2-15 ads per show. Only useful with adblockers (which kills the revenue stream). Hard pass on the YouTube model.


I agree, but when comparing monetization schemes YouTube premium is comparable to HBO, Netflix and Disney+. I am just wondering how does YouTube premium compare to what HBO and others pay per view. My conjecture is that YouTube premium pays higher per view than the others but that might be wrong because there is currently a bidding war to have the most content. Personally I think they should be considered common carriers and a rate is established between the actors guild and the streaming giants and they are not allowed to have exclusivity. Maybe even a right to stream other copyright holders content if they pay the universally agreed fee to them then it would be a competition of who has the best user experience but that is probably a dream.


I'm not an insider, so no hard numbers and a lot of hearsay, but from what I've heard from various YTers who have decent sized audiences, YT Premium is a pretty decent payout, even compared to pay-per-ad revenue. I'm honestly surprised more people don't try to hawk it. And at the risk of sounding like a shill, it's absolutely awesome being able to support YTers while still saying 'fuck you' to endless ads.


I have ad blockers on my computers but I consume a lot of YouTube on a smart TV and I am definitely considering paying for premium. I thoroughly enjoy watching the content on YouTube but I hate ads. It seems like a much better deal than any other streaming service that I might only watch a single series. I'm here talking myself into it.


I love it too. Linus tech tips has mentioned several time, that on a per $ per view, YouTube premium pays the best.




Ah did they change the branding again?


Like 2 years ago


I believe YouTube red doesn't have ads.


Ive had "Google play music", now "yt music" for a long time. I was using YouTube recently and wasn't logged in. I hadn't realized how bad the ads got.


Yep I more often than not close out a video after one or two ads tops. Not worth it


We recorded Better Call Saul this season and only watched it after it’s recording because we got sick of all the commercials when watching live. Sometimes they would do ten commercials in a row in some of the breaks. I love the FF button but I’m pretty sure we’re wearing it out.


With the right extensions I see zero ads. I even have one that will skip promotions within the video by YouTubers.


So their reason is to pay the content creators less money? That's kind of shitty.


Not content creators, actors. I mean, you could argue the difference but The FRIENDS cast get 20mil EACH every year for the streaming reruns. No cash for every other worker in that show, at least that is a bit unfair.


The Friends also have a cable syndication contract (which is probably way more lucrative than streaming).


Yeah whenever I’m in a hotel, which is fairly regularly, and so I actually watch cable, and I’m flipping through channels, Friends is ALWAYS on one or more of at least what seems like 6 or 7 channels. Pretty wild. The show ended almost two decades ago.


King of Queens was like that for a while too despite never being close to as popular as friends. Married with Children also used to be like that


If we forget to bring the chromecast to a hotel we always rely on the fact that at least one channel, usually comedy central, almost always has a The Office marathon going. Got me through our hospital stay when we had our son as well. Friends and The Office is 100% always playing somewhere on cable.


"Take what you can" "Give nothing back"


Now now, a good pirate will be seeding at least for an hour after his download's finished.


That's sharing the booty amongst the crew, not giving back to the plundered.


whats there to give back the copyright owner's dvds didn't suddenly vanish off their shelves


Supporting copyright law in its current state is harmful to artists. It's entirely a corporate lobbying tool now. If an artist relies on copyright law to get paid then they're going to have a bad time. I buy direct from artists I want to support.


An hour? Standards have dropped! In my day, we seeded to a ratio of 1.0, or a week, whichever came first. And we walked to school up hill both ways, through blizzards, and that's the way we liked it!


Still that way on most good trackers.


Back in the days of private forums hosting torrents also, certain torrents as newly released movies would be locked behind a 1.5 og 2.0+ ratio.


Yarr. A good pirate always be hittin a 3.0 seed ratio 'fore throwin the torrent overboard. An' if he wants to win the hearts of buxom wenches (or the pretty lads), then he helps his less nautical acquaintances partake in throwing a middle finger salute at ships flying corporate flags.


No surrender no retreat


i keep hearing my precious adult swim content is leaving? the fuck is going on


Yep, the bastards canceled Joe Pera


This one hurt most. I thought it was so fucking cheesy at first but not even 10 minutes in I feel in love with the show.


If they ax adult swim they lose my subscription. ATHF was the sole reason I subbed in the first place.


Let's check it out.




Capitalism is when my favorite show is taken off of a streaming service


We need to go to the one place that [hasn't been corrupted by capitalism](https://youtu.be/g1Sq1Nr58hM?t=6)


I remember a time when there were loads of DEADPOOLs around on Reddit, just with various number of underscores / extra bits. I tagged you as "#1" because I wanted to see how many I could find, and you were the first one I saw. Now, after all these years, you're the only one still around 🏆~('▽\^人)


#ALL HAIL THE ONE TRUE DEADPOOL 🏆o7 /r/chimichangas


You and I have crossed paths many times over the years. I have an odd sense of happiness when I see your name. Countless times you've commented on me and I've commented on you over these 9 years. A toast to your sir! 🍺


#BOW TO THE ALMIGHTY DEADPOOL 🍺🍻 /r/chimichangas


Are you forgetting about Space-X, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, and any other such companies?




The fact they're doing this for some loophole about tax write offs and paying royalties, then yes, it's unironically capitalism.


We need to have strict government regulation on privately owned streaming services. Being able to stream Uncle Grandpa should be a human right!


When the decisions are made exclusively to maximize the bottom line? Yes. Yes it is.


Under communism we'd never be subject to arbitrary decisions by large bureaucracies. /s


Wait what gave us the content in the first place? (Trick question. Stop reducing everything to one word.)


Are you arguing that without capitalism art wouldn't exist ? Lmao


I don't think he's saying that, but in this case tv shows are made to earn a profit which you could similarly boil down to "capitalism" if you want to be as reductive as the person he's replying to. The truth is "capitalism" isn't the only reason the shows were created, just like it's certainly not the only reason the shows are being wiped. To say "its capitalisms fault" for any good/bad thing is hilariously simplistic and naive


I'd say there's a noticeable number of writers who aren't in it for the money. The money's nice, but when you're making art, seeing your work appreciated is a far more fulfilling reward.


of course writers aren't in it for the money, but shows aren't getting greenlit, produced or aired by writers. All of your favorite TV shows required capital and corporations to see monetary value in creating them. "Capitalism" is as responsible for creating shows as it is for cancelling them - ie. a bit but not to the extent that people (socialists) want to give it credit for




Capitalism = anything someone doesn't like about one part of a whole economic system. It's basic reddiquette. /s


When the issues with it are popping up in a massive plethora of industries and institutions (issues directly related to main drive being maximisation of profit), it is hard to not find the system flawed.


Nowhere did I defend capitalism. But just saying “cApitALism” is just idiotic and fruitless


Yeah. The problem isn’t Capitalism, it’s Late Stage Capitalism, which is what you get when you spend 45+ years rolling back the regulations and budget cutting the government institutions that kept corporate overreach in check. Since a lot of redditors are too young to remember a time when we weren’t stuck in this stage of teetering on the brink of a Cyberpunk corporatocracy, it gets shortened to just Capitalism.


Yeah, industry in general is generating shortages in the last few years, to maximize revenues as monopolists. In other words, they generate massive inefficiencies and dead weight loss, because the government won't enforce antitrust laws.


LOL at the people below you white knighting Capitalism!


Wait what? I haven't heard anything about this. Is there a source?


Can anyone explain why HBO had two different things, why didn't they just stream all their content on one platform? (I'm from the UK)


I've also wondered why they didn't merge. The HBO Now was specifically only for cable/satellite subscribers but you could also watch it online. Instead of just letting people pay an additional fee to watch HBO Now without a provider they created HBO Max. There could have been some legal thing at play with the cable companies, idk.


pretty much always the answer.


This is due to a merger between Warner Bros, parent company of HBO and Discovery, parent company of Discovery+. After the merger, Warner Bros decided to consolidate and "trim the fat."


If only there was some sort of governing body that could prevent massive mergers that end up fucking over consumers.


HBO didn't have two different things, the parent company is Time Warner. Time Warner has a lot of different things aimed at different customers. HBO is a premium cable channel which mostly shows movies (HBO stands for "Home Box Office") but also has original content which is generally well regarded, Discovery is a basic cable channel known for its trashy documentaries and edutainment. Different channels for different markets, but apparently they've decided that the streaming market has gotten too fragmented so they're consolidating.




There was HBO now, and HBO Max. So yes HBO had two different streaming services.


The biggest mistake Warner is making is monkeying around with the HBO name. They try to use that HBO prestige to sell the streamer and it’s not working, and it’s killing the prestige. People are thinking that Warner is killing HBO when in fact it’s only killing HBO Max. Plus all the nonsense with HBO Go and HBO now and then HBO Max, it’s confusing.


What did they remove?


Here's the list of content they are getting rid of. **HBO Max Originals** “12 Dates of Christmas” “About Last Night” “Aquaman: King of Atlantis" “Close Enough” “Ellen’s Next Great Designer” “Esme & Roy” “The Fungies!” “Generation Hustle” “Generation” “Infinity Train” “Little Ellen” “My Mom, Your Dad” “Odo” “Ravi Patel’s Pursuit of Happiness” “Summer Camp Island” “The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo” “The Runaway Bunny” “Theodosia” “Tig n’ Seek” “Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs” **HBO Originals** “My Dinner with Herve” “Share” **Cartoon Network** “Dodo” “Elliott From Earth” “Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart” “Mighty Magiswords” “OK K.O.! – Let’s Be Heroes” “Uncle Grandpa” “Victor and Valentino” **Acquired Titles** “Detention Adventure” “Messy Goes to Okido” “Mia’s Magic Playground” “The Ollie & Moon Show” “Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures” “Make It Big, Make It Small” “Squish”


Any of this worth watching? None of the titles sound familiar to me. Edit: nvm, not a single one of these is available in my country


If you’re a parent, Close Enough is amazing. Also if you like Regular Show, it’s amazing. I’m bummed about it dying :(


Yeah, I'm not a parent, but I am a broke 34 year old and Close Enough is great. Sad I won't get to keep watching it, cause I do love me some Regular Show.


we really liked Close Enough. It was kinda bonkers in a fun way.


Infinity Train is one of the best cartoons of this era. But it's also kinda dark and not everyone's cup of tea.


My son likes infinity train.


Infinity train was a good show for any age imho. Pretty awesome thematically.


I loved Infinity Train and Summer Camp Island.


I saw pacman and the ghostly adventures once. It was.... Something


Considering the original source material is a circle with an eating disorder running from its ghosts.


If you liked Regular Show, Close Enough is made by the same guy. It shares the same type of humor and is more catered to young adults. It also has RS references in some episodes.


Thats odd, in Canada Close Enough is on Netflix


just weird media laws aus netflix has none of breaking bad but there is el camino, for example as well as none of the movies that you search for


No doubt. Always frustrating seeing just a sequel on Netflix


I love close enough, same people who made regular show. But it's more adult oriented.


12 Dates of Christmas is a modern era Citizen Kane


Infinity train.


Summer camp island is great. Family loved it. Had something for everyone.


Messy goes to okido is an awesome show for pre-schoolers. I didn't realise anywhere in the US showed it. I suppose they don't anymore!


I doubt it. I think that's the point. I swear, any time a big enough business tries to adjust to current market trends, people come out of the woodwork to be like, "How could you take away my favorite thing?!" Anything. Taco bell pizza? They weren't selling any. They take it off the menu. Internet *tantrum* ensues. They bring it back. All of the sudden people want it. It's stupid. It just embeds a false scarcity profit motive.


I've literally never heard of any of these lol. Does this mean I'm old?


Looks like mostly kids shows/movies


Infinity Train is one of those titles that looks like a kids show on the surface, but once you get into it, it is clearly YA at the very least. It gets dark fast.


In fairness I dont know or care about most of that list, but 5 of my daughter's favorite shows are on there. Thankfully she already watched all of them.


> Thankfully she already watched all of them. and luckily, kids are quite famous for never wanting to watch the same thing again ever 👍


Reading this while my son watches Sonic 2 for the second time this morning was funny.


Does Discovery not realize kids are a massive market?


Also about 200 episodes of Sesame Street.


Which you can still get on PBS, YouTube, or a thousand other places right?


It sucks for people who liked that content. I’ve never watched any of it and never even heard of most of it, and I’ve had HBO for years. Their discovery tools aren’t great, but a lot of their content (still) is… for now. We’ll see if Discovery tanks it. I’m not sure they understand why people like HBO.


So only the ones where you look at them after working 60 hours a week to barely make ends meet and think: I can’t believe somebody out there gets paid to do this.


They also got rid of several seasons of Sesame Street.


> “Odo” [My disappointment is immeasurable](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt16538364/), [and my day ruined](https://64.media.tumblr.com/bb8de123a8a6517fc9ec1bb4224d201c/tumblr_oplq2cYyLc1v473sxo3_1280.png)


I recognize literally none of these. Not a single one.


children’s shows


This is what everyone has been freaking out about? Some no name shows getting pulled? Wow, well okay then


Hey man, some dude on reddit who spends 80 hours a week consuming media is very upset! What is he supposed to have on the background of his 3rd monitor while he plays video games and chats in discord??


well so far it looks mostly like children's programming. i would say sometimes HBO seems to have a lot of shitty content now days I wouldn't mind if they cleaned up their library a bit. but once they get rid of something like the wire or sopranos, which I don't know that they would, I'd probably cancel.




What did it cost?






Some of the stuff was good. OK K.O. was pretty decent and Close Enough was one of my favorites. Most of the other stuff I had never even heard of though.


Infinity train should be watched by everybody and apparently Summer camp island had the final season finished, that now can't release which is really unfair to the animators. I think it's fine if a streaming service wants to drop a show, but they shouldn't also hoard it in their vault for no one to see.


Literally nothing anyone really cares about


Really. Because there’s an awful lot of threads dating back to early July about content ‘nobody’ cares about.


People will complain to complain. Good chance they don't actually care about the titles, just see an opportunity to be outraged and bash studios/capitalism/or whatever the fuck else seems virtuous to hate on.


Nothing that would be recognized by most people. They even stated their reasoning for this batch of removals is that no one is watching them.


It's strange since Netflix removes content all the time but then no one claims to raise the black skull flag 🏴‍☠️


Part of that might honestly be because we’ve just come to expect it from Netflix and it’s usually removed so that it can go on a different service, like with the marvel Netflix shows, the Office, or Friends.


Don't even have to torrent and risk ISP warnings anymore. Plenty of sites just stream content outright. Eventually they get taken down and others pop up.


I was grateful for the ISP warning to remind me to get a VPN.


Yeah I got two back to back and figured out real quick what vpns were all about. I went 20 years with no warnings and then those two. Times have channnged mann


Now if only someone could grab that Batgirl movie...


Close enough is my wife’s favorite. Time for a box set I guess?


Or set sail. Don't reward their behaviour. If your conscience bothers you remember they're taking it down for the same reason you'd be downloading it - they don't want to pay for it. 🙂


Well said. I'm not opposed to downloading but this point really drives home why I don't feel bad.


The man wants to buy physical media for his wife. Hes paying for the price of ownership. There's nothing wrong with that.


Think about what you're justifying here. HBO doesn't want to carry these shows because they don't want to pay performers. If you say, "Well I'll just pirate it then." who do you think you're screwing? Not HBO.


Stocks in synology grows!


Unless box sets have already been a thing, you gotta set sail. Box sets for close enough will not come at this rate


Having box sets is just nice in general. I've been slowly collecting my favorite shows over the years. Comes in handy when traveling, internet goes down during storms, content is removed from streaming, etc.


Stick with physical media, folks. Especially for the content you love the most. You never know when it will be yoinked.


I'm pushing 40 and I have a bunch of physical media for films and records. For awhile my friends would poke fun at me because during the Golden age of streaming physical media seemed so obsolete. I considered offloading some of my physical stuff to make more room in my home. 10 years later I'm glad I didn't. I have entire shelves of movies and records that are either not available anywhere online or are on 5 different services. Long live physical media.


I miss the days I could feel excited about new technology that simplified our lives, but companies have gotten too good at undermining those technologies with their underhanded profit seeking tactics. It seems like everything nowadays, from streaming services to smart tech to computer software to game consoles to smartphones to operating systems, they're all plagued by blatant anti-consumer practices. They take away your options and settings, hide or remove content, push subscriptions for basic functionality instead of a one-time charge, kill the ability for you to own what you pay for, force manipulative sorting or search algorithms on you with no way to disable, feed you unavoidable ads, restrict access and user control in the name of "security", harvest your data, depreciate useful features or hardware options, or just straight up spy on you.


Plus people don't realize the quality suffers. It is most noticable in the sound, because streaming always compresses it instead of using PCM. Video on physical media (HD Blu ray and 4k) is better than streaming bitrates. But the difference is marginal for most scenes and only noticable in action scenes. Still, accessibility is what people want. Streaming arguably killed torrenting because of the wide availability. Corporate greed is chipping away at access so people are returning to the digital seven seas.


The sound difference is huge between a 4K disc and streaming. Stuff like Dolby Atmos is available on so few streaming movies/shows and when it's available it's compressed. Hell it's hard to even get DTS audio on streaming content and thats been out for years.


My setup lets me see bitrates of the various streams. Lossless audio like DTS is about 1.5 megabit/s. Physical HD Blu ray puts the video at 30 megabit/s, physical 4k UHD disc video is as high as 100 megabit/s. A fully buffered 4k Netflix movie at my home is capped at about 18 megabit/s total. In order to provide lossless audio, they would need almost 10% of their bandwidth to be for audio. Instead they use compression from the DVD era to get the audio to about 0.7 megabit/s.


Yep. For random stuff streaming is fine, but when it comes to stuff that I actually care about it's physical media every time, same goes for games. And if a company is too stubborn to put out a physical version of something to (something I'm running into these days with YouTube/Netflix only putting out DVD versions of Cobra Kai), then piracy it is. If a company does not want me to give them my money, then I will still take the content.


And the shit is gonna be gone for the next year or two until HBO has nothing left. THEN it is gonna get added to discovery+. That’s what I heard is happening.


Torrent have making a big comeback when every studio wanted his own streaming platform.


Download and backup everything, even the stuff you pay for, you will never know when its going to dissapear just because of shit like this.


This. I've lost books I've paid for in the past, only for the site to put them back on sale a couple of months later at insane prices. Yes, I was mad, so mad I refuse to buy ebooks anymore. When netflix got rid of the power rangers, there was a giant surge in fans downloading the series. I got turbo to Wild Force myself. I have the original vhs, I have the dvds, I just couldn't be bothered ripping them myself. Plus the dvds of the seasons I like are region 1 only, I can't play them on my ps4, have to use my blu ray player.


Can’t help but see the gif and want to say “here we gooooo!”


Same! Old DVD commercials and all that. I forget what the topic of this one was but I remember, like you, that Peter Pan played right after this clip. Do you happen to remember the whole commercial cus now it’s gonna bother me all day lmao


Was the Disney trailer at the beginning of blue-rays when they first came out


I really only have Max bc my kid will only watch Sesame Street.... really bugs be that they are removing most of it. He already has it hard, so removing his one joy really hurts.


The original reason I signed up for HBOMax was because they were suppose to have The Furchester Hotel. It still isn't on the 2 years later.




The Sesame Street show?


Yeah. They said when they got the rights to SS they were going to be putting the entire catalogue on MAX.


It’s amazing how difficult it is to make these things work. There’s plenty extra stuff missing in the european versions. I was excited to see the chernobyl lost tapes for example but I couldn’t find it, it’s not on HBO Max or anywhere else here. Even though I’m paying for services I have to pirate. Fun.


They fucking removed infinity train.. that show didn’t even have a chance ON HBO max..


What’s a good torrent site?


Really need A good Replacement for pirate Bay. Gotta search . Call me if you find One, Man.








I can't tell if people are making actual recommendations to me. I appreciate it but I am very happy with my current totally legal source of films.






Its always been rarbg.to but for some reason yours works too, but it looks REAL sketchy


What’s a good client?


qbit torrent




Pay $5/month for a basic seedbox remote server, install Deluge on it, torrent everything there and then copy it to your local machine with SFTP.




If nobody watched them on HBO Max, nobody really will download them. This is a non story.


No need for torrents. There are apps out there that have tons of movies and series/shows


Most of them have a bad UI and crappy ads.


Film + and Beetv work great for me