Why do you game on a Mac?

Why do you game on a Mac?


For me, a Mac is all I have. I’m a college senior who bought one freshman year from the school and I can’t afford a PC…yet. I plan on getting one someday but for now I’m stuck with this


This, except mine's a hand me down thing.


mine except I'm on m1 so it's even sadder :(


Mine except I have no WiFi


>Why not get a PC or console instead? Is it simply just the idea of challenging the status quo? It looks like you're assuming we bought macs to play games. We didn't. We bought macs as our every day computers to do general computer stuff - working, browsing, watching stuff, coding, making music etc. They can run some games on top of that but it wasn't the main reason to buy it, more like a bonus. Why not use PC as everyday computer? I don't like Windows. Like - really don't like it. I'd rather use Linux for regular computer stuff but I prefer macOS and can afford it so that's what I chose. And I have nothing against Microsoft, I have Xbox as well as Nintendo Switch, but sometimes I just play on my macbook. Because I can. Not to mention people who didn't \*buy\* their macs but it were given to them by for example parents or siblings who upgraded.


I’d like to add that there’s also no other way I could play CIV 6 for what feels like 15 hours without a recharging the battery on a laptop.


This. This the definitive answer. I literally never heard of anyone buying a Mac to play games specifically. It would make zero sense. Everyone in this subreddit either gets Macs for different reasons, or just happens to already have one. It’s kinda like asking someone: “Why are you hauling that piece of furniture in a Mazda Miata?” They obviously drive a Mazda Miata for different reasons than moving furniture, but it’s their car, and this chair happens to fit in it. So why not?


ok but why would you use a coupe for hauling furniture? Inside it too? /j


Hey man, I put a 50" tv in a honda prelude once... I just didn't think about it cause I drove a truck too. Just didn't that day for some reason. Lol.


yeah guys just fit my furniture, tv, bedframe, and oven, into my second seat. of a ferrari 812 superfast


Seriously, how is windows still so awful? I shudder any time my dad needs tech support for his windows laptop. It feels like trying to run a marathon with your ankles cuffed together. Yeah you'll get there eventually, but it's gonna be a huge pain. Sure doesn't help that things seem to move around and change with every upgrade.


Agreed, people are slowly moving to Linux for the same reason.


No one is moving to Linux lol


That's not true. It's becoming way more accessible. Phones and smart watches, raspberry pis, home assistant. Tech people are generally intelligent and I think the market is just starting. I bought a pinebook pro last year before I got my macbook. Turns out the pine people knew where the market was heading.


Linux has been my sole OS and daily driver for over five years now... so yeah people are moving LOL.


I mean other than nerds on Reddit


Yeah, honestly casual users won't even be in the market for laptops and PCs soon. They'll all switch over to a thin client to access their webapps and streaming services. Even developers are being shunted toward cloud based tools, so choice of OS may be irrelevant for many people in the near future.


And on top with Windows running different on every pc is a nightmare on its own. Some companies build their “gaming” laptops like ass. The worst offender for me was a dell g7 17. Had all the specs I could ask for to game, but dell had the genius idea to build a pre installed software that blue screened the crap outta the laptop and showed down it’s gpu to a crawl when it got… too hot.


Yeah, laptop vendors are the whole separate legitimate reason to hate Windows laptops - I don't want the first thing I do on my new device to be reinstalling the OS to get rid of bloatware and sometimes even malware.


>laptop vendors are the whole separate legitimate reason to hate Windows laptops 100% same with Android phones. I personally don't think Android is necessarily bad in itself, but smartphone makers are very skilled at making it an absolute dogshit of an experience. In various software and hardware ways.


You get what you pay for. A Google Pixel doesn't come with crapware and neither does a Surface Laptop - but at that point you're paying Apple prices without the eco-system.


Samsung is like that too sadly but on the hardware front. I shouldn’t have to spend $1000 on a phone and have it crap out cause it can’t run 5G when it’s a 5G phone. Brought it back and the next phone did the same. Just got a iPhone instead.


So what was the issue with these 2 phones? Did they use different 5g band or?


Both the same 5G band from it for T-Mobile. They told me it was a known issue from Samsung where the hardware on the band fails if the device gets too hot or too old, but it just seemed like an excuse because the phone was only 8 days old. And the second one gave me issues immediately after I put the sim in. Even was given a different sim and same issues. Samsung’s look nice, but it always seemed to give me problems at times.


Yeah pretty much this. I didn’t buy my Mac for gaming. I do have a strong eGPU mostly for graphic work, but I play the odd game and this is a good sub for info. I play my games mostly on PlayStation. I’ve owned gaming PCs too in the past, but gaming is a low priority right now (like a couple of hours a week). Windows PCs got where they are because MS invested heavily into gaming as a primary use case. But now, Apple is heavy into gaming on mobile rather than Mac. I think this has the potential to change over the next few years, but in any case they will need to get over the Nvidia situation.


Yep. For me my computer is mainly for music recording and mixing. I’m not likely to buy a second pc just for gaming (though I am considering a steam deck down the line) and I have multiple consoles anyway. But my 2014 MacBook has been a great gaming device. Helped me get back into gaming after losing interest for a decade or so. No I can’t play the newest most graphics/cpu-heavy games, but there’s a lifetime worth of gaming outside of that description. I was able to replay childhood favorites like Dark Forces and Warcraft 2/3, check out indie titles for the first time, and catch up on classic games I’d missed like Civ, the Portals and Half Life’s. Hell, FTL and Into The Breach alone could keep me occupied for years


Gaming was a huge part of my life for many years. As much as I like the idea of sitting down and playing for a while, in the end I’ll almost always end up practicing the guitar, working on my photography or just reading a book instead. It’s good to know that there’s still some hope of rekindling some of that lost interest in gaming eventually, even if it may be years down the line.


Yeah when I started playing music I pretty quickly lost interest in games. But after 10 years or so it came back and now I love it more than ever! Music is the priority though as I ultimately feel more fulfilled by creating rather than consuming. But of course the two inform each other. Frankly just wish I had adequate time for either as I’m working two jobs and in school right now


This. I wanted a Windows computer because of all the big box games in Best Buy that was PC only but never got one. I prefer console gaming. I think anyone serious about really gaming on a computer will get a Windows computer. If you are gaming on a Mac it’s probably some main popular titles, Steam games and The Sims. Lol. Nothing wrong with that tho. I loved Myst and Riven. (I’m dating myself)


I can’t stand windows ui, aliasing, and all the blockchain mining viruses it ends up with every few months. I wouldn’t mind a console again.


>aliasing Dude, for real, how does nobody ever talk about this? The way Windows renders text and UI elements is atrocious, even after all these years. Apple has basically normalised Retina displays on its devices a decade ago, but Microsoft seems to be almost stubborn with their "ClearType" schtick. >I wouldn’t mind a console again Consoles are actually really similar to Mac in a way. They both share that "it just works, simply plug it in" philosophy.


They also share the lack of backwards compatibility, lack of customization, and the upcharge for every little thing. And I am saying that as some who likes both Mac and Windows.


Some might say innovation, streamlining and modularity ;) *(Jokes aside, you’re right of course)*


First off, can't stand Windows. It's been off my main rig for close to two decades. I was on Linux & OpenBSD before Mac. Dual booting is out of the question, I will not shut down my computer to do a different task. Second box would be cumbersome to switch between, even if I were using a good KVM and/or a Thunderbolt hub. It's also more than twice the cost to have two good machines, I'd rather max out a Mac Mini or invest in a Mac Pro. But most importantly: all of games I care about - they run fine. StarCraft (1&2), Factorio, Worms, Minecraft, Quake; for casual stuff I have some stuff on the Arcade. I like games with true depth and replay value, games in which I can invest time to master, with an evolving competitive element / metagame, technical aspects, and an established community; also games that reward skill, not grinding. I don't need another interactive movie or Fifa 2084.


because I can’t stand Windows - it feels so awful to me


I got my mac for school, and now I game on it along with school. And my parents won't let me get a console, and I wanted to build a gaming PC but the market is all over the place.


There is only one correct reason why people use macs for gaming: it’s what they have. Nobody in their right mind buys a Mac with gaming in mind, but down the road some would like to have a little bit of leisure on the side and nowadays macs have the power for that. If we had the money, all of us would either buy a dedicated pc or even console to game but macs are what we’re stuck with for now.


Disagree. I pretty much only use my Mac for playing Minecraft. I bought it for that sole purpose. Could I have bought a PC that runs it better? Yes. Would it have been a better value when looking at price to performance? You bet. Do I ever want to use Windows? No. Not even one time. Thankfully, I only play the one game and it runs great on my MBP. I will gladly sacrifice a little money and performance to not have to use Windows. I know this is not common and probably doesn’t even make sense, but I am not trying to convince anyone that it is logical, it’s just simply what I do and have done for about 10 years now.


I mean, there needs to be *some* other app you occasionally open, right? The file manager or a web browser at least. That alone would justify your purchase in my eyes, because macOS makes even the *most basic* tasks a pleasure.


Lmao. Well, I use screenflow to edit videos I make about Minecraft and keynote to make the thumbnails for those videos. But yea I mean I bought it for Minecraft.


Lol. At least you're honest. I just have to say, you gotta double down and play it on a fridge at this point.


Why do you get downvotes for explaining what you bought YOUR Mac for? 😅😅😅 In fact, it's amazing/interesting to find the very very minsicule minority who uses Mac only to game. Are the people here so easy to offend? 😅😅🤢🤢🤢


>Do I ever want to use Windows? No. Not even one time. amen. funny how my pc can run linux with absolutely 0 issues for months, but as soon as i install windows to play valorant or something else that doesn't work on linux, i start getting microstuttering and hard freezes out of nowhere. windows is just fucking dogshit by default.


Metro Exodus runs perfectly well on my M1 Pro. I don't see a problem with gaming on a Mac, especially now that there will be big changes coming with Steam. I think they're unifying their game library to be compatible with ARM based processors as well, but I couldn't find the recent article about this topic.


Because I have one.


It’s the computer I have. I could buy a console but I like M&K as an input method. I could buy a gaming PC but don’t want another piece of hardware on my desk.


I prefer Macs greatly for everything apart from gaming, so my primary computer is a Mac. Would love to have a separate gaming PC but currently I'm poor and PCs are damn expensive, so that's not happening for a bit. I do have a PS4 which is mostly what I game on, I just like to play RPGs etc on my Mac.


because I only have a Mac…


If I were to get 1 computer, it would be a mac. Gaming is only a bonus for me. Love that I can play frostpunk on my M1 MBP. Used to have a windows gaming laptop. But the endless update & troubleshoot make me feel like I'm fighting my laptop. Decided to simplify things and got a Mac.


Simple thing - I’m broke, I got this Mac as a hand me down and I’ve been using for the last few years. I use it for collage work as well and I just don’t have the 500£ to spend on a band spanking new console but I still want to have fun in the little spare time I have


I’d rather have my one machine do everything tbh, I do all my personal computing, studying, work stuff on my iMac and having a gaming decorated PC would just be too cumbersome and for some reason I never got into the console-style of gaming. I probably won’t ever have PC as my personal computer so it’s good to have an iMac to fill all those needs, it’s a pretty decent machine and with Bootcamp it negates the need for a Windows machine entirely. Edit: and when the time comes to upgrade in a few years hopefully the technology and gaming comunity around Apple Silicon has matured to the point that the lack of Bootcamp would not be that big of a deal.


Because I have neither the space nor I am in the mood of managing multiple computers. I looked at consoles, but they don’t have any games that interest me.


Got this Mac in 2015 when I started college, graduated now and I refuse to throw something out/replace it unless it's broken and can no longer be repaired or used. Plus, I found out we have this thing called BootCamp Assistant which makes it so you can also run Windows OS on your computer, so when I want to play games that can only be played on Windows, I can and don't have to think about much. Also, I just do not have the space or money for a whole ass PC/Console in my room -- that and Windows is kind of a pain in the ass to get used to.


You gotta row with the oars you have


My Mac is the only computer I have at home. It has an amazing one cable setup with a thunderbolt 3 dock integrated into my desk and 3 screens for productivity. I game very little so I bought a few consoles (Switch, Series X & Oculus Quest 2) but some games are just better with a mouse and a keyboard. With Stadia I have almost all of my desktop gaming needs met with the exception of strategy game which work incredibly well on Mac, natively or with Parallels For me the cost and troubles of a dedicated gaming computer (I would probably set it up as a gaming server with 5gbps Ethernet) is just not worth the hassle and investment yet. I will probably consider it after spending some more time with VR, and if I want to finally use Oculus AirLink (I have very fast networking at home) but I already made the mistake once to buy a console for one game (PS4 literally just for Bloodborne back in the day) and I will not make it again


My parents just prefer Mac over windows, and they’ve actually never wanted me to get a windows, so yeah, basically its all I have


Because I prefer a Mac to a PC for work. I’m primarily into games like Civilization, so I don’t need/want to spend additional money on a dedicated gaming computer.


Honestly, why would someone choose “gaming hardware” as the status quo to challenge? Like, who cares what someone else does for entertainment?


I would think because most of us own Macs.


i bought a M1 MBA for film/editing purposes. All I really do game wise is emulator hoping to get a strong PC cause i'm realizing my PS5 isn't as strong as I thought


Because I only have a mac and couldn’t afford another PC / console.


Why not? Modern life mostly feels like a game of Choose Your Evil Empire. I just don't choose Microsoft, Google or Amazon. I have PlayStations and Macs. That's my choice. I've never used any Windows computer and thought "This is a good experience". We all, hopefully, use what we like. While macOS certainly has a far smaller number of games than Windows, a fraction of a gazillion is still a lot. And that's before you consider the likes of CrossOver and Parallels. I also like how little power I'm using on my Mac mini (I think it maxes at 30W). Whether you're thinking of the environment or your electricity bill, using 30W instead of 600W (to pick a random PC gaming rig's power consumption) is appealing. So, yeah… Why not?


“Modern life mostly feels like a game of Choose Your Evil Empire” I like this. I may have to “borrow” it.


PCs suck. Gaming consoles are mostly shoot up games. I have a PS4 and rarely use it.


Consoles cost money. PCs even more so. That and I’m waiting on how cloud gaming shakes out.


I use a mac, an expensive one. I don’t want another device. So I do casual play in mac


I have a gaming PC but if my partner is using it, why shouldn’t I be interested in using my Mac to play a game too?


Its all i have lmao


I own a console for gaming. But my console doesn't run everything, and I have neither the space nor the money to buy a dedicated gaming pc on top of the Mac and console and smartphone and other electronics I own. And I am already fortunate to own so many things to begin with. I kind of find it baffling that you're throwing the option out so casually. As if buying a gaming pc, owning multiple dedicated devices for different tasks and finding the space for all of them is something that is realistic, affordable and easy for a majority of people. Even if you don't mean it that way, and I really don't want to accuse you of anything here, it comes across as kind of classist and thoughtless to be honest, as if you really need to get out of the Gamer bubble more often. Even if it's not something you do, there's unfortunately a lot of gate keeping and elitism in gaming spaces and I often wonder if that colors how people ask questions like this. The reality is this: the vast majority of people have one or maybe two devices and have to make do with that. They game on their Mac because it's what they have. They game on their phone or iPad because it's what they have. Purchasing another device, whether a console or pc, is a big investment for most people, a lot of money to spend uptfront or save up for, and another thing to fit into a potentially small living space. The less money and space you have, the more you need to buy items that can pull double duty. Being able to not worry about these concerns is a privilege that more people should be aware of. Poor people want to game too and they deserve to enjoy it without being made to feel as if they're doing it wrong or using the wrong device for it, even if making them feel that way is not the intent. I'm sure you were genuinely just curious and I hope my reply doesn't come across as unkind or harsh. I apologize if it does. But I think it would be good if people could stop acting as if everyone who doesn't buy dedicated consoles or gaming PCs is "weird" or "challenging the status quo." We should all celebrate gaming in all forms and on all platforms, and support each other to get the most out of our gaming experiences no matter what we use to play.


That’s definitely not what I meant. I could care less on what you game off of. My initial assumption with this subreddit is that people here are buying macs with gaming as their primary reason however I’ve quickly learned from others that’s not the case hence why I asked why not get a PC. I’d just like to note that I’m a Mac user and I occasionally play games like Starcraft but nothing gpu intensive. Nonetheless no offense taken from your comment


Thanks for the reassurance and the kind reply. I'm a little frustrated because I've very recently seen someone on a different sub "jokingly" put down Mac gamers and telling them to get a pc to "end the misery" and it just left a really bitter taste in my mouth... that definitely influenced what I wrote here. Sorry again if it was a little rude.


Because i work on a mac and gaming is 1% of my computer time.


I may not count because I Steam Link from my MacBook into my PC for games, but I just like my cute lightweight that doesn’t howl with its fans when things get intense.


I hate Windows, hate having a giant PC at my desk, hate all the cables, hate that it wouldn’t survive a fire, hate the immobility, hate the constantly running fans, hate the heat it generates, hate having to dust it, hate having a thousand boxes for all the components, hate having to upgrade the parts, I hate Windows. If I could have a single monitor as my PC, why wouldn’t I play games on it? You say that they’re not designed for gaming, but they do that just fine. The problem is that most developers don’t design games for Macs. There are enough games that I don’t need a console either.


You obviously have never used PowerPC-Macs xD


I have a big fat iMac Pro on my desk. It has the power to play a lot of games very well indeed. I can plug-in proper gaming control devices, have a set of hue lights on the back. By day it is my work machine but by night it is 5K display strapped to a decent graphics card and chip, it can boot in windows if needs be. Buying some other games machine would seem pointless when I have this beast on my desk already.


cause my mac is a hand me down from my mom for school, i wouldnt bother with this thing if i didnt have to


I only play games that I judge based on my own judgement to be playable on a Mac, I do have a PS5 however most games I play on My Mac are either PC and Mac Only or Better to play with Keyboard and Mouse rather than controllers.


An M1 Mac mini is quite affordable and not only takes up no space but plays games with reasonable performance, I likewise do not like windows and only put up with it as an OS out of convenience but for the last 10 years have been a happy Mac user. Personally I like to run emulation which is getting more support each day and tabletop simulator for getting down and geeky with friends over gloomhaven. Xbox Series X (I know someone has one) for all else


I have all 3 consoles. Some games are more of a lean forward computer style. I use the Mac for work and don’t think I need another gaming platform. But I’d rather play some games on a computer if I have the choice. If not I’ll play it on Xbox or miss out.


I'm going to be honest: in my case my pc is connected to the TV and my gf stole it to watch downtown abbey. So now I play on my mac


Just chiming in. Because Mac is my preferred platform for everything else I need and use a computer for. I also have a gaming Windows PC, a PS5 and a Switch Lite which all get used when they are needed, but if a game also runs on my MacBook and does it well enough, I see it as a convenient bonus to be able to play on my primary machine. I also use GeForce Now quite a bit on my Mac to save me the trouble of sitting down in front of the PC.


Simply don’t have enough time for playing in my computer or ps4, so i can only play this way


> Why not get a PC or console instead? I have a PS4 and a Switch (that stopped working) but some games simply work better on a PC. Especially strategy games. And I don't want to buy a separate PC just to run the few games I want to run that are not suitable for a console.


Because I’m an adult and while I enjoy the occasional game. I don’t play very much so buying my computer based on its gaming capacity would be stupid.


Because it’s not just my gaming laptop - it was the best for my school work and general use, gaming is just an added bonus on the side


Great question! I think I just want to have less complexity in my life. As you said, Macs are awesome. Ideally, I would very much like to only invest money into the Mac (or Apple) ecosystem. I had a gaming PC, but there was too much money tied up in hardware that I only ever used for gaming. Now it’s just consoles and an M1 Mac for me. I can’t know for sure, but I would imagine that many are in my situation.


I bought a Mac because working in windows is utterly depressing and annoying. Gaming is just something I do on the side. Installed a windows pc recently and it was horrible. Linux on the other hand.


Tbh I bought my MacBook to not to play games, especially online games which made me kinda aggressive and wanted to a break. So I bought m1 MacBook Air, I am not totally away from games though now I can also plays some games like Europa Universalis 4 etc which is my favorite game and it is enough for me.


Its about user experience and money. I mostly use my Air m1 in portable format, in the lap. In this situation, no pc in the world has the same user experience. This is because of the superior touchpad in combination with the flawless ux-hardware combination. There are a lot of other ux advantages, some better on other computers, but you won't find them all in any other machine. Then there is the money. I don't want to spend money on a gambling machine, don't play that much. But I have no problem buying a premium laptop to use 80% for other more productive stuff, and then play a game or two, if possible when I feel like it. On the M1 its possible to play laptop mode on the keyboard/pad, something few touchpad can handle a part from this one. Have tried on the new XPS, I had a nervous breakdown since the touchpad are remarkably bad.


Portability plus the long battery life, imagine playing a AAA title for 4-6 hours wherever you want.


Console controllers trash my hands to the point that I cannot use them. For me a game pad is carpal tunnel syndrome swathed in plastic. Even if the controllers didn’t suck, I’d still not buy a console. I love that with some Windows/MacOS games, I can go online and grab hundreds of fan made mods/maps/models/etc for some of my games for free. Regarding PC gaming, my Windows gaming rig is terribly out of date and it makes for a really expensive toy to keep it remotely up to date especially with how crazy prices are now. …and I’ve got a 15” MacBook Pro that works for enough games to keep me satisfied for now.


Why don’t you get a Mac to do all the real work on, and just use your PC for gaming which is what it’s made for? The thing is, even though we can afford the Mac, most of us can’t afford two computers and we don’t have the room to set both of them up anyway. It’s not like we only use the Mac for gaming, we use it for all our computer needs – including but not limited to gaming. I do lots of photo and video editing, I’m a writer, I do layouts and graphic design, I’m starting on 3D rendering… and then once in a while, when I’ve got the time, I’m gaming as well. And why do you assume we don’t have consoles? I’ve got a Switch as well, but it doesn’t have most of the games I play.


Got a PC for gaming, bought an M1 Air coz its sexy, and planned to game off site :-) Still working on that one!


My grandparents got me a macbook for college and if I can play games on it without needing to buy a PC then why not. (though this is proving to be very challenging at the moment)


I just might try if my 2012 21.5 stock iMac can handle Hollow Knight. Add a xBox369 controller and thats enough for me.


I had a ps4 (have a one x now), and a 2012 macbook air, and I would play a lot of indie titles on the laptop. Perhaps there was a better deal on steam, maybe it was better to play with a mouse and keyboard. There are little one-man/woman devs out there who can't deal with the bureacracy of publishing on a console, but if they're using tools like unity, the mac is an open platform and it's just one other thing to complile. So there are lots of cool little things on [itch.io](https://itch.io) and places that run on a mac but not the other things that I own. Now I have a mac mini m1 (as a stopgap in case my laptop died this year, but it seems like it's going to make it, famous last words) I can see that the power is there and am a *little* more willing to do some tinkering to see how things run, and am more invested in the idea of running more intensive games in a way I wasn't before. Like, for instance, I downloaded World of Warcraft just because it had a native build. I could run it at higher than 1440p with most stuff on high and get a stable 30fps. So, until I get a ps5, which is not a priority for me at the moment, I'm pretty sure the 2021 macbook pro will be the clearly the most powerful gaming machine I own. So of course I want devs to support the platform.


I have a gaming PC. I just prefer my M1 Mini. Right now I’m playing TBC Classic which is compiled for ARM64 and it runs extremely well. For everything but gaming, MacOS is superior in my opinion. I don’t use my M1 for productivity, it runs games and lots of them.


I have a Mac. I don’t want to buy an additional PC. I have a console, but desktop an console gaming are different experiences


I actually have a strong gaming PC (RTX 2080S etc.) but I like the OS from macOS more, also I like the integration with Airdrop etc. with my iPhone and everything. That‘s why I prefer macOS for my working tasks and I wish that there was more and better support for games that they at least run almost the same like in windows.


for when im on the go (plane, train, etc)


My biggest reason is portability and battery life specifically in the case of the MBA M1. I do have a gaming laptop but for playing things like LOTRO I can have my fanless MBA on my lap in bed, I do t disturb my partner and it’s comfortable unlike my windows laptop which weighs a ton and sounds like a rocket blasting off haha


Its all i have sadly


I have consoles and use them for the kinds of games that work well with a controller. But strategy games almost never do, and I can play quite a few of them on my Mac with GFN (used to be able to play more of them natively, but my 2013 MBP struggles a bit now, so GFN it is). My next computer will probably be a Windows PC even though I dislike the OS, but the Mac was the right computer for me when I bought it in 2013. Had no intention of playing games on it except for a bit of dabbling in the likes of Football Manager and Age of Mythology (both of which ran great on it at the time).


sadly this hand-me-down macbook pro is all i got, university is kinda pricy so i cant even afford to buy games, much less a pc or console :'(


Well, because I have a Mac. Why not buy a gaming PC too? Because it’s expensive to buy an entire PC just to play games when I already use a Mac for everything else.


What is the purpose of this post... If Apple opens the gateway for gaming - that means more revenue for Apple. Apple users can now play as well. It's a win-win. Apple gets revenue while providing us games, and we are more than glad to pay $$$ to be able to play on macOS. Why do you want me to buy a $1000 PC if Apple could just be a part of the $$$Million Dollar gaming industry??? I don't understand what this post is for...


Portable for work and school and didn’t want to buy another computer


For a long time, Mac was all I had. Eventually, I got a PS and a PC but Mac is still the only portable device I have


Because I am not allowed to have my own pc so I use the family computer which is a Mac Mini


Because PC gaming is a meme, and I do the majority of my playing on console. That said, there's only one place to play DoTA 2 :)


broke teenager using his dads old computer lol


I don’t. I have my Xbox for that.


*Honestly,* I game on Mac because i like the challenge. I'm on a Hackintosh though so I can always go to Windows if something doesnt work. I just prefer the Mac OS eco system for work and it's my daily driver. I wish Metal was supported by more games.


I use a PowerBook G4 for my retro gaming, because navigating the second-hand market for laptops of that era is a tier or ten worse than navigating a minefield blind and with an angry ferret strapped in your nuts. Like I *know* there's a 99% chance a 2005 PowerBook G4 will have an ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 with 64MB of VRAM... which is kind of shit, but it's better than the alternative. Said alternative is having to rely on kinda-sorta-maybe accurate reviews from back then or on the seller, who just wants to get rid of the piece of shit he found in the deepest darkest crevices of his attic and will lie to make a sale, who will get unreasonably offended if you ask for the detailed model (2005 DELL LATITUDE 15-inch tells me fuck all).


I have consoles. It doesn’t change the fact I bought, own and play games on my Mac. They run so why not?


It’s because the integration with Apple products while gaming is cool and simple stuff like native fullscreen mode make the gaming experience something Windows or Linux can never really encounter. And as I do edit in Final Cut, if I get some good gaming clips I can edit them straight away without switching the computer


I use crossover


Got a Mac for work. Can’t afford a PC or console just for gaming. Although I may eventually save up for one. I do have an Xbox 360 my brother in law gave me so that’s kinda cool. Also: I am a /r/patientgamers. I prefer older games and don’t really play new stuff so I’ve been able to find enough classics on Mac to keep me busy. Like Deus ex games, bioshock, doom 3, KOTOR, prey from 2009., just got the metro games while on steam sale. Also: nvidia GeForce now has helped me play all the games my 2013 pro can’t handle. Living the dream as far as I’m concerned.


Personally, my main game platform is my iPhone, so getting a Mac is perfect cause i can get the most out of my ecosystem, like some games (Apple Arcade) have iCloud saves. Other than that, is just because i don’t want to buy another system just for gaming, i prefer have computers that do everything fine, like surfing the web, work and gaming too. Windows is not an option for me, i had it for almost 20 years and i hate it.


Got myself the M1 MacBook Air for work/study and if I'm out of home on the road it's all I have with me. So gotta figure out what to game on it. At home I have a gaming PC and Xbox so I don't game on the MacBook there.


The new M1 Macs have really interesting implications for gaming because they'll create a unified gaming platform across Apple's iOS, desktop/laptop, and tvOS ecosystems. This is no small thing as smartphone gaming accounts for around 50% of global gaming revenue. So suddenly Apple has a continuity platform that spans from desktops/laptops to mobile to the family TV. Very compelling value proposition to developers I'm sure, and could be disruptive.


Because I have a Mac connected to my monitors, keyboard, and mouse. I can click an icon in the dock and have a game launch. I can cmd-tab out of the game. I can have Discord on my 2nd monitor and chat in it with the same keyboard I'm using to play my game. Using a USB switchbox doesn't provide that functionality. Having a seperate monitor/keyboard/mouse on my desk isn't something I'm interested in.


I have Linux, PC, and Mac devices and I just want all of them to be able to game... I like making different platforms with different jobs do the same thing. The tinkering's what I'm aiming for.


im broke


Having a Mac + wanting to game - money to buy a pc or console = this subreddit


Because I like Macs


For school. My previous laptop was a crummy i3 based system that had the processing power of a casio watch. My choice was to either stick with it or get an infinitely better m1 mac. While not ideal for gaming, it's still faaaar better than my old setup.


I have a still working Razer blade 15 at home, awesome machine, got me through most of my master’s degree, but I don’t drive and everything I carry to work is what I can physically carry. I lift heavy things for fun but even I get sick of carrying a giant power brick and machine that can’t handle being away from an outlet for more than a few hours even when just using it for Word and YouTube. My M1 Macbook Air literally fits in the kind of bags I’d use to bring the notepad I use to practice my Russian handwriting on. I can also charge it with an adapter the size of a salt shaker. I can also use just about any decent USB C cord to charge it. An entry level M1 Mac also costs 800 bucks with high quality components if a small storage drive. A Thinkpad Nano or LG Gram would be at least 1k and the previous Gram had some build quality issues. I would have bought premium insurance for any large ticket device, so I would have paid that regardless. So now I have an ultra book that is great for productivity, is so light I sometimes freak out and think I left it somewhere, and can either last all day without a charger, or better yet, can be docked to the one of a thousand monitors with USB C docks at work to both charge and give me extra screen real estate if I do want to get a quick bit of gaming in on my break or while waiting for my shift to begin. I don’t need a AAA at full settings experience, I had it with my Razer and wasn’t that impressed in the long run.


If you already have one, why not make the most use of it?


For the time being, I do everything on my Mac because of how late it is in the lifecycle of a combination of things. 1) the 30 series GPUs are getting close to being superseded by next gen cards. 2) I want to build a PC I’m going to be able to upgrade over the years, and AM4 (the CPU socket for Current Ryzen Chips) is also at end of life almost. Both of these major components are expected to be released before or during Q3 next year. Those two factors have lead me to stick with my Mac that, while serviceable for my needs, is a bit slow for VR, until these new components are widely available.


I do have an Xbox and Switch! I just enjoy strategy games, am simply not going to splurge for a PC in addition to my personal laptop, I like MacOS, and was convinced that the M1 Air was the best laptop available for the price. Don't regret the choice at all, very few games out there that I want to play and can't. Although, I am v v mad that I have somehow ended up with the assortment of gaming devices that make it impossible to play Deathloop until 2022. Ugh.


too lazy to go to my pc


I’m surprised just like you are but I feel like a lot of mac users don’t purchase a mac for gaming but other stuff and they just happen to prefer macOS. As someone who comes from windows and recently got an m1 MacBook Air. I use my air for working on sofa watching videos listening to music etc. But when it comes to work where I need to sit down on a desk or play games I use my gaming pc. I really love how fluid the Mac operating system is but I feel that most macos users hate on windows too much. They both have their ups and downs. A combination of having both is the best case but not everyone has that choice. In terms of gaming windows is definitely a better option and if you are buying a mac pc for gaming, you’re wasting your money..


I just came across this subreddit, too, but the question in my mind is, why is PC gaming (as in, gaming on a box/laptop that's not Mac) so popular? I've been a Mac person for a long time, and for quite a while I was content to play games that were available for the Mac platform. (There are certainly good ones.) Then several years ago I learned about the Fallout franchise, and since FO4 was set in my hometown, I decided to give it a try. I installed a Windows boot partition on my 2013 iMac, and was able to install the games and they just worked (well, insofar as any Bethesda game can "just work"). When I got up to FO4, I started joking about buying a "gaming rig" so that I could run it with higher graphic settings and maybe do some modding, and I finally got one a couple of months ago. It's been one of the more miserable experiences of my life. FO4 was very stable in the Bootcamp partition on the iMac, seldom crashing, but pretty much as soon as I started playing on my new PC, I started getting CTD, and then system freeze/reboot type crashes. I've probably spent more time troubleshooting this box than gaming on it. I 'll spare you my tale of woe, but I now know more about PC hardware than I ever wanted to, and I've quickly learned to hate Windows with the fire of a thousand suns. I'm an idiot. If I was going to upgrade my hardware, I should have bought an M1 Mini.


Well I really like the mac, I play using GeForce Now, native League of Legends, native Path of Exile. and I own a xbox as well. Gaming is a very small part of what I play in the MAC, but I want to have this option.


Because M1 power!


I want to have one machine. That would be a Mac. I use to get things done. Secondarily, I might play a game. I will play whatever is available on a Mac. Fortunately, l love StarCraft 2. If SC2 wasn’t available on the Mac, I would definitely play way less video games.


Because if I want to get actual work done, my productivity is the highest when I am on a MacBook with Mac OS. Windows just doesn’t compare with the hand gestures, the Unix based terminal, the less bugs and forced random updates, etc etc. And I don’t want to shell out 1k for a gaming desktop, and they are heavily overpriced rn.


I strongly prefer to use a mac for every day life, and I can’t afford *two* expensive computers. I mostly game on console, not mac. The only games I do play on mac are The Sims 4 and various co-op games such as Divinity Original Sin II, Don’t Starve Together, and Sentinels of the Multiverse. I joined this subreddit to keep an eye on my options.


I use a Mac for work. I literally had to fight our IT guys to let me use it, and they weirdly made me take a windows laptop, which I put in a drawer my first day and never turned on. I hate Windows, and even better, since I’ve kept a steady transfer of my preferences and settings, my Mac has been getting better at figuring out what I want for years now, across three machines. I love games but don’t have a ton of time. I certainly can’t justify buying a second gaming machine, and I wouldn’t want to use it for anything else.


I have a Mac at home - so gaming on a Mac.


I have a gaming PC. I spent about 4 hours trying to fix a "Could not create directory //?/f:/user/Documents/" error when trying to play Divinity Original Sin 2. I couldn't fix it. I booted the game on my MacBook and it worked fine. So that's why I'm gaming on there for that game. Usually I'd use Windows (I have better hardware for it) but computers are so advanced now (I started with an Apple //e) that there's no real difference for the games I like. I'm most looking forward to the Steam Deck so I can do more gaming while not tied to my large desktop PC, and one nice thing about playing this RPG on the Mac is that I'll be able to take it with me on an upcoming road trip.


Because now the Apple Arcade makes sense. 1. I'm at the age when I don't have enough time to play demanding AAA games, so casual Apple Arcade games are perfect for me, and they can be played on any Apple devices. 2. Rather than buying \~$70 per game (that you can easily get bored), $5/month is way cheaper when you can play any games you want to play according to your current mood. 3. With a good bluetooth gaming controller, it's perfect to play adventure/RPG games when you have time.


My dad brought me the MacBook Pro for school because of Covid, honestly you can probably get a better window computer for the same price than buying a Mac.


I don't have a Mac just for gaming its for that Mac feeling the 4k wall paper and that pretty black cursor. and the m1 is advertised as being able to game. which is a huge step up


I bought a Mac for university since it really was the best laptop out there for the money for university work and the speakers but damn is it incompatible with the big anti-cheat-heavy games out there. Buying a whole new PC is too much, I'm just waiting for the Steam Deck to go on sale if it ever does since $400 is a little bit more palatable, since ig all of the stock might've already been pre-ordered in advance. Just give us native Windows on ARM already Microsoft.


Because I can play premium AAA games on my 2013 MacBook Air on 5Ghz wifi with incredible RTX fidelity (thank you Geforce Now!) on a beautiful 1080p external monitor, many razor peripherals, and amazing sound with an Audioquest DAC, quality amp, and Fluance bookshelves speakers... all while being the stable computer I need for work and home needs:) and... ... all for a fraction of what an RTX Windows rig would cost!


I use my MacBook pro for djing and music production, photo editing and gaming. GeForce now works with most the games I wanna play but can’t cuz mac. Still cheaper than an rtx card.


This post has such a condescending tone.


That wasn’t what I was trying to come off as and apologies if I did. I myself am a Mac user and I’m genuinely curious about this community. If anything I would love it macs were more gaming friendly


Tbh, MBA M1 + PS5 made the most sense for my budget, so I need to play CS GO and other computer only games on my Mac. Currently all games as the PS5s are not existent


For me, I've always grown up on Mac since I was little. During high school I did get exposed to Windows but even then I still preferred Mac, and my most recent is a 2020 macbook pro, which is mostly for school, work, browsing, and music production. It really wasn't until a few months ago that I decided to delve into the gamer lifestyle, so I'm really just trying to make the best with what I have. I'm probably not going to buy or build a PC because of the current component shortage and because my Mac is too recent of a purchase in my eyes.


> Why not get a PC or console instead? What a stupid question. I don't say this lightly. I have a Mac. I want to play games. I will therefore play games on my Mac. Like, what more are you looking for here? I mean, yes, I also have a console, but the games I want to play are not necessarily on the console. I'll play console games on that, computer games on the Mac. Duh. I don't understand how this is difficult to understand. Should I buy a $1500 Windows machine just to play games? How about no. Where would I even put it? My desk already has a Mac on it. I can't possibly justify buying a new computer just to play games. All that said, I mostly play games on my Switch and my work PC these days, just because it's already here and it's easier to deal with.