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i just want to appreciate that they made the penguin waddle around like a penguin when they tied his legs and arms


Riddler: "Bruuuuuuuce Waaaaaaayne". Batman internally: "oh fuck oh shit he knows who I am he's going to tell everyone fuck me there's a camera recording it's going to be everywhere this is the end for batman". Riddler:"He's the one guy we didn't get". Batman internally: "thank fuck I didn't say anything"


That reveal was dope, Pattinson conveyed the realization well with just his eyes + slight head raise. Loved it


I remember literally thinking this. That was really effective writing.


That was really effective *acting*. Robert Pattinson absolutely nailed subtext throughout the movie and Reeves clearly had a hard-on for it. My only real complaint about the movie is that Reeves was so obsessed with Pattinson’s eye acting that he let the camera linger a few too many times on it.


Officer Martinez: This Bat guy is a freak Also officer Martinez: Wow it’s Bruce Wayne how awesome!!


I understand him. You won't think a billionaire orphan with all the time in his hands would beat criminals at night lol


I can’t believe this is the movie where Paul Dano doesn’t get the shit beat out of him.


Lol. Guess we have no doubts about his fate in the sequel then.


One of my favorite scenes in the whole movie is Batman dead sprinting through the GCPD as every cop in the building chased after him. The man got an immediate 5 star wanted level lol. Also love the shot of him ziplining up in the center of the staircase reminded me of Batman Begins.


Let's not forget the police deciding to open fire in a fully occupied building after him!


Most realistic part of the movie


Right up there with excessive use of force in apprehending a guy obeying all their instructions who they only think is the riddler because a random witness said they saw him climb down some stairs.


I loved that he was taken back by the height too. Every other Batman would have just jumped like it was nothing. It’s little things like that that made this Batman much more human, and I LOVED it.


His reaction also gave me the feeling that he hadn't actually done it before.


The landing emphasised that a bit more too


I love the idea of a villain not only being obsessed with Batman but genuinely thinking that they were on the same side the whole time. Batman was riddlers tool and he didn’t even know it. And riddler didn’t even think he was manipulating him. Amazing


A litmus test for a good mystery is that after it has been revealed you can then go back and see the build up in new perspective. In this case Riddler's cards to Batman take on a different meaning if thought of from the perspective of Riddler's parasocial relationship with him.


The carpet tool being a clue was an amazing moment for me in this movie. I remember thinking it was a dumb weapon initially, but not much more than that. Then it kept coming back and getting just the right amount of focus for you to notice it, but not be distracted by it. Then both Batman, and myself, missed the meaning of what in hindsight was an obvious checkov's gun. Brilliant.


It also highlights the class divide between Batman and the Riddler. Bruce knew the item was the murder weapon, but didn't recognize it as a carpet tool until the cop pointed it out for him. The Riddler and the Batman both managed to miss information about each other because of their class divide. The Riddler couldn't imagine Batman being a rich trust fund kid like Bruce Wayne, even though all of the clues were staring him right in the face. Meanwhile, Batman didn't realize that he had all the information he needed to stop Riddler's final bomb plot before it started all along.


It made it so that he went from methodical serial killer to some kind of wannabe Batman fanboy.


Which makes complete sense for their world and the character. He sees a world that is corrupt that only responds to violence. And in this world there just happens to be another masked vigilante who destroys the wicked that people actually take seriously. Of course he sees the Batman as a kindred spirit


The 3 people that gave the dislike to the Riddlers live stream must have felt really badass.


Probably 3 fringe types that felt he wasn't going far enough


Imagine being so deranged that the algorithm is showing you extremist terrorists, but still thinking the riddler is lame lmao


Jim Gordon entering literally any room: ‘’*Jesus*’’


And whenever talking to Batman: "My man" "Chief"


I couldn’t help but chuckle every time he referred to Batman as “my man”. He says it so casually to this dark and brooding mysterious figure.


Did anybody catch that Bruce had a big Shakespeare bust in his home? Nice reference to Batman '66.


Plus this film had an Aunt Harriet!


And he walked upright on the side of a building.


A little detail I liked in the beginning >!The scene has you thinking you're watching the Wayne family again before revealing that it's not. But the fakeout is driven home by the kid playing 'ninja' - like adult Bruce Wayne currently is.!<


I notice on here a lot of people seem to saying this, and maybe it was just me, but when I saw the shot was through a scope, I figured it was the Batman or Riddler watching someone. That would make it impossible to be his parents.


A Batman movie opening with a shot of a wealthy family and the camera lingering on the young soon to be orphaned boy (who Bruce then later sees as representing himself) is absolutely meant to represent the Wayne’s. If you guessed that it’s not *literally* the Wayne’s before it was explicitly stated, cool. E; I just recalled Batman 89 does the same trick, it opens with a (not Wayne) family being mugged in an alley. “ Do the kid a favor, lady. Don't scream.”


The first half of the movie had me on the edge of my seat and was waaaay better than the second half.


I agree. Second half lost the pace a little and I think it affected third act too. However, overall I really loved the movie. Got way more than I expected.


I'm sorry but that entire exchange where Gordon is asking Batman to punch him was like a Key & Peele sketch


I think the whole thing was meant to be a bit comedic the way they were whispering.


I love that this movie had great comedic/comic-y moments despite it being really dark/broody. It just shows that they treated it super seriously but didn’t forget that this series is about a dude who dresses as a bat and fights people.


The Penguin speaking correct Spanish was probably the funniest part of the movie


That fight in the dark only being lit up by gunfire was absolutely incredible.


The cinematography was SO good and helped in setting this apart from other Batman films.


Greig Fraser, the same guy who did the cinematography for Dune


This is one of those movies where if you don't know who's playing the character, you're absolutely going to have a "Wait, Collin Farrell was Penguin?!" moment.


My dad's a Colin Farrell fan and I took much pleasure in telling him after the movie that he was the Penguin


I told my friend not to google the cast and to wait until he sees the credits at the end of the film.


I enjoyed the whole film, but the first 15 minutes really stand out. The criminals checking the shadows, the “Sin City” vibes from Gotham, the horror villain Riddler. I loved it.


The Riddler killing the Mayor was the moment I knew this was going to be good. His movements, the sounds he was making, how clumsy and clearly excited he was...and then him pulling out the duct tape. Terrifying.


His first appearance in the background where all you can see is two bright spots reflecting off his glasses. Chilling and cool as hell.


Did Selina just pick her favorite cat and leave the rest? EDIT: I don’t know why everyone keeps saying “they are stays” Her whole point in saying that was that she likes to take strays in. Meaning keep them. Lol


Do you think that fridge is still open too?


I imagined the cat carrier was filled with cats like a clown car and she took all of them.


I took it that a lot of cats just come in to her apartment to live but that cat was the only one that was actually hers


Those twins have to be Tweedledum and Tweedledee, right?


I liked the running gag of “do you know who I am?”


Almost reminded me of the scene in Scott Pilgrim vs The World where he has to come back into the club. "Whats the password?" "Ugh..." "Alright, come in"


My only (minor) gripe is why does Batman walk so slowly? lol. There's slow and menacing, but then there's too slow and awkward; especially when he's in the crime scenes with the crowded room of police. Gordon asks something and it takes forever for him to come over. It’s like he’s trying to hold a turd from falling down his pants. Great movie overall and I enjoyed it! I love how they really focused on the detective stuff instead of just pure action and Batman using his fists to solve stuff. I watched it in Dolby and holy cow the seats rumbled like crazy. My favorite part was Batman's entrance into the stadium. That was epic. My wife and I also simultaneously whispered "my back" when he got up after hitting the bridge while gliding with his wingsuit. lol Oh and special mention to Colin Farrell. Dude was excellent as Penguin.


I think the slow walking has to do with him recording everything with his contacts.


this. i also noticed how slowly he was moving through the crime scene, then as soon as they showed that he's actually recording everything, i thought it was a really nice touch.


He even makes a point of telling Selina to slow down and spend more time looking.


> My only (minor) gripe is why does Batman walk so slowly? lol. There's slow and menacing, but then there's too slow and awkward; especially when he's in the crime scenes with the crowded room of police. That's to give his contact lenses time to record everything. They explain it when Selina is in 44 Below and Bats tells her to go slower and spend more time looking at everyone's faces so he can identify them.


I loved the thumb drive joke


It was horrifying and corny much like the Riddler himself was. Such a fun character and movie.


Deadpan like Batman too


This movie was suprisingly funny lol, that thumbdrive joke was absolutely awesome


Colin as Penguin was funny. The la rata scene made me laugh so much. It was mostly a humourless movie which is understandable given the tone but Penguin and Riddler made it sort of funny at times.


I found Batman’s deadpan delivery of things quite funny but also Gordon was hilarious, “he’s wearing gloves” and “oh this guys hilarious” were amazing


The difference between Batman being in the shadow and being the leading light for the people at the flooding scene are really well done.


The movie starts with the man he saves begging for Batman to not hurt him The movie ends with a woman he saves grabbing on to him for support before she’s airlifted out of the arena. Amazing juxtaposition


Wow almost forgot about that. My respect for this movie just keeps growing. I’ll take 50 more Robert Pattinson Batman movies


50 more *Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson Batman movies


so if batman had just figured out what angle the photo of the mayor with the dancer came from they could have found riddler 3 days early and only one person would die


Remember, this is the same movie where Gordon and Batman spend 45 minutes trying to figure out what a rat with wings is. And can’t figure out correct Spanish. And have to have it solved for them by the Penguin.


Confirmed: The Riddler is a reddit mod


Don’t forget your CLING WRAP!


Those cringy comments. Incredibly well researched film lol.


Actually it's a cold weather mask made for the army. I hear you can get that mask and the jacket at Gotham Army Supply!


With cling wrap under it to not leave any DNA behind.


I love how he does the creepy zodiac thing for the police and the media, but then that last video for his followers was one of those dorky "Hey guys, thanks for the comments, like and subscribe" videos like every random youtuber.


that dichotomy was so fucking funny without it feeling telegraphed or forced


"Shoutout to all my Ridditors"


He was literally a Twitch streamer


Only thing that I didn’t like is that Thomas Wayne was scared of the dirt on Martha. Didn’t really feel like that big of a deal to me. But the coverup of the murder suicide feels very court of owls so I hope that’s where they head.


It was 90s, right? Huge stigma around mental illness back in those days.


Felt like a Kennedy reference


Best gag: start of the Riddler’s vlog thanking his followers for commenting


It's the "hey guys" that got me shook up lol.


How must softer his voice was than in the other videos he was sending to Batman and the police too.


“Be sure to smash that like button and follow me on Instagram”


"This terror attack is brought to you by Raid Shadow Legends"


"Use the Promo code 'DomesticTerrorism' to get your first month free."


I chuckled when I saw he only had 500 followers. Then I realized he had 500 **followers**. Shit got real pretty quick.


I love how on the Riddler's livestream there's people commenting with 😳 and ❤️ emojis, as dark as it can be, it's just hilarious.


Also completely realistic. I feel like this is one of the few movies that actually gets modern internet culture.


They way they used the comments to signify that they’re followers planning a real event was amazing


I'm curious if the comment about the mask was added after everyone said it was a BDSM mask. "It's a survival mask!"


But first, wanna keep the GCPD from uncovering our secret plot? Try Express VPN.


"Hey guys, Riddler here, back with another unboxing. If you enjoy this video, remember to smash that subscribe button to see more Riddler content"


That opening voiceover talking about fear is some of the most Batman shit I’ve ever seen in a Batman movie. I can’t wait to see it again


It felt very Rorschach when it began; I wasn't sure if I'd sat down for the right 3-hour DC movie


Batman canonically listens to Nirvana


The Riddler canonically knows his Ave Maria theme for the film, and I LOVED it!


In the credits it says "Performed by Paul Dano" lolol


And he's inspired by [Kurt Cobain](https://www.reddit.com/r/Nirvana/comments/t5n6zd/nirvanas_something_on_the_way_plays_twice_in_the/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share).


Reeves' choice of *Something in the Way* for The Batman fits for the character and the film thematically. I love how the song is so prevalent for the film's promotion and it works so well! It's very sweet to see one of my favorite Nirvana songs get some love and recognition.


Batman's introduction was amazing. I was kind of scared of him at first lol


I love that they introduced the batmobile in an equally menacing way as the Batman.


Man, a Batman themed crime thriller movie




you somehow captured his dialect perfectly through text




Pretty neat part only a few people caught onto was when >!Carmine Falcone!< gets shot and he looks up from the ground as he is dying and his face shows that he realizes >!Batman is Bruce Wayne, just like when he was last shot and operated on by Bruce's father and looked up to see Bruce as a boy on the stairway. !<


I've always liked thinking of Bruce Wayne and Batman as separate characters and as someone who likes seeing lots of Bruce Wayne normally I like how Bruce's absence affects this story. We see Alfred tell Bruce that he needs to be more involved with managing the Wayne legacy but Bruce doesn't care, then later on we see that Bruce's neglect of managing the Wayne affairs has resulted in his father's funds open to being acquired through crime and corruption, fueling Falcones and Penguins but also bringing about the Riddler. Gothan needs the man to be able to balance being both the Bat and Bruce.


There was less Alfred in this than I expected too.


It felt like they substituted Gordon for Alfred.. I really liked Gordon


Yeah that’s true, he was in a whole lot of the movie, had to be almost half of the scenes Batman was in? I just kind of realized how few scenes _didn’t_ have Batman in them. Were there any outside the Riddler attacks and Catwoman meeting Falcone?


It was batman in his suit driven. All of the "Bruce" scenes felt like a side character as well.


Compared to the Nolan films which are largely about what makes Bruce Wayne choose to be Batman whereas this film is all about Batman and his relationship with Gotham.


If this were to get a sequel(s), I would be genuinely surprised if they don't further develop the Bruce character. I think people knocking the movie for that are missing the point of how fucked up he is and how fucked the city is and how he chose to go about solving that issue and not really solving it at all. Also he's only been Batman for two years, in a sequel he could be a better Bruce but pretending like someone who grew up the way Bruce did wouldn't be a moody depressed person is insane.


I think he’ll start lightening up a little, show himself as Bruce a little more, and I hope he has a *little* more lighthearted banter with Alfred in upcoming movies. We’ve seen him at his darkest, but will start seeing him overcome that


I really liked this movie, but he one thing that’s bothering me though is the batmobile scene. Don’t get me wrong, the scene was really fun, it’s just that it ends in a huge car pileup and a massive explosion where people definitely died. And this is just never addressed! Not even the Penguin gets in trouble for this. I wouldn’t mind so much except the movie places so much emphasis and importance on what it means to take a life. This is especially true at the end when Batman is smashing that henchman’s face in, and the tension comes from whether or not he took this man’s life in his rage. But this coupled with the end to the chase scene just rings really hollow for me. Maybe I’m missing something though.


I just want to give a shout out to Colin Farrell. He was unrecognizable, hilarious, and embodied Penguin so well he even pulled off a literal penguin waddle. Edit: If you missed it after the credits, the brief blip after the question mark was a link to a website: https://www.rataalada.com/


Loved his penguin waddle as he was tied up!


Colin Farrell is always superb as a supporting actor. Hollywood kept trying to push him as a leading man over the years, but his best work tends to be in quirky or humorous character roles (In Bruges, Horrible Bosses, being the only good part of True Detective S2, etc.). Edit: perhaps supporting actor is the wrong term. I think he's better as a *character* actor, which often involves supporting roles, but he's been fantastic in quirky lead roles too eg Killing of a Sacred Deer. It's whenever he takes on generic mainstream stuff that he tends to struggle. Sometimes I forget the reboot of Total Recall even exists. His charisma shines when he's allowed to chew scenery and be quirky (true detective, Horrible Bosses, Batman) but falters whenever he's trying to be stoic and straight laced (SWAT, The Recruit, etc.). Edit 2: people keep pointing out he was a lead for In Bruges. Again, I really meant to say "character actor". I'm not saying he can't be a lead in a film but usually his best work as a lead are in decidedly non-mainstream films, if that makes sense. Every time he gets put in "nornal" headlining roles he fails to connect in the same way. I actually think Brad Pitt is similar. Despite being an A list star, if you think about it, most of his memorable and iconic roles are character roles and not "action hero / Movie Star" type roles. I think Tarantino recently described him as having the looks of a movie star but the spirit of a character actor. Or maybe that was Marc Maron who said it and Tarantino just agreed.


watching the scene with the DA and selina was so funny, that man had absolutely 0 game 😭


First choice for that role was Jeremy Strong, which makes a lot of sense considering how awkward he was.


he just like me


The last video of the Riddler with the "YouTuber tone" killed me. He could've added "don't forget to hit that like button" it would've been the same


Loved how he started it with a generic "Hey guys!"


"Shoutout to all my Ridditors"


Let's be honest, in the movie's universe there is 100% a subreddit dedicated to watching riddler videos that totally hasn't circlejerked into supporting him.


Reddit would have thought they solved it all and accused the wrong guy


Reddit would be convinced that Bruce Wayne was the riddler. And the one guy who suggests "what if Bruce Wayne was Batman?" gets downvoted into oblivion.


He may be the world’s greatest detective but he’s shit at cybersecurity. He just sat there and watched Gordon plug a deranged serial killer’s thumb drive into his work laptop!


Connected to the freakin internet as well


Gordon really needs to pay more attention those mandatory cybersecurity lessons the government makes you take. I know you can just goof off while letting the videos play, but this is why you need to pay attention!


Selina, please close your fridge door!


Yeah, no wonder her electricity bill is so damn high!


I can't figure out why she's behind with her bills if she's opening safes.


lots of leather and cat food can add up


I have a long list of things I loved, but I think the one that will stick with me the longest is the idea that Riddler did what he did, leaving messages to Batman at his crime scenes, because he believed Batman was just a psycho looking to hurt the people responsible for Gotham's misery. And, in a sense, that's exactly how Batman started out in the movie. His whole and only motivation was to be "vengeance." He just didn't know that the real problem in Gotham wasn't the petty criminals, but the conspiracy of crime and corruption bubbling under the surface. Riddler did what Batman did, albeit with murder. So, in the end, when the Riddler's thug says he (and his fellow murderers) is "vengeance" it resonates with Bruce, who realizes his masked persona needs to be more than that. He needs to be an inspiring symbol. That's the bookend of the story and it's an incredible one. It's also something I was completely unprepared for. Everything in the advertising and everything 80 years of history with the Riddler would lead fans to think that the secret messages were nothing more than Zodiac-esque messages designed to taunt and play games with the police. Instead, they were---in the mind of the very obviously demented Riddler---clues and aides to help the Batman do his part in their mission to save Gotham. What an incredible way to illustrate one of the timeless ideas about Batman, which is that he is not only the solution to Gotham's many criminals, but also frequently is the cause of them, too.


Bruce at the start very much has a rich sheltered child's idea of what crime is. It's not the result of wealth disparity or an unfortunate product of a system, it's individual criminals that need to be beat up. That's why Catwoman is important for his arc here too, she understands the systemic nature of crime because she grew up surrounded by it and she helps Batman to understand it too


totally. like when he implies that Annika deserved getting murdered because "actions have consequences"


That fight sequence in the dark where you just saw flashes lit by gunshot fire was incredible! Also there were several moments reminiscent of Arkham Batman, which is arguably my fave depiction of Gotham and The Bats.


The way he fights feels very inspired by the Arkham series. To the point where him getting hit feels like me not pressing a button in time.


I lost it at Penguin saying good cop, batshit cop comment.




Matt Reeves really committed to the whole "Year Two" Batman story. It genuinely felt like this movie was a sequel to another one we never got to watch, but it provided all the context for us to understand what was going on. Made Gotham and its institutions feel very real. Reeves also really loved mounting the camera for this movie. So many scenes where the actors are allowed to live in each scene, it definitely contributed to the foreboding almost voyeuristic tone of the film. And in certain action sequences (primarily the Batmobile chase scene), mounting the camera made them feel extra kinetic.


I loved how it just jumped into the story and didn’t waste time at all, in a 3 hour movie!


I agree especially on that first point. Jeffrey Wright and Pattinson’s chemistry seemed so natural


It took a solid sixty seconds for Batman to grab an envelope out of a cage




Or he was scared of what would be in the Envelope.


That's why the film is 3 hours long


I can watch Batman slowly walking to 4 piano notes all day


I loved that save for one time, Batman just *emerges* from the darkness every time, so dramatically. And that 4 note motif is so fucking beautiful and powerful. Just omnipresent in almost every scene and weaves so perfectly with Selena’s theme.


The whole scene with The Riddler talking about “Bruce Wayne” had me hooked. I hope Paul Dano returns for the sequel.


They did a great job of making it where you're never entirely sure if Riddler knows Bruce is Batman or not. There were several moments where I was getting really tense waiting for that shoe to drop.


I could totally see Riddler being a Hannibal type villain who Batman has to go see for help. But, then again, Riddler now has his gang of thugs. And those guys in the opening had very Joker-esque makeup on. And with the cities underworld seemingly set up to go to war for Gotham, maybe No Man's Land could be on the table.


I think Court of Owls has to be in the next one or the third It fits well into what I think Reeves is going for with Gotham


Unless they folded Tommy into Riddler we got a literal Hush name drop as well.


When the Batmobile was revealed way back when, I thought it looked alright but seeing it and HEARING it in action changed my mind. The sound design added so much personality to the car. As much as Bruce wants to change Gotham, he needed to experience change to actually make a difference in his city, going from a symbol of vengeance to a symbol of hope. Just compare the reactions between the man who was almost mugged at the subway station and the people he saved at the wreckage, the former is still terrified of Batman despite saving him but the people were willing to follow him to safety. Hope will be what saves Gotham, not Riddler's vengeance nor Batman's vengeance


Dude. When the Batmobile started revving its engine in the shadow behind the building... and Penguin just stared in awe of the monstrosity about to blast toward him. Oh man, that sound is never going to leave me. It was like the damn machine was roaring at Penguin like a lion.


I went to see this in IMAX and I was in the far back next to a speaker. I literally FELT the car chase scene. My seat kept vibrating from every gear shift. It was a fucking experience.


Shout out to the 8-year old kid in front of me who went "WOOOAAHHH" when Selina said "He's my Father" lol


Man I'm still not used to having traumatic parent flashbacks to be in the 2000s now. -_- My mind still assumed the footage of Thomas Wayne was stll in the 80s.


I had the biggest grin on my face with the first shot of the batmobile. The rumble was so intense in my theater. Like seriously, the sound design in that scene was incredible and the photography in that scene was absolutely gorgeous. I also loved the shots where you can't see Batman, but you hear his loud footsteps. Kudos to Matt Reeves and company.


Those opening minutes with the signal in the sky and every criminal terrified of the shadows might well be my favourite moments in a Batman movie. And overall this might well be my new favourite Batman movie. The detective angle was something I could eat up for 12 more movies, honestly. The performances were great, the score was amazing, the cinematography was gorgeous and the action crackled. Give me more of this and I'll be back in the theatre day one.


The opening to this movie was definitely my favorite live action Batman moment of all time. Just criminals running away from the shadows out of paranoia once they see the bat signal. That plus Battinson’s narration of how his whole thing is to instill fear is just so fucking good.


“We have a signal now. For when I’m needed. They think I’m hiding in the shadows. But I am the shadows. And when that light hits the sky, it’s not just a call. It’s a warning”. Pattinson’s narration was fucking gold and the perfect idea for Batman.


I honestly really liked how kind of theatrical that was. In my mind that's how Batman should be. A bit over the top in a very gothic sort of sense. It could have been cheesey, but the tone of the movie and Pattinson's delivery made it work really well.


I’d like to point out that Danny Elfman composed the score for Batman ‘89 and Spider-Man then Hans Zimmer composed for TDK trilogy and Amazing Spider-Man (edit: 2). Now Michael Giacchino composed for the MCU Spidey and The Batman. The score drove the hell out of this movie.


I see a lot of people in the comments wondering if the Riddler did or didn't know that Batman was Bruce Wayne; my interpretation is >!I don't think he did. He probably saw Batman as a possible ally, helping take down the scum which for the Riddler included the Waynes. That's why the envelope with the bomb that nearly kills Alfred was fireproof. He planned it out so Batman would get the letter after Bruce was killed.!<


I continue to be in awe of Robert Pattinson. I come from being a teenage twilight fan to a grown up who did not expect to still be rooting for him, dudes fantastic! Can’t forget to mention my boy Colin Farrell too, he was such a treat.




So the Riddler didn't know Bruce was Batman, correct? He said "we almost got him" in the interrogation scene.


He did not. Pretty solid misdirection there


the scene where he slowly said Bruce Wayne I definitely thought 'yep, this guy knows.' But then he thought that he and Batman were partners and then I thought 'this guy is knows nothing lol'.


Riddler basically was a Batman copycat. He thought that Batmans "Im vengeance" was a warcry AGAINST Gotham, not for it. And honestly, thats a fair assumption to make if you live in that universe.


the awkward moment when you said goodbye to a friend but continue walking the same direction.


Fun Little Easter Egg: The convenience store at the beginning was called “Good Time”. Not sure if it was an intentional homage to Pattinson’s old movie or not.


I think it is b/c I remember Matt Reeves (I think it was him) wanted to cast Pattison b/c of his performance in Good Time


Probably the best Gotham in any Batman film. Really felt like a different world. Not just NYC or Chicago as a lot of the other Batman films do. Really enjoyed getting sucked into this dark world.


I really love that Times Square-ish area that has a bunch of giant LCD screens bolted on the sides of random old buildings. It's familiar and alien at the same time.


>It’s familiar and alien at the same time And I think that’s exactly how you capture a city that’s based on elements of familiar cities we know so well without just making it obvious that you shot there. I think Nolan landed that vibe well in Batman Begins but The Dark Knight just looks so much like Chicago and then Heinz Field in The Dark Knight Rises always takes me out of it too.


0/10 Paul Dano does not get beaten up


Man, if Bruce broke that glass during the "What did you do?" scene, Riddler would get fucked


I was in imax and I could feel each slam of that glass in my BONES


I love how this Batman's beliefs are shattered and challenged. Paraphrasing but when the riddler said "Living in a mansion, looking down at the poor, that's not an orphan. An orphan, is 30 kids in a room, waking up to rats chewing on their thumbs" just humbled him


I love how much this movie feels like a Junior year Batman in so many little details. Not a novice but not the full Bat yet. 1. He's got a high tech armor plated suit, but it's still got some little bits of rough patchwork in it, like the normal looking boots. 2. Has the grapple, the Batmobile, Batcycle, taser gauntlets, a flight suit, but no batarangs or bolas or gas pellets or thrown weapons of any kind, no glide function to the cape, no Batwing. He's very grounded (literally) 3. He's brutal and efficient in combat, but makes some small mistakes. Not many, but he's clearly not totally polished. He struggles a bit with large groups, and I think I spotted him missing a punch at one point (?). We aren't clearing rooms like BvS yet. 4. Still a little shocked by heights sometimes, apparently. 5. He's still just walking in through the front doors of places. The idea of Batman knocking on the front door of the Iceberg Lounge is pretty funny when you know the comics. 5. He actually gets one of the puzzles wrong by the smallest of errors around a Spanish word. So simple and Bruce completely overlooked it. 5. Probably the funniest moment in the whole movie where he successfully makes a a badass, impromptu flight suit escape, but completely flubs the landing, eats it *hard*, gets up, walks off, and this is not relevant to anything that happened before, nor is it referenced again. I love that they just threw in a random fuck up. "No one saw that? Ok good." *limps back to the cave* 6. Most importantly, the ending. It took him 2 years to figure out what Batman is supposed to be. Also I loved how many subtle nods there were to things that are likely to come back later in full force in a sequel. Like Selina using a rope to take out two guys which may one day become a whip, the vacancy in the DA's office, Penguin poised to fill Falcone's power vaccum, or Riddler getting advice from that jolly fellow in Arkham which might inspire a little more of his usual theatrics in the future.


This is Batman Year one and two mixed with some Long Halloween elements. The mob are some of the first Villains that Batman faces off in year one and Long Halloween, although I wish we got to see Salvatore "The Boss" Maroni and Falcones war between each other. Loved that part too of him being young and not having too much control of how much he puts a beat down on the thugs or miscalculating certain parts. He also gets best at certain points, in his later years, not many can get the drop on Batman once he developed all his tech and really got into his rogue galleries heads and mindsets. Enjoyed this version of the Penguin, didn’t do a deformed monster but rather a provider of good and services who is involved with everyone. Very interested to see how the future villains will pan out, Joker, Dent into Two Face, more Riddler and Penguin, maybe Calendar Man and Scarface or some of the more freakish ones like Croc, Ivy, Bane.


Speaking of flubs- did he actually stall the Batmobile at the start of the chase scene? If so, I love it.


Yeah, they did a great job balancing what him still developing his tech while still being a badass should feel like. Especially this iteration of the Batmobile. Powerful, looked insane, but also felt like a real car that could get damaged.


The scene where Batman is fighting those goons in the dark and the only time you can see what’s happening is when they shoot thier guns and the muzzles flash was amazing. And the soundtrack 🤌🏽🤌🏽🤌🏽


Giacchino’s score is perfection, can’t stop listening to “Sonata in Darkness” and “Catwoman’s theme”


Michael Giacchinos score for this has to be one of my favorites for a Batman film


Was really surprised how emotionally resonant this film was. The relationship Bruce had with the mayor's son was a really intestine way to shake up the classic "trauma from watching his parents" die flashback we usually get. I also really enjoyed the Batman-Gordon dynamic. My only real complaint is that we didn't get much Alfred.


I was thinking that Pattinson’s greatest strength as Bruce is how emotionally he portrays him. His eyes speak volumes and you can see how much he cares about Selena, the mayor’s son, Alfred, in just his facial performance


He has a great presence if that makes sense. At the funeral he has his Bruce Wayne mask on but his body language and his look felt like Batman ready for anything. And at the end with the Riddler where he is having a controlled panic of the Riddler making the connection between Batman and Bruce Wayne.