Not a player but the answer is Deuce.


Insufferable as far as media love? It HAS to be Luka. Its already mind numbing the amount of coverage and love he gets. It is going to be just insane if he wins a chip.


Insufferable as in the player. The media around luka super annoying. Luka pretty chill.


On the court he doesnt have much chill.


I dunno he complains worse than any player I've ever seen. Not in the amount he complains, but just how unbelievably petulant he is when he's whining. That said he hasn't been as bad in the playoffs


That’s just the modern nba. Everyone under 25 does it.




If y’all find a little trash talk insufferable, then sure. Give me the guy who talks shit on the court over the guy who always acts above it all.


Jimmy one of the hardest working and unselfish players in the league. Doesn’t deserve slander for wanting to win


For real. He has an opportunity to take the Miami Heat to a second Finals in a 3 year spam. Dude is a superstar and elevates his game in the playoffs.


For real, he’s a non traditional superstar because he’s not typically a 30ppg scorer but he impacts the game and the team in so many ways. I think this is his year


Was his exit from Minny unselfish? Seemed like a tantrum.


He wanted the team to care about winning. They cared more about playing cod and that’s a fact


If wanting to win is selfish then yeah wanting to leave Minnesota was selfish because they weren’t going to be doing any winning.


How many more music videos will Tyler Herro be in if he wins a chip


He would put up billboards everywhere saying "Tobias Harris over me?" Just tv ad commercials of him drinking coffee and shitting on Tobias.


Marcus Smart.


This is the correct answer. Dude had a legendary celly when he eliminated the 2020 raps in the 2nd round, it was hilarious. He's the antithesis of "act like you've been here before".


celly? wtf is wrong with you?


Irl? What the fuck is wrong with you?


Ugh nothing worse than the celebration police. I don’t know where this notion of if it’s not for the chip, then it’s embarrassing to celebrate came from. Players work there asses of all year long, clowning them for celebrating a playoff series win is absolutely absurd.


Raps fans seem to struggle a lot with watching players celebrate victory against them. Joel Embiid pretending to be an airplane had their commentator in shambles.


Only logical option was to smash his skull bones after such an atrocity


[cElEbRaTiOn PoLiCe](https://twitter.com/smart_MS3/status/1304634577961582592?t=bPDmnFZzy75y8dCaNsTnwQ&s=19) Read the title of the thread


I would say Luka and Mavs. Besides Luka it’s basically a bunch of Great role players. No disrespect to the players, but no one expected them to come this far.


That doesn’t mean Luka will be obnoxious next season


No I don’t think so either. I just think the media will run with it so much it will become annoying to hear


Yeathis sub will change from the jokic appreciation club to the luka doncic glory hole


And endless Dirk/Giannis comparisons


The whole grizzlies team. And before i get any backlash, i actually do like the grizzlies and hope they win one one day. But they’re young and immature and will show it if they win a title. Also, Pat Bev…


I'd say Luka, his fans love him to bits but dude is as arrogant as it comes.


Luka would probably say something like “it was harder getting a championship in the euro league” if he won 😂


On the court, sure. But he is a totally different guy off of it.


yall buddies irl?


honestly in the few interviews I've heard of him I was surprised at how humble he seemed. with his on-court personality, I didn't expect that at all. (e.g. I think JJ Redick asked him on his podcast how he felt about being picked 3rd, and he basically said he didn't care and was grateful to end up in a great situation with Dallas and Dirk.)


What makes you say that? (Genuinely curious... I haven't followed Luka's career very closely)


Luka is that guy and he knows it. He talks a ton of shit (I swear that everytime he scored against Phoenix last game he would talk trash to someone in the courtside seats)


Talking trash to someone courtside makes him as arrogant as they come? Maybe I just view arrogance a little differently


It's just the way he goes about it. He's literally the guy you don't want to lose too simply by the way he acts when he is winning. It reminds me of Steph a little when everything is going right and it's all smiles and mj shrugs but when things go wrong dude acts like an entitled child that can't believe he didn't get his way. As the other comment said he is that dude and he knows it and he's definitely going to show it every time he scores on you.


Luka is as much of an asshole as anyone else in the league. He's just also unstoppable on the court so it balances out


Draymond. If he can even become more insufferable


He would probably throw shots at Gobert somehow haha


I could definitely see this being Jimmy.


Does Draymond not count because he's already insufferable? Hahaha. Now that you bring it up tho i really wanna see a mia - gsw finals. Excited to see butler lay the smack down on Wiggins.


Draymond will destroy Butler. There’s always a bigger dawg


Marcus Smart. Boston in every sport has a way of attempting to magnify all their titles (outside of the Patriots) in every sport to feel like they’ve won more than they have. You would think the 08 Celtics kicked off a 3in5 type dynasty but they only made it back once and lost. This has less to do with Smart and more to do with the franchise and how their local media portrays them. I don’t see Tatum and Brown as the type of personalities feed into the culture that milks a title as much as KG and Pierce did, but I think Smart would be someone to do that


08 Celtics overcame Doc's coaching to win so it counts as 2


Well fuck, maybe we’ll get lucky and celebrate our three-peat next year.


To be fair that Celtics team would've ran the NBA for 3 straight years had KG not destroyed his knee and became a shell of himself. I see why they talk so highly about that team.


08 title was great for sure but they had legit shots at 2 others. Unironically, if Kendrick Perkins doesn’t blow out his knee I bet we beat the Laker in 2010.


Red Sox have won 4 this century and hardly anyone talks about the B’s cup from 2011 so it’s just the Celtics you hate lol


Agree to disagree on the B’s. The talk has calmed down now but people talk much more about B’s one title than the Kings running through the West as an 8 seed. They get more talk than the 08/09 Red Wings/Penguins teams that were both outstanding. It’s not milked to the same extent as the Celtics but it’s certainly well remembered


Lmao I don’t understand why everyone cares so much about the 08 Celtics team relishing in their finals win. It was the first win a long time for the Celtics. Who gives af how long to celebrate it for holy shit. “How their local media portrays them”; its local media for fucks sake of course they’re gonna portray them in the best light possible. Just a weird thing to care about. Because of the lack of parity up to a few years ago it was almost embarrassing to not have a 3-5 year run at the top. A championship is hard to accomplish; worry about your own team and stop listening to Boston media and getting riled up for no reason.


Because most teams/players don’t talk about their lone championship at every opportunity. Kendrick Perkins is one of the single dumbest media personalities with the least personality in existence that has a contract with the biggest sports broadcasting company for the sole reason being that he was on that team. Paul Pierce gets away with saying the dumbest things you’ll hear, because as soon as he’s called out “yeah but 08”. Doc Rivers is still looked at as a top tier coach that top tier teams vie for because of that one title almost 15 years ago. There have never been so many long term repercussions from one title ever. It’s literally just Boston romanticism that props that team up, and the fact they were the first (and least successful of the ones that won championships) modern super team


Paul pierce literally got fired so no he doesn’t just get away with saying whatever he wants. Also he gets absolutely flamed for anything he says wtf are you talking about? And your doc rivers point makes zero sense, everyone and their mom knows he’s not a top tier coach. And yeah he got hired because of that championship win; that’s not that absurd lmao. You clearly have an irrational hatred for the Celtics for whatever reason.


Paul Pierce was fired for misconduct, not for being a shit tier employee. Saying he was fired is a strawman and doesn’t disprove he milked the title. So everyone in the NBA admits that Doc isn’t a top tier coach, yet the Clippers signed him when trying to win championships, the Sixers who looked like a real title threat signed him and now the Lakers who have Lebron James and Anthony Davis are trying to get him? That doesn’t seem like a coach that everyone admits sucks (because he does) It’s not an irrational hatred of the Celtics, you just can’t see why everyone dislikes them because you like them. They’re babies for how they treated Ray Allen, they’re constantly thrown in peoples faces considering how many of them were put in big media roles afterward, and they’re talked about far more than much more impressive championship wins like the Mavs embarrassing Lebron Wade and Bosh or the 04 Pistons beating a Lakers super team. I’m sorry to tell you this but other fans don’t find Boston as great and endearing as you do


Why is it’s so hard for you to comprehend that teams saw doc win with a strong roster and thought he could do the same for them at the time? NOBODY thinks he’s a top tier coach atm. Your points about the mavs and pistons not getting as much love is not a Boston issue, would have went the same way of any other big market teams won; lakers, heat etc. they simply get more attention because of the market they’re in.


Dallas is a bigger city than Boston. Almost twice the size. So yet another invalid point


That’s the hill your gonna die on? Really? Cmon now We all know there’s tiers to teams in this league in terms of marketability, history etc. Dallas is not in that top tier while teams like Miami, Los Angeles and Boston are. Celtics are worth almost a billion more than Dallas. You know what point I’m making.


How is that me dying on a hill? You made an incorrect statement I corrected it. You literally said bigger market. Boston is a more historically significant franchise, but don’t you think the first championships for one of the biggest markets against the newly formed super team should be more significant than a team that 15 or whatever championships winning one they were favored to win since the preseason? And this is what I mean by Boston romanticism. You literally have a Heat fan arguing in favor of the Mavs and you still think what Boston did was greater. Y’all are the center of your own universe


Nope nope nope. Never once said what Boston did was greater. “Bigger market” doesn’t mean “has a greater population” ffs. It means it’s more marketable which because of the history, the Celtics are. I’m just offering an explanation as to why the 08 team gets more attention than other teams who won around then. It was the first win in a long time for a historic franchise. That’s why. Don’t know why your acting like I’ve been touting it as a better win than the mavericks. Never said that.


You are really dumb. Boston teams in every major sport are the sole team for all states in New England. Hence their massive fan bases. Meanwhile Texas has 3 teams alone.


the patriots and red sox have the most championships in their leagues in the 21st century. the celtics and bruins haven't been quite as great, but i would say both teams are probably top 5 in the league this century as well.


Is this a joke? Penguins (3) Blackhawks (3) Kings (2) and Lightning (2) all have multiple championships since 2009 and the Red Wings dominated the decade before that. Bruins aren’t even in the conversation. Lakers (6) Spurs (4) Heat (3) Warriors (3) all have won multiple. Cavs also only have 1 but have 5 appearances. Again Celtics arent top 5 Thanks for proving my point. You think your 1 championship in each sport is worth more than the multiple championships every other team has. Maybe in football and baseball you are, but your teams aren’t what you think in hockey and basketball


man someone woke up angry today lol both the celtics (#5) and bruins (#2) are top-5 in winning percentage in the 21st century. i can see the argument for these teams being outside of the top-5, as you just pointed out other teams with more championships. but they're definitely borderline and still great franchises. 4 boston sports teams have 12 rings since 2001. that's kinda crazy in modern sports.


I don’t care about regular season warriors. If you’re that good hoist the trophy


Huge Luka fan, been watching him since he was 16 but it would be Luka because of everybody that dickrides him like he can't do no wrong. On the other hand, if he wins the chip with this roster, he deserves all the praise.


Probably Jimmy. I don’t trust people who act tough. And yes it’s all an act. If he was actually about it, he’s an idiot to want to fight someone on the court. If it isn’t actually about it, then yeah he’s fake af. Winning a ring will give credit to that bs.


Patrick Beverly /s