Pacers have never had a #1 pick play for them. Not draft…..played for them at any time


Blue. Collar. GOLD. SWAGGER.


Damn that's nuts. Time to hit 2k myleague and get Victor Wembanyama on the pacers


From your keyboard to God’s ears


The jazz have only ever really had a chance to win like 3 times, and never the best chance


Jazz have had only 2 seasons in the last 40 years where they won fewer than 38 games. Remarkably consistent franchise that has never bottomed out


That's a fucking wild stat. I guess that's what happens when you have Stockton and Malone both play for about 100 years.


The Utah jazz has always been a good franchise that drafts good players and builds solid contending teams.


I was with you till the second to last word


We don't really draft well, we acquire players in draft-day deals that pan out well. Never our own picks, though. Mitchell and Gobert were both drafted by Denver and then traded almost immediately. Utah's last lottery picks were Enes Kanter and Dante Exum...


I was always under the impression that the Jazz told the Nuggets who to draft.




This is correct.


TIL that Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert weren’t drafted by the jazz.


I mean is it a huge difference between trading for a draft pick and telling the team who has the draft pick who to draft and trading for that player?


This is also true of our Finals chances


I would personally like to thank detroit for the heat never being In the lottery. Thank you for taking Darko. Edit: I wrote this down wrong the heat have never won the lottery


Darko over Wade, Bosh, Melo is still the wildest thing


Bagley over Luka, JJJ, and Trae is shaping up somewhat similar


Kings fans not safe anywhere


We’re not even taking strays. People will turn strays into direct attacks. Us fans don’t deserve it but i stg this team deserves it


It can’t be a stray if you’re the target lol


I don't even know how your team has fans. Your ownership/front office is so bad that they aren't worth it. I feel like the team has to hold up their end of at least being a reasonable sports team with moves that actually make sense and the Kings just don't. I get it if you somehow got into this from another era kind of but this version of the Kings is going to be a generational sports fandom curse at this rate lmao


I agree, SF is only less than 2 hours away too. So easy to jump ship but they just like pain I guess.


I mean, ask all the older warriors fans. Their team was the Kings before the Kings


Hopping on a bandwagon is harder to do when you have a spine.


You have any hope for this year's draft?


I have no idea how taking Christian Brown at the 4 could go wrong


Maybe Vivek will become a good owner eventually, there's always hope.


For as long as Luka plays


Thomas Robinson instead of Dame.


Never forget the TWolves selected two point guards in a row directly before Curry


I can understand Rubio he was highly touted in that draft but Jonny Flynn???


Johnny Flynn was absolutely sick in college. Its easy to judge it looking back but it wasn't crazy at the time.


Yeah just like at the time Dennis Smith Jr wasn't seen as a bad pick. People thought he'd be a steal. He was great in college.


I can think of another dude picked after Johnny Flynn who was absolutely sick in college too


One played for one of the best basketball schools in the country and the other played for a school nobody had heard of until March of that year. Its easy to criticize the pick 15 years later.


The fact that he made that school relevant basically by himself in an incredible carry job is actually more of a reason to draft him than a guy being good in an already-premium program with other good players


No one knew that Curry's success in college would translate in the NBA. There are more cases of people like Curry fading out than making it.


Same thing Ja Morant did. Both picks turned out to be pretty solid.


Lol what the heck are you talking about??? People were shocked and dunked on the Flynn pick at the time. It lead to a million jokes about David Kahn being incompetent. From Bill Simmons’ (not exactly ahead of the curve as a fan) draft diary at the time: “So much for Minnesota doing the right thing. The Wolves just took Syracuse’s Jonny Flynn … whom I really like … but … well … he’s a point guard. Didn’t they just take Rubio? Did I black out? You’re going to have two young ball handlers playing together — one who’s 5-foot-11, the other who’s 18 years old and weighs 180 pounds (and 30 of that is his hair), and that’s your plan? Who’s guarding the Kobes and Vinces out of those two? Why didn’t they just take Curry? And why aren’t the ESPN guys wondering about a trade here or, at the very least, murdering this pick? THEY JUST TOOK TWO STRAIGHT POINT GUARDS!!!!!!!!!! 5:11 — I’m in “Star Trek II” mode right now. “Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn!!!!!!” So stupid. I’m never trusting a guy who worked as a TV consultant, a sports writer and a stadium campaign organizer to run an NBA team again.” https://grantland.com/features/nba-draft-diary-2009-bill-simmons/


Taking Johnny Flynn over Curry wasn't what people were criticizing. It was taking two PG's in a row. Plenty of mocks had Flynn over Curry.


This is correct. Flynn had a lot of hype leading into the draft after his interviews and intangibles. Curry was the bigger unknown at point guard as I believe he mainly played shooting guard in college. I think the wolves just took the two best players they thought were available


Portland have probably the 2 most egregious draft blunders of all time with Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan and Greg Oden over Kevin Durant.


Oden seemed like a sure thing at the time though.


Nobody critcized them for taking Oden though. I believe most teams would have taken him #1. Keep in mind it was back in the days of the Dwight Howard, Yao Ming, Kwame Browns going #1 overall. A superstar traditional center was the most desired player in that day. We were coming down from Shaq's 3x Finals MVPs.


I feel like Oden was bad injury luck though. He would've been a beast if he were healthy.


In 3 years he played 82 games (more than Zion) and put up all star stats


Bowie was also an injury.


hindsight is 20/20. He was a big guy coming out of a premier program and that's what they needed. Think of all the QB's that were selected before Tom Brady. There's a quote from someone though that when that person found out Portland was taking a center because they needed one, they suggested "Draft Jordan and play him at center, you'll win more games"


I feel like Darko is more justifiable than Bagley, because there was way more information on Bagley given that he played in the NCAA. Darko had a lot more unknowns, but a lot of potential.


Bagley was awesome in college




As weird as it is I still stand by the Darko pick lmao Without Darko we don’t trade for Sheed, because Darko sucked so bad, and who knows where we wind up without Sheed. Sure we could’ve been setup better for 2007 and on, but it’s hard for me to be upset w anything that results in a ring


i always imagine what melo would have looked like had he learned from the pistons vets. maybe he would have put more effort into defense and worked on his fitness more


very unlikely. more likely is that he would have pulled his diva stunts from the start, and gotten management to trade away rip and chauncey so he could be the star of the team.


This. Winning a ring against the Shaq/Kobe/Karl/Gary Lakers is worth like 5 rings. Better get that ring in 2004 than be set up for 2007 and on.


Dirk had all these scouts fools in the early 2000s lol


The scouts really only got to see one game with him. Donnie and Don Nelson hid him in Donnie's basement so that no one could work him out.


I think CaliBomb27 means that Dirk had scouts thinking all 7ft Europeans were going to be like Dirk.


I think the story was that Dirk took time off from the Bundeswehr to come play in the Nike Hoops Summit in San Antonio. For some reason the international team practiced in a YMCA in Dallas for a week before the game and Donnie Nelson snuck into the gym to watch the international players practice. This is when Donnie decided to draft Dirk.


What baffles me to this day is how much film and scouting did the really do on Darko. What about his game made him worthy of picking over a promising prospect like Melo or Wade ?


Wade was a little older and there were some positional questions about him because he was an undersized 2. He wasn't a sure thing. Bosh was skinny as hell, too, and I'm sure some people questioned if he could live in the post in that NBA. Melo was a sure thing. Guaranteed 20 PPG scorer and #1 option. I couldn't believe it that night, and I still don't to this day. Yeah they got the banner so that helps, but damn.


Passing On Melo cannot be overstated. Had he not been in the same draft as Lebron he would have gone #1. He was as sure thing a superstar as we had seen coming out of college.


It was and wasn’t. Darko technically speaking was probably as good. But he didn’t even like the sport. So that’s where the fail happened.


Nah Darko could hoop, dude didn't get thrown into the mix for nothing. The reality was Detroit had most of their squad fleshed out and didn't really see developing a rook as necessary to the success of the team. Detroit could've picked anyone else and they'd be getting 5mpg just like Darko. Bosh and Wade got drafted to fundamental teams that needed iso scorers and wanted development, and Melo got the gun it Nuggets that encouraged his style of offense. Darko's development stunted from lack of playing time, getting overlooked in practice, not connecting well with anyone over here, and a broken hand in the Finals y1 fucking his shot. His playing time was mostly garbage time, so in what limited action he had was with dudes playing half assed. Then Memphis and Orlando give him time, but Orlando wants him to be a role player and Memphis is generally dysfunctional at this point in time. Memphis actually traded the pick that Detroit would use on Darko SIX years prior for a half year Otis Thorpe rental. He had a little positive resurgence for a couple years in with Minni, but by that point he had already publicly stated he didn't want to be in the NBA anymore and gave up mentally.


Yeah he definitely didn't look like he enjoyed basketball Darko is one of those with great skill but no will power.


You mean the "Hest"


Look. Spellings tough.


Klapa snel hest.


Picked well enough at 5 that you eventually got 1 and 4 too


The Miami Hest have definitely never won the lottery


Surely, you jeat


hest beat heat




Man when I'm trying to best the hest on a chest day i est a swest trest or a red mest, or suckle a test, I can't chest if I'm single, and pest moss is great for survival


pretty sure Dallas won the lottery in 2018


We joke about building Vlade a statue but actually build him a statue. He is the greatest Mavs GM of all time.


you joke but we had the 3rd best odds and fell to 5th that year. we've literally never moved up in the lottery


Could have gotten Luka without giving up the Cam Reddish pick to the Hawks. Wasn’t too big of a price in hindsight though


Cam Reddish pick could have been Zion or Ja if our lottery luck wasn't absolute ass though


I’ll never get over the fact that we had the exact same record as the Pelicans and Grizzlies and they both jumped into the 1 and 2 seed to get Zion and Ja while we got pushed down


Imagine the overeating jokes if we had Luka and Zion on the same team lol.


Dallas Clydesdales


Imagine the championships we would have if we had Luka And Zion


I mean, Zion has barely played in his 3 seasons so I doubt that many?


Yeah I’d rather have Ja at this point over Zion. Zion’s ability to stay healthy for his career is questionable at best, even if he’s the better player.


Who knows what happens if he’s with us though? Not as much stress on his feet due to not needing to be the primary scorer all the time and I’m definitely a homer but maybe we have better medical staff?


What about the fact that by winning the coin flip against Atlanta we got better odds, but Atlanta ended up jumping us to pick luka? If we’d have lost the coin flip we’d have kept our pick.


This exact same thing happened to us with the Kings that year. We won the coin toss to get the 7th slot, but kings moved up to the 2nd spot in the lottery. Gar was scouting Luka hard too. Our tanking was basically just to get him.


Pretty sure them jumping us resulted in the pick that got us Brunson though. Hard to complain


It's really annoying that the Griz kept didn't trade Mike Conley, finished with the 8th lottery odds, lucked into the 2nd pick and now a days people act like it was some sort of organizational brilliance by the Grizzlies all along. It's always so frustrating to see people comment shit like "teams just need to be smart in their rebuilding, and intelligently tank to get a star like Ja - like Memphis did".


No one uses Ja as the example of why the Grizz are smart, it's the good later picks like Bane or Clarke.


I don’t think we take Ja if we get the second pick so we would have really regretted it. And Zion would have been a headache the last few years with health issues. It worked out just how it was supposed to.


Yes..."luck". -David Stern and Adam Silver


Ah yes the infamous "New Orleans and Memphis over Dallas" conspiracy


Dallas and Miami have had the worse luck in the lottery at least as far as picks go. Dallas has been in the lottery 14 times and moved down 6 times, stayed in slot 8 times, and moved up 0 times. Miami has only been in the lottery 9 times but moved down in 4 of them and stayed flat in 5. They also have never moved up.


Unfortunately true 😑


They missed out on the chance to draft Ayton


Well now they may a get chance to sign him!


Luka + Ayton would be nasty. They're both the same age and would be able to create a dynasty together


Ayton is just not that guy to me.




we would've drafted ayton and traded him for luka+ one pick probably. FO was very high on luka


I doubt anyone would actually have made that trade up + no shot you guys take that risk trading down.


Cash considerations would be perfect instead of a pick in that timeline. We could’ve shitposted about how we were paid to get Luka


Nah you would’ve just drafted luka 1 in all likelihood


The disrespect to Marvin Bagley 😡


Imagine 15 years from now when the Kings still haven’t made it out of the first round and Lukas getting into the hall of fame. What the hell were they thinking.


15 years from now Luka will be enjoying his retirement ceremony for the Mavs while looking up at his 41 banners. Don’t worry about the math it checks out


That just includes the new mid-season tournaments


And Play In Champions


For how horrifically bad the Nuggets were through the 90s, it’s sad we never landed the #1. Although we used a #5 pick on Nikoloz Tskitishvili ahead of guys like Amare Stoudemire, Caron Butler, and Carlos Boozer, so we probably would have wasted a #1 pick anyways.


The mavs had the worst three year run in nba history in the 90s and I don’t think they picked higher than like 4.


Didn’t we get number 2 to pick J kidd?


You did. Really damn good top 3 of Glenn Robinson, Kidd, Grant Hill. Then it's a pretty sharp drop off.


Eddie Jones was pretty good too


That's true. Missed him when I was skimming


Ah yes, when they were so bad, new owner Mark Cuban brought in Rodman just for his antics to make things amusing.


It was just a practice Niko so you'd be ready for the good one a couple decades later.


We had the best/close to the best odds in both the Duncan and Lebron drafts and moved down in the lotto both times.


Never once moved up in the draft, either lol


That Tskiti pick is ALL TIME bad because of the reason they took him and the effort they put into it.


What’s the story behind that pick? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of him before and nothing on his Wiki page mentioned it


This is just from my memory, but Tskiti was a massive unknown. Without YouTube and modern scouting advances people saw him and had no clue what he was. He looked like some of the Giannis highlights when he was drafted and he flew up some draft boards but this dude was a complete unknown. Probanly the least scouted top 10 pick ever. Just got drafted because of similarities to Dirk and like one foreign scout saying he was amazing in person and had great measurables.


I’m a Warriors fan. Believe me, in the 90s and early 2000s, we were the team of wasted picks. Joe Smith???? Are you kidding me???


Utah also has the [fewest top ten picks](https://twitter.com/NBABoards/status/1526724542646824960?s=20&t=vzxxsbQjnW3aSTy6e0zy2w) in that time (3).


Only franchise without a 60+ loss season


And one of them was used on Dante Exum.


Another on Kanter I think?


Injuries, man


The biggest sad irony is that a healthy Exum would be an amazing fit next to Donovan. Elite defensively and doesnt demand the ball, also showed flashes of great playmaking and PnR play at times. Maybe he can get right overseas and come back to prove himself lol


He's looking amazing right now, keeps having highlight dunks posted


Cause y’all have rarely sucked that badly lol


Clearly need to lose more.


Mavs have never even moved up in the lottery.


I believe last year was the first time the Pistons ever have. Great year for it, but basically we've always just knocked 2 spots off our projected draft spot before the lottery when we're trying to think about who's available.


Timberwolves have also never moved up. We've picks 1st but our odds were the best. In the entire existence of the franchise they've never beat their draft expectations via the lottery


I'm gonna blame the Cavs for all this.


this always happens to the red wings as well


We got Melo and a back to back MVP. I’m ok with not winning it lol


With the 41st pick in the 2014 NBA draft the Denver Nuggets won the draft lottery


Fuck it who needs it - we got our guy 41st - during the Quesorito commercial


Quesaritos were delicious


you can still get it if you ask.


taco bells in salt lake quesoritos are still just on the regular menu


Online only in Denver fwiw but I reckon they'd make it for you.


Ja is good enough for me for the rest of the decade.


Insane that thr Grizzlies drafted a superstar right after the guy who was supposed to be the generational talent


He is a generational talent. 27/7 on 65 TS% in your second season + an all-star selection is talent. He just can't get healthy


But health is part of the game. He’s generationally talented both at basketball and at getting injured. I think many people believe Greg Oden could’ve been generational. Grant Hill made the HOF while being injured all the time. But we don’t talk about Grant Hill and how amazing he was because he couldn’t stay healthy in his prime


Nothing insane about it, it happens almost every year that some later drafted dude emerges as the best of a class.


Zion is a better talent than Ja Morant lol. Only thing holding him back is his health so Ja was definitely the better pick atm but if zion pans out it won't be close who should've been first lol


Miami Hest eh?


The Meamy Hest, bro.


Dang nab it.


Sounds like a disease Miami spring breakers come back with


At least you didn't win the lottery and draft Greg Oden.


Sometimes its better to have loved then never loved at all.


That’s okay :)


Umm..pretty sure the Mavs have won the “lottery” at least twice since then.


It's okay guys, we'll take next year and then we won't bother you about it for a while.


You can’t win the lottery when you never have a pick lol


After Magic and Worthy in two years span, I think we used all our luck


Man they got so lucky with Magic. Because of some dumbass rules Utah had to send 3(!!) first round picks and a second to LA when they signed Gail Goodrich, who then tore his Achilles. LA then won the coin flip to get the top pick.


Lakers also got the top pick to draft Worthy from a coin flip. Definitely a lot of luck.


You guys did get the 2nd overall pick three years in a row


AND they jumped from fucking 11th to 4th in 2019. Not our fault they traded that pick away. No luck my ass lol


No you don’t get it the Lakers have terrible luck


Poor franchise lmfao


No we used up all of our luck in draft protections from that Nash trade. One of the picks was a protected 2015 first rounder. It was top 5 protected in 2015 then top 3 protected in 2016 and 2017. We got the second pick all 3 years. We finally gave up the pick in 2018, which ended up being Mikal Bridges.


And trading for some high school kid in 96


As compensation for never winning the lottery we should just be given Wembanyama next year. That seems fair to me.


Yep I agree. Also for the rigged 2006 Finals.


I feel like we effectively won 3 years ago. First time we ever moved up.


It finally made me let go of missing out on Lebron by 1 pick


Tell me about it. Mavs picked fourth the year Jordan went third.


I was disappointed lottery night with not getting that #1 pick but between Zion’s health issues and Ja’s ascendence I think we won that lottery.


We drafted Luka and then traded him away, that's arguably worse.


Bruh that’s not even remotely as bad as drafting bagley. Imagine the hawks having him instead of trae or luka…


I'm just saying I'd rather have missed on a 1st overall pick than actually have a generational player fall to us, picking him, only to trade him away. Because now an image [like this](https://ftw.usatoday.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/90/2018/06/doncic.jpg?w=1000&h=600&crop=1) exists to remind me of my disappointment.


Atlanta Hawks legend, Luka Dončić.


On the positive side, you still probably got the second best player in the draft (and he’s still franchise caliber), and you did it while picking third. That’s like getting 2nd place on a game show — yeah you might have screwed up the last question to win the $50k 1st place prize, but you still get to go home with $25k and feel good about it. And then some other contestant ended winning a nice boat that turned out to be a money pit and actually cost more in taxes and repairs than what it was really worth, so 3 years down the line they end up trading it in for a washing machine and “cash considerations.”


At least Trae is still great. Better than passing on Luka altogether for Marvin Bagley (I’m sorry Kings fans)


we got trae though


[What could have been.](https://ftw.usatoday.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/90/2018/06/doncic.jpg?w=1000&h=600&crop=1)


Is it? Pretty happy with Trae still both pretty young, happy with how it turned out. I don't think either player would have done nearly as well in the opposite city.


why wouldn't Luka have done as well in Atlanta?


> I don't think either player would have done nearly as well in the opposite city. This...sounds like copium. What is it even based on? Dallas hasn't exactly been ideal for Luka, they've had middling success until this year.


there should be a limit as to how many times you can draft a number 1 in a given time period magic and cavs shouldn't be allowed another #1 for at least a decade


It's been 8 years since Cleveland last got #1 so they are almost at a decade and Orlando last got #1 in 2004 so they waited almost 2 decades.


Typo made me think the Miami Heist would be a cool name.


Nah that’s gotta be the Vegas expansion name, make it an ocean’s 11 themed team


Neither have the Celtics, but Brooklyn did and they had a pick swap which got them the #1 in 2017.




I see no problem in that scenario


bless up to Suns, Kings and ATL fans


The Knicks won once, but in the process, doomed themselves for ever


Spell the Heat right


It’s tough being a hest fan