Use fresh and rust interchangeably based on the narrative you want


1v1 me on Rust, winner picks narrative.


History is written by the victor


This is the only correct answer


There it is!


They just played with more energy. We have to execute better


Honestly i think being fresh turns to rust for anything longer than 3 days


Rest vs Rust? Let's just go ahead and start the Jordan v Lebron debate.


Rusty Jordan vs Rested LeBron in sandals, whose legacy is on the line?


Boris Diaw in flats beats both of them


The team coming off the 7 game series is at a disadvantage because their play style and energy is based off last series strategy. Bos come out game 1 playing like they were still facing the Bucks. Mia well rested and with more game footage to study came out and trumped Bos cause they had more rest and more time to study and prepare


Rest vs rust, I always lean on that rust is more of a factor, especially if a team has momentum before a long break. I am in central Ohio, a few years back when the Blue Jackets in hockey beat the lightning, they were the hottest team in the playoffs, but they had to rest for like 10 days while the Boston series finished. The momentum was gone. They put up a good fight but the magic wasn't there and they lost. I have little doubt if the next series started 4 days later they would have rolled through.


Rust and Rest are one of many reasons we confirm a win or loss for a team, its one of dozens of results based variables that don't mean anything.


You want your team sweeping and your next round opponent battling to 7. Ignoring rest vs rust, assume that injuries are based on minutes played and the fewer minutes it takes your squad to close out a series the fewer opportunities for them to be injured. Rest vs rust is likely a wash but depends on the team. Only time I could see anyone wanting their team going to 7 instead of closing in 4 or 5 is if they've got someone likely to return from injuries if the post season goes long.


Rust generally hurts in the first half. Fresh is massive in the 2nd. So Miami struggled in the first quarter due to rust but because they had more rest than the celtics they were fresher in the 2nd and took a defecit to a 20pt lead.


It’s obviously kinda stupid to use “rust” as an excuse. Like you can say Smart and Horford being out or whatever, but the Heat got 2 more days of rest. That has nothing to do with this series. If the Heat won 4-0 against the Sixers or something, that’d be different.