Go right to the other side of that NCAA title game with Conley and Oden.


Oof. Yeah. I was guilty of thinking Oden was the next great big.


I think he would have been if he didn’t get hurt so often


Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid, what with Jo becoming Jimmy Butler's friend and all.


Jimmy Butler trashed everyone on the Minnesota team when he left except for Wiggins, about whom he had [“nothing but amazing things to say,”](https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/jimmy-butler-had-nothing-but-amazing-things-to-say-about-andrew-wiggins-according-to-andre-iguodala/amp/) so maybe they aren’t as dissimilar as it seems!


>That was all I needed to hear to be honest, because Jimmy doesn't like anybody," Iguodala continued. "So when Jimmy said he liked Wiggs, I kind of started looking at it different. damn


"Fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you. I'm out"


Wasn’t horford picked third, ahead of Noah? I’m pretty sure horford was just as big a star as Noah in college.


Noah was also 2x allstar, 1x all nba, 3x all defense and was the defensive player of the year Horford was 5x all star, 1x all nba, and 1x all defense It’s not like horford had that much of a greater career than joakim, he’s just been able to stay in the league for the last 6 years while joakim fell off


Being a higher draft pick doesn’t mean they were the better player in coege. Noah was definitely the star of that team. A lot of the college player of the year gets drafted in the 2nd round


I think you’re confusing bigger, more interesting story with star of the team. I watched those teams and at no time did I think Noah was the obvious star of the team. Close to equal, sure.


Here’s two stat lines for the per game averages from 2007 when Florida won the national title for second year: Player 1: 27.8 minutes, 9.5 rebounds, 13.2 points. SEC tournament MVP. Player 2: 25.9 minutes, 8.4 rebounds, 12.0 points. I get it “stats don’t tell the story”. But player 2 is Noah and player 1 is Horford. I don’t know that I’d say Noah was “definitely the star”. I remember watching those games, and Noah 100% was an announcer favorite and got a ton more media exposure (maybe because he was the big man? Maybe because his dad was a world famous tennis player?). But I don’t know that I’d say Noah was the star over Horford in terms of who played a more integral role to the team’s success. Sure Horford came off the bench, (but was more of a Kevin McHale sixth man where he played more minutes than the starter Corey Brewer did.). They were both amazing college players. They both have had long and highly successful NBA careers. I don’t think one is a clear cut dominant star versus the other at either college or pro level.


Huh. Horford did have better stats. I was a huge Florida fan as a kid and viewed that team as Noah being the star, Corey being the 2nd star with Horford and Green being good players. But then again, I was a kid so I guess I looked at the game differently


TBF, I remember watching those games. The only guy from that Florida team I remember is Noah. The cameras were ALWAYS on him. no matter what he did. They’d zoom in on his face after every play. It was like the Brett Favre football broadcasts. Sports broadcasts need a “star”. They decided Noah would be that guy.


Yep, Noah was definitely the face of the team, but even the consensus was the Horford would be the better pro


Noah was the "heart / soul / energy", but Horford and Brewer were the better players all-around.


If you told anyone Duncan Robinson would make a bigger impact than Mo Wagner in the NBA, U of Mich fans would laugh if your face


Wasnt poole on that team too?


He was, had a legendary buzzer beater vs Houston in the tourney. He was younger at the time and was points off the bench. Duncan was the 6th man. But Mo was dominant in those runs. One of the better players in college basketball


I mean right now I might rather have Mo. Robinson struggling


I wouldn’t say struggling as he doesn’t get any time. He has played once this series (a little last night, played well) and not at all last series. But neither would Mo. Duncan already has had some big NBA moments though.


Yeah everything you said is true. Duncan is very matchup dependent right now, and he can still improve, next year he might learn how to be more useful against difficult match ups. Mo was actually pretty good for Orlando this year, but it’s hard to judge what that means since they all came in meaningless games. But I think he has the potential to be a reliable backup big on a contending team.


Kentucky 2016-2017 - Fox & Monk were by far their two best players, Bam is now by far the best NBA player


Even more deviating: Frank Mason III was the better player in college than Fox, but is now playing G league...


I just looked up his stats because I don’t remember being that impressed by Frank in college, but he averaged 21 points a game while shooting 47% from 3 his senior year? Wow! I guess I didn’t pay much attention to Kansas that year.


Man that one really reversed 1 2 3 from college to pros. Monk was the college guy, Fox had more NBA upside though.


I would say Grant Hill with Laettner and Hurley.


It was a little before my time, but I thought laettner was famous because of the shot over UK. I also assumed he was on the dream team because grant hill wasn't eligible for some reason. I never really thought about it.


Laettner is on a short list for best college player of all time - off the top of my head: Alcindor, Walton, Sampson, Hakeem, Danny Manning, Elvin Hayes, Patrick Ewing, Tyler Hansborugh, JJ Reddick, As you can see, great college players are not necessarily the most talented nor go on to outstanding pro careers.


Laettner was on the team because at the time the thinking was that an Olympic team should have at least one collegiate athlete on it, and he was the best


Not NBA, but Cheryl Miller (on a very short list of the best college women of all time, and Reggie’s older sister) and Cynthia Cooper were college teammates at USC and won the national championship in 83 and 84. (Also on the team was Pam McGee mother of JaVale McGee and Imari McGee-Stratford, making her the first woman to not only play in WNBA but also give birth to an NBA and WNBA player. ) Cheryl was the undisputed star of that USC team, while McGee and Cynthia Cooper were all Americans and Olympians but were not the stars. By the time the WNBA starts in the mid 90s, Cheryl had retired as a player and was coaching, while Pam McGee won two MVPs and Cynthia Cooper won the first four titles with the Houston Comets AND was 4 time WNBA Finals MVP.


r/TIL This is what makes reddit beautiful


Here's a funny [short video](https://youtu.be/McOPVkeDlJ8) about Reggie and Cheryl's rivalry.


Hey great comment


You like the phrase "on a short list of..."


Collison westbrook


Ron Baker, FVV Wichita State


Old head answer: Jerry stackhouse and rasheed Wallace. I feel like stack was the more hyped college player, both had solid nba careers. Bonus trajan Langdan/Elton Brand.


Dee Brown and Deron Williams or Luther Head and Deron Williams.


Noah was a star in the league tho


Noah’s peak was better than horford, he just hasn’t had the longevity


Fair. I always thought they had equal talent, but Noah was louder off the court and more animated on it.


Different players. The way nba is played now I’m taking horford every time, but Noah those 2 or 3 years when rose was injured was pretty great, especially that one year where he was getting a heap of triple doubles, great on defense, I think top 5 in mvp voting. I don’t think horford has ever been as crucial to a team as Noah was then. Horford has been a great, smart player for such a long time though.


Horford never reached Noah’s peak. Horford probably more successful since he played longer. It feels as if Noah retired a decade ago lol


James Worthy was the big star when UNC won the title on 82. I know there was a difference in age that accounted for that but pm betting some people don’t know that.


Worthy and Sam Perkins were the stars of the UNC team


Antawn Jamison and Vince Carter. Jamison was the star on those UNC teams and won the awards. Carter got drafted one pick after and definitely had a better pro career.


They also got traded for each other on draft night.


Mateen Cleaves and Morris Peterson


Mike Conley over Greg Oden. Also one can argue DeMarcus Cousins, so far has a slightly better career over John Wall.


I went to UK at the time, and Wall/Cousins were 1a and 1b according to campus. It's hurt watching their careers the last few seasons. Or, maybe I mean not watching their careers the last few seasons.


The Corey brewer disrespect is real lol


I may be remembering this incorrectly but Dee Brown was a fan favorite and practically the face of the team at Illinois. He is still listed as having aruguably the greatest career in Illinois . He flamed out very quick in the NBA. Deron Williams on the other hand was VERY successful in the NBA but was a bit below Brown at IL.


Been a Gator fan my whole life, they were always pretty damn equal in my eyes. Corey brewer could easily have an argument that he was our best player too. That teams defense was insane


Jimmy B and Jae crowder. If I remember correctly Jae was big east player of the year and an all American


What about Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green?


Juvenile and Lil Wayne


Gordon Hayward and Sheldon Mack


Hm idk if that example of Noah/Horford is really accurate. Both were seen as really good college players, and both had really good NBA careers. I don’t even know if I could pick who was better in college and who had a better NBA career, they’re that close. Noah’s demeanor does make him an easy target for cameras though, so I guess I could see the perception that he was the star. But then looking at the NBA level, I’d take Noah’s peak over Horford’s all day, while Al has aged much more gracefully. One that I’d say is JJ Redick and Luol Deng. Redick was the face of Duke in that time, and while Deng surely got his praises, I think he got somewhat overshadowed during what is one of the best all-around freshman seasons I’ve seen. Roughly 15/7/2/1/1 on 48/36/71 splits. Granted, Redick wouldn’t really take off as an elite scorer until his Jr year after Deng left, but he still had a lot of notoriety as an underclassman. People at the time could’ve told you Deng would be the better NBA player, and probably that he was the better college player that one season, but I feel like Redick just got more attention as the new Duke poster boy. Flash forward to the NBA, and Lu is a multiple time All-Star with multiple All-Defense selections, while Redick just a solid sharpshooting role player.


Wiggins and embiid


Antawn Jamison was the star on those Tar Heel teams with Vince Carter. Carter ended up being the star in the NBA.


AD and MKG (plus the rest of the team that was drafted). Pretty interesting they go 1-2 and obviously AD has had a great career with plenty of All-Star games, a title, and hundreds of millions in career earnings. MKG (drafted 2nd) kind of stuck around but never figured it out in the NBA - 8 year career - 3750 points Terrrence Jones (18th) - 6 year career - 2431 points Marquis Teague (29th) - 3 year career - 217 points Doron Lamb (42nd) - 2 year career - 345 point Darius Miller (46th) - 6 year career - 1597 points Of course, AD is still in the league, and he has 14390 points. Almost double the rest of his college teammates guys combined.


Valid point, but I disagree. AD was the star, but because of his defense. MKG had a quiet, maybe even underwhelming season until the SEC and NCAA tournament.


I'm not sure Horford had a better career than Noah. Maybe Horford beats him on longevity, but Noah at his peak was dpoy, top 5 in MVP voting and probably the 3rd best passing big of all time. Noah was the best player on a team that made the second round. Horford was never the best player on his team.


In college, KAT was the star of the team while Booker was a bench player, but Booker has arguably done better in the NBA


Eh, as a Suns and Kentucky fan, I don't really agree. Booker wasn't just some "bench player" - yes, he technically came off the bench, but he played starter minutes and was SEC 6MOTY and 2nd-team all-SEC. And Booker doesn't really have a strong argument for being better than KAT in the NBA. Their relative NBA success is actually very much aligned with their relative college success - KAT has probably done slightly better in both. * Booker: 3x all-star, 1st team all-rookie * KAT: 3x all-star, 1x 3rd team all-NBA, 1st team all-rookie, ROTY


Russ and Kevin Love, drafted in different years but Love was the star in college and was a star in the league for a while, but sacrificed a lot of that usage by going to Cleveland. Russ meanwhile turned into the most physically dominant guard of his era.


They were both drafted in 2008 back to back. Go Bruins!


Darren Collison was on that team too


James Worthy and Sam Perkins.


Vince & Jamison traded on draft day for each other


Joakim noah had the higher peak and would have had been better until injuries derailed him. He was even top 5 in mvp VOTES in 2013


Kemba Walker and Okafor.


You mean Ben Gordon and Okafor?


Yeah. Brain fart moment. Lol


Yea they both similar. Ben Gordon from Mt Vernon and Kemba from the Bronx. Both went to UCONN.


Lol Emeka Okafor was drafted as Kemba was entering high school


Intentional or not that's pretty funny ngl


Huh they were not college teammates


Walker and Thabeet also work.


But okafor doesn't work


Luka Doncic and all of the NCAA players that got drafted that year. Doncic wasn't good enough to even conpete on the NCAA level and now he's dominating the league.


That wasn’t the question


Dude was playing with grown men at 16. Tf lol


He's making a joke how people negatively evaluated him based on not competing in the NCAA


I swear people on r/nba have never heard of sarcasm lmao


it's poorly executed


Meh, I found it funny


Thanks dude lol.




There’s probably a shit ton of these tbh.