I was 24 hours post heart surgery when the Bucks won game 6. I had a migraine, couldn’t see out of my left eye, was too dizzy to stand, and my BPM was hovering around 160. I would have it no other way ❤️


Hope you healed up okay 🙏🙏


I’m all good man. It was just a little blip to keep me on my toes haha




Atrial Fibrillation.




They run a catheter up into your heart then burn it with lasers until it behaves haha


I got married the Saturday after game 6, but I still don’t know which night meant more to me. I’ve told this to my wife and she understands


I eat at Carrabas before going to the jazz game. As I'm filled to the brim with Italian food, I'm cheering on Mitchell and Gobert as they are coming back from a deficit against the Bucks. Swish, the ball goes through the basket and the Jazz win. I drive back to the hotel, sleep, wake up, and know that I live in a championship winning state. My home value as a result has gone up 300%. I then retire off selling my house and live and die peacefully traveling the world This is hopefully a future event.


Dame game winner against OKC.


It's Lillard! He got the shot off LILLARDGOOOOODDDDD


2003 game 6 against the lakers and 2014 finals game 5


LeBron’s Game 6 against Boston was on my 15th birthday so imma go with that




In 2015 I was incarcerated for weed possession. I had got sent to the hole for acting a fool, cause they wouldn't let me turn on the finals. Some chomo who was separated from everyone else (for obvious reasons) had the remote and put on the game for me to watch through the little window in my door. I can't remember which game it was but the warriors won it and I spent that whole night flooding my cell and eventually caught a destruction of property charge🙄


There’s a few but honestly I think the Heat beating the Celtics in the ecf game 3 this year after Butler left with an injury and the Celtics had a 30-5 free throw advantage was one of the most impressive and memorable wins I’ve ever seen. I was in awe of all the big shots the Heat kept hitting. Struss hitting that dagger when the Celtics closed it to 1 was poetry


If you won game 7 that struss 3 would have haunted me forever


In my short time as a fan, I'd have Game 5 vs the Lakers #1, but this is easily a close 2nd.


2010 Game 7. The peak of my NBA fandom


It’s been [28 years](https://youtu.be/8ds9hlOm_6s)…


easily game 7 of the 2016 finals


In 2018 or 2019, I got my first and only tickets to floor seats. In vivint area, there was a place to get dinner (lexus club) before. It was prime rib, and salmon. They also gave me a nacho tray thing that I could stuff with candy before I headed to the game. I said hi to Joe Ingles walking through tunnels. He was talking to a coach or something, didn't notice me. Thurl Bailey waved and smiled my way but I assumed he was waving at someone else so I did nothing. I turned around and there was noone else so I totally blew it. When I got out to the arena I was overwhelmed. It was soo amazing being that close. Both teams were doing warmup shots. Rudy Gobert is sooo tall. Donovan had a swarm of kids around getting autographs. I walked to my seat, I wasn't pay attention and tripped on one of the AV cords or something and all my candy flew across the court into the players. I think OG Anunoby stepped on one of my mike and ikes. Luckily it was the warmups before the warmups but my face was a red as could be. The usher was not too happy. They got it cleaned up. The game was against the raptors and Kawhi was out. The Jazz ended losing by like 20. Still my favorite experience to date. These rich people don't know what they have to be going down there on the regular. It was so special to me. Truely a night I will never forget.


Kobe and Lakers beating Celtics in game 7 of the finals


Probably the peak of Laker fans' lives


Honestly in terms of extended satisfaction….. yes lol




Put Kobe's 60 piece up there too


June 19th, 2016 when we won the chip. The night LeBron returned was a close second, though.


How far down our list would we have to go to have a night not featuring LebBron. Hell, the night he was drafted would probably be top 3 lol


Probably quite a ways, lol. I'd say probably beating Bird's Celtics in Game 7 of the Eastern Semis or the Miracle of Richfield playoff series, but a short team history + having one of the best players of all time means there aren't many options.


I grew up outside Philly so the Sixers are my first bball love, but I moved to Cleveland in 2013 for school and adopted the then very bad Cavs as my 1a. Then LeBron came back and blocked Iguodala, and Kyrie hit the shot over Steph, and I got to celebrate on the street with a city experiencing, as my non-sports-loving friend put it, “a catharsis.”


When we went up 3-1 on the Warriors in 2016. Beating a 67 win Spurs team and going up 3-1 on the most winningest team of all time, it really felt like we would go all the way. You all know the rest. Russell's game winner against Denver was pretty special too, which capped off the triple-double MVP season.


The highest of highs to the lowest of lows.


Really incredible KD decided not to run that back and join a 73 win team. It's really possible he could've got 1-2 rings there anyways and it would be such a better legacy. Dead horse and all, but man every time I think about it I'm still shocked.


The night Raptors win the chip. So satisfying having your team win 20 years into being a fan through good and a hell of a lot of bad over the years.


Game 7 of the Finals in 2016 will always be my favorite because I was also a big game of thrones fan and that night was a massively hyped up episode ‘The Battle of the Bastards’. I had the finals on TV and GoT on my iPad during commercials lmao. Going into work the next day was the best watercooler chat circles ever.


Dame’s shot against Houston was definitely the most memorable moment during my time of watching the team. But I had a big test the next day and I couldn’t stay up very late. In terms of most entertaining game to watch as a whole, the quadruple OT game against you guys in 2019 second round was a truly wild game to witness.


embarrassing the sixers on their home court in game 7 and imploding their team


The Terrance Mann game against the jazz was fucking magical. I’ve been here a while I remember thinking we’d never make it out the second round. It was like, the exact player the fans would of wanted to have that moment too. Still a happy fan


That was the first time I ever got to see a playoff game in person. Needless to say that as a Jazz fan, I did not experience any magic that night.


Game 6 against the Suns.


Giannis w/ 50 points, 14 boards, 5 blocks and 17-19 on free throws. Unreal performance


Nothing will top Ray Allen's 3. It's all downhill from here


Well that's just untrue


They literally won the championship the next game lol.


Recently game 6 vs the celtics. Going back i’d say the game steph dropped 46 in okc back in 2016


Yeah this recent chip is absolutely the best one. I might even love game 4 more. Steph going nuclear and tying the series up. After game 5 I was super confident we'd win the series. But game 4 I was probably the happiest. So damn happy for Steph


2003-04 second round Game 7 Timberwolves against the Kings. KG was MVP that year and had an amazing game to give the Wolves the series win (still only have two total playoff series wins in franchise history). I was at the game as a high schooler and it was easily the best sporting event I’ve ever been to. 🐺


2004 game 5 when we throttled the lakers


Game 5 Pistons vs Cavs 2007. Everyone knew the pistons would win. That was my first NBA game I watched and wow.


Game 6 against Boston If we won Game 7 against Cleveland in 2016, it would have easily been that though


Beat the Lakers this past season at Smoothie King Center, really important game to get into the play-in and getting the 8th pick, and my first live game at Smoothie King Center. The building was rockkkkkkkin, and the many Lakers fans talking shit during the game were mad quiet in the 2nd half. Super cool to see LeBron do LeBron things (39 pts), and Pels coming back from down 23. Huuuuge game, so freaking fun.


Starks’ dunk on the bulls


Raps finally winning their first title, the entire country was celebrating


In the same tier for me: The Kawhi shot and being in Jurassic Park for it The finals minutes of game 6 vs Bucks before we officially got to the Finals and seeing all the emotions Winning the championship. Demar getting the Raptors scoring record on New Years at home against the Bucks. Was at the game and it was amazing


Sixers vs Raps game 6 (the game before the Kawhi shot). Jimmy went crazy that game and Wells Fargo Center was going nuts. Probably my favorite live sports experience ever.


Relatively new fan here Greatest night I saw live: Warriors G League squad beating the Harden/Westbrook Rockets on Christmas Day in 2019. Greatest night I didn't see live: Us winning the chip the other day.


Saw that game live as well!! Alec Burks and GRIII man…glad we came back from that year haha


Game 7 Sun's 2022 Game 6 2011 NBA Finals. Threw my hands in the air with 4 minutes left and didn't put them down until I saw Cuban celebrating on the sidelines and LeBron check out.


Game 6 of the 2019 ECF. Got to experience a Roller coaster of a game with thousands of my fellow raptors fans Jurassic park. Then partied on the streets of downtown Toronto. Would’ve said the finals but wasn’t at the square during then


Game 6 vs Boston is the easy and really only choice if you are a Wizards fan.


Was that Wall's game winning 3 game?


Yessir, I damn near cried tears that night


Our play in championship


As a Lakers fan it's Kobe's lob to Shaq in game 7 vs the Blazers


Game 6 vs the Warriors. No contest


Game 1 2001 finals. Jesus couldn't have stopped Iverson that night


Respect to AI. That game made me so mad. Even now 20+ years and 5 chips later, it still irks me.


Easily game 6 of the 2011 finals.


2010 Game 7 was the most nervous I ever felt watching a basketball game…. It was also the best I felt watching basketball


Being in the arena for game 6 against the Suns. Even greater for my dad who was too young to remember the last time they won the title I filled up my entire google storage with photos/videos from that night lol, and I can’t delete a single one


1. 2011 Finals Game 6 2. 2011 WCSF Game 4 3. Luka buzzer beater vs Clippers 2020 3. Vince Carter buzzer beater vs Spurs 2014 4. Luka draft night 5. 2022 WCSF Game 7 6. Porzingis trade (1st time)


John Wall’s game 6 winner vs the Celtics. Fuck Olynyk


Game 1 vs. the Bucks. The collective shit break from the Sixers was euphoria enough but I deadass was expecting another embarrassing sweep like in 2015. Watching Trae Young and Collins ball out with highlights like [this](https://youtu.be/x6chWVRB9FY) and [this](https://youtu.be/pEynghuXMP0), had me excited for the Hawks future for the 1st time since Joe Johnson's game 4 performance against the Celtics.


The Warriors won the 2017 Championship on my birthday. That was pretty cool.


Game 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals.


Lillard over PG. So much shittalk coming from the clips that series. Just the peak of sports satisfaction


Game 1 suns and lakers last year . CP goes down mid game for his shoulder , laying there legs flailing air n the momentum sucked out the arena but we went crazy when he returned to the game and won .


Draft night, but I really did enjoy watching Saddiq score 50 on the Magic


I was vacationing in LA when Fisher hit the .3 shot. The city was nuts.


I haven’t had a good one yet. But I think the worst was when Colin sexton beat Kevin Durant, Kyrie, and James Harden… I think he beat them twice. That was terrible.


For an unrelated Celtics moment probably the last night in 2016 where the Warriors won their 73rd game while Kobe was dropping 60 in his last game


Lebrons dunk on Terry from olley oop uff


I was in the arena in Game 5 of the 2017 finals. Got to celebrate with the team all night long!


Steve Nash suns finally winning a playoff series against the Spurs


95 Jordan sends a fax 'I'm back'. 12 year old me LOST MY FRIGGIN MIND. For an actual game... 96 title, game 6. Jordan crying on Father's day. Realizing this was not a culmination, but a new beginning. Regular season... I follow the suns. In 04 they got Nash after being shit for years. They were supposed to be decent, not great. Game 3 vs hawks they had 70 in the first half, 3s raining everywhere. Hadn't seen that style ever, much less beating expectations. I strapped in that night and every game was must see TV after that.


Beating the Jazz in the WCSF last year


Russ’s game winner vs the Nuggets to clinch the MVP.


Game 4 in the 2013 finals, getting to see my favorite player ever drop 32 on the team I hated the most Live was incredible


Iowa standout Peter Jok buzzer beater? Damn, didn’t know he had an NBA moment /s


2013 game 6 vs the spurs. Couldn’t sleep after that. Cherry on top was game 7 being on my birthday. Love it.


Living in Chicago I obviously grew up spoiled in the Jordan era, we were able to go to about three or four regular-season games during the Last Dance season but the last playoff game of his I got to see it in person was game 6 in the 97 finals, my parents my brother and I, just great shit all around


Lakers beating Celtics super team in game 7 of the finals to tie for the 16th chip in 2010


Game 7 in 2010 versus the Celtics. I went to the mall the very next day to buy my championship shirts. They was sold out everywhere. Took me 3-4 more trips. I still have them to this day.


Valley oop vs Clippers 2021


My cousin had a wedding and at the after party they had turned on the game. With all my drunk relatives we watched the famous “shot from Curry, way down town BANG.” It was great


Lakers beat Celtics in Game 7 in 2010


Ending the season last year with the best record in the league? Gobert blocking the shot to win game 2 against the Clippers? I did go to the game against the Warriors at home this season where it looked like they would run away with it, and then we ended up blowing them out by 30, and it shut up some arrogant ass Warriors fans sitting in front of us, that was satisfying as fuck. I really don't have a lot of SUPER highs to look back on, since I wasn't alive for Stockton/Malone.


Recently game 7 vs Miami. After blowing game 6, winning game 7 was a joyous time.


Celtics beating the Lakers in ‘08 or Kyrie leaving kind of a coin flip


2014 finals games 3 and 4. Two beatdowns


You already know