How many cock push-ups do you think Giannis can do?


Everybody gets one...


One is all you need.




More than Jack, that’s for sure


No way. They don't call his D Tenacious for no reason


You don’t always have to downvote hard. But this time, that is right to do.


i thought it was a good joke, but guess not, I got wrecked lmao


I appreciate that you went for it tho


Jack Black in The School of Rock remains the most irreplaceable acting performance of all time. Legend.


That movie is so good!


Phil X is the only other person I could imagine lol.


Phil X was in school of rock?! Where the hell did I miss that


No I’m saying the only other person I could imagine even attempting that role is him. Jack black has too much charm though its hard to compete.


Oh, I completely misread that I agree though, Phil X def has that energy




Hes a guitar teacher from the earlier YouTube days. Hes pretty high energy and silly. He shreds and can sing classic rock.


Tenacious d and pick of destiny is an amazing movie


It’s called stickittodaman…neosis


lmao this is like saying paul mccartney and the beatles. btw “tenacious d” is an ode to marv albert.


How this man gonna disrespect the Rage KaGe like that?


KG > KG if we're being honest


I spelled it out cause I thought that would be confusing lol


You know ball


Feels like my username was born for this day! What's the name of the song? Antetokounmpo Don't know what it's about but it's good to go What's the name of his brothers I don't know But they're from fucking Greece and they're good to go Yeah


"Now they're saying it was only a tribute"


Thanassis D


I just rewatched Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story last night and completely forgot Jack Black plays Paul McCartney in it. Hilarious!


Of course I do, I booked em. I’m the leader of the Beatles.


I've got a song about an octopus!


The wrong kid died! Really, this is my favorite movie of all time.


Nah its more like Paul McCartney and Wings to me /s




Nah, better to look like someone's great aunt by 60 than age naturally for those 1.5 years in your 50s where you still look like you're in your late 40s!


Tbf they did this shit all the time back in the day. Not with rock bands so much, but you had Michael Jackson & the Jackson 5, Gladys Knight & the Pips etc.


But Gladys was *never* one of the Pips, they were always her backing singers. "Jack Black and Tenacious D" is like saying "Gladys Knight and Gladys Knight & The Pips" or "Ronnie James Dio and Dio" or "Timberlake and NSYNC". Derek and the Dominos is a classic rock band name. Eric Clapton and Derek and the Dominoes is repetitive nonsense


Actually they did start out as just the Pips in 52. They were all cousins and had different members originally. They changed their name in 61 but Gladys was there from the start.


Hootie and the blowfish


Except it would be Darius Rucker and Hootie and the Blowfish which is nonsensical because Rucker is already Hootie.


[Obligatory Key and Peele skit](https://youtu.be/FE9PUexeUv0)


Darius Rucker? Sounds made up, that's my boy Hootie up there with the band


Technically, nobody in the band was supposed to be Hootie. It's named after two of their friends, one was nicknamed Hootie and the other was nicknamed The Blowfish.


I always thought it was weird when Conan O'Brien would introduce his house band on his old late night show as 'Max Weinberg and the Max Weinberg 7!" or whatever haha


[Obligatory Jack Black Sings the National Anthem at Sparks Game](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9l4LMZeNm0)


Also the Nickelodeon “Lick a tit” commercial https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=25&v=2VL9_-O8U18&feature=emb_title


Damn he actually killed that, dudes got pipes


Not only does he have pipes...but he specifically stuck within his range to make sure he killed every note. Most singers fuck up when they try to hit notes they can't normally hit.


Or slip in and out of several genres and possibly try to seduce the flag at the same time. *Lookin at you Fergie*. Edit: Also, you say “stuck within his range,” as if he has a fairly limited range. Dude shows off some great vocal range here.


> Edit: Also, you say “stuck within his range,” as if he has a fairly limited range. Dude shows off some great vocal range here. That's fair, I can see how one could read it like that. I didn't mean to imply he has limited range. I just meant to say he knows what notes he can hit, and he stuck to those notes. The biggest problem most people have when they sing the Star Spangled Banner is that they get way too ambitious. Its not an easy song to sing. [Here's a decent video describing the difficultly of the range](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdl8p9akJJw). Jack Black has a great voice. I'm just saying...he's not Whitney Houston. And he realized that, and sang the song in a way it sounds great for his voice. Unlike most people that try to sing the National Anthem while doing their best Whitney Houston impersonation and they fall flat on their face because they're not Whitney.


I heard a story on NPR a few years ago about selecting the national anthem. At the time several composers and musicians noted that while the song was great that maybe they should pick something that is easier for most people to sing.


Oh, yeah I didn’t think you were disparaging him or that the song is not difficult(I have a background in musical theatre, because I’m a stereotype), I just meant to highlight how well he did *because* it’s a more difficult song than people realize.


And even Whitney was lip syncing so she might not have gone for that key if she had to hit it live.


Marvin Gaye succeeded in seducing the flag


Nah, he was on of the kings of “singing to” and audience and not just “in front” of them. He seduced every single person in the building. The flag was just there to witness it.


This was an awesome rendition! Now someone link the Fergie version so I can be sad.


That wasn’t funny at all!


Seeing an old Jack Black does not make me feel good about how many years I have left in life.


If it makes you feel better, he’s actually younger than he looks. He’s only 53. I think he just doesn’t give a shit about the grey hair like most celebrities, so he looks older than he is.


He’s also been making films/music for longer than we remember. He was in Waterworld 27 years ago.


I love showing people Demolition Man and pointing out baby faced Jack Black in the 5 frames he's in lol


Enemy of The State too


Mars Attacks! also


I really wish more older people, especially celebrities, would embrace their gray. It would really make us mere mortals feel a lot better about the aging process. I found a couple of gray hairs on my nuts the other day and I'm still feelin a certain kinda way about it.


Oh shit, man. I do not look forward to that day. I’m sorry, thoughts and prayers.


That's when you tell the ladies it's just a little salt and pepper seasoning to make your nuts more delectable.


Bro you’re good, I’ve had fucking specks of white facial hair since I was 18


For context Brad Pitt is 58 and Jennifer Anniston is 53.


Both of them feel like they should honestly be older too.




Really? I hadn’t heard that and can’t find anything on Google.




Yeah, you don’t get to make definitive statements about someone’s health when you’re just being an armchair doctor on Reddit. Everyone’s physiology is different and some things that would wear down one person won’t another. You have zero idea of what his physical health condition is and you have zero qualifications to speculate.




Claiming someone in their 50s is unhealthy just for their external appearance is ridiculous. Whats next, going after tall people? People of this age can have actual health problems. If you don't know whether he has chronic illnesses, which you don't, then you shouldn't pretend you do.




So because someone doesn’t “look excellent” for their age, they must be in bad health? You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about, so just stop.


I didn’t say healthy. I said that if you’re not a doctor that actually has access to his medical records, you are not qualified to speak on that, nor would it even be legal for you to do so if you were. So, are you Jack Black’s doctor and you are breaking the law or are you unqualified and talking out your ass?




Yeah, pretty much. You are a massive narcissist if you think it’s unreasonable to think that you, a random Redditor, are even remotely qualified to diagnose if someone is generally in good or bad health when you have never met them before.


I have never not seen Jack Black super active and animated on stage. I feel like he’s ok, health wise.




Okay but if he was in "quite bad health" like Op said then he probably wouldn't be able to perform the way he does.


Yeah, and he can jump and kick!


There was that famous accident he had during Conan O’briens last episode where he ran towards the stag during rehearsal and twisted his ankle. Though that doesn’t really say anything about his health and is more an accident that could happen to anyone. I doubt he’ll do all the crazy shit though after that.


I saw Tenacious D with opening act Har Mar Superstar in Cleveland around 2002. Never heard of Har Mar but he was hilarious. During the transition between performers they set up a cheap ass projector screen and projector, and rolled a 16mm film where Jack Black and Kyle played male prostitutes on the mean streets looking for a John. I forget all the details but somehow Spider-Man was involved with an overtly implied sex scene where he gave facials via his webbing to Jack and Kyle. Just as he sprayed his web all over their faces in the film, the Spider-Man theme started blasting over the speakers and Har Mar dressed in an ill-fitting Spider-Man outfit chased Tenacious D onto stage where they performed a fight scene with silly string-as-cum, culminating in the D’s inevitable victory to start the show. They then played Tenacious D in full, including another guest appearance by Har Mar on the Saxaboom. On the drive back to Columbus me and my bud ate at Waffle House where I drank a Vanilla Coke.


Har mar is great. Whats that fucking song he does?…LADY YOU SHOT ME! Yeah hes got an incredible voice.


Lol holy shit! You've reminded me that this bit was also on their concert DVD, I'd completely forgotten about that 😂. (it's called tenacious d - the complete masterworks)


Damnit, you just reminded me that I lost that DVD about 15 years ago.


I saw them in 08. They took the place of the Beastie Boys last second because MCA was sick. (RIP). Everyone I was with was obviously a bit bummed, but they fuckin nailed it. That first Outsidelands was pretty fuckin rad


Jack Black has the best hand gestures lol, they’re a show all by themselves


Jack black the goat


not even joking, i was going to post "jack black is the goat" and you beat me to it. also the title should be "aunty kompoopo song"


Bro you gotta be joking


yeah i don't know what the hell they're talking about either.


Jack Black slowly turning to Jack White.


I think they’re cousins or some shit


He brought out a fake Jack White during the show then yelled at Kage not to blow it.


For real?


It was the live debut of "Don't Blow It, Kage"


I hadn't realized they had collaborated!


There were rumors of them getting together a few years back but it sounds like Kage fuckin blew it and played the worst shit instead of a tasty monster jam.


jack black is so fucking talented.


Whats the scoop tho?


Jack Black is one of the dudes who stayed genuine to himself, **despite** the fame.


I've always said that Jack Black actually has one of the best singing voices of all time. There are some Tenacious D songs where he honestly kind of blows me away with his singing ability.


Wonderboy has amazing range, tbh


I love jack black


This... this sparks joy.


Just saw them two nights ago in MPLS at Surley field. Phenomenal show. JB & KG for life!


Jack Grey


That's one word I thought would never make it into a song


Fuck yeah I was 3rd row center for this show!


Send this to shaq


Man Jack Black is only 53?? He looks way older in this video.


Didn’t know my mental health needed this so badly but I did. Thank you Jack.


Tenacious D was my very first concert ever. It was also one of the first times I ever ate an edible. Of course I got way too high and could barely stand up but the show was amazing. i fucking love jack black and Tenacious D. singing their songs at any random time, especially when we were high, was like our running dude bro inside joke for a decade.


Thought this was going to be to the tune of “explosivo”