And Alexander wept, for there were no more ads to cover


Really just does not seem possible for the NFL to run out of ads.


I have never thought about what Al’s full name was until now. I am not entirely gruntled right now


It’s Alan.


That feels better








"Stop saying Jesus wept"


the power…the facility…JEEEESUS


*looks as both sides of hands in awe*


***‘Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?’***




"Do you feel that?" "No."


Omg I wish I could give this gold


Good feels like nfl has too many commercial breaks lately


There's only so many ways a pick up truck can be advertised


Well, I mean, it *is* truck month. Only happens twelve times a year.


Its also *insert random holiday" so the deals won't last long


President's Day? There's a sale for that? Memorial Day? We have one for that too.


Juneteenth isn't about freeing slaves, it's about selling cars.


“On this solemn Juneteenth, let us liberate you from your lease 3 months early for existing Ford lessees and get you into a brand new F-150 for only $199 a month $2995 down!!!!”


"Only 3/5ths the typical monthly price!"


God damn.


God damn is right 😂


"And if you choose a black finish on your F-150, get $1500 in Reparations Cash off your new truck."


"I have a dream that my truck will not be judged by the color of its body but by its best in class towing capacity and superior torque."


And god help us if it's a Lincoln dealership


How dare you mention truck month when you know we're a Toyotathon family.


Excuse me, it's 2021, not everyone celebrates Toyotathon, please be a little more sensitive and inclusive and just say Happy Honda Days.




Uhh excuse me we only buy AMERICAN around here (assembled in America from foreign-sourced parts)


Damn right, we only buy amurican, 它让福特变得坚韧.


You can't be discounting that VW sign and drive


Excuse me, it’s sign THEN drive. Signing documents while driving is quite dangerous.


No you see we have a tailgate that opens in five different configurations, surely that makes this truck worth the $50,000 MSRP.


$50k? You went with the base model?


Half of the base model…..


new trucks are fucking criminal in how they are priced. seems like the south is full of financially irresponsible suckers


It’s criminal that there aren’t cheaper options but the technology in the newer trucks is pretty wild.


I mean it’s small, but the Maverick is pretty cool.


Advertise that then instead of a rear tailgate that .1% of people will use Ooh look it folds! Wow!


Gotta differentiate yourself from the competition. Sucks that the differentiation is fuckin' lame


I mean if you actually use a truck you’ll use the tailgate every day. It is strange that they focus *so much* on it, but it is a feature you’ll use practically every day. Bear in mind many of these are work trucks that are written off, so their target market isn’t usually your average consumer.


Yeah I've always theorized that trucks were always meant for business use and were priced as such, but then people with way too much money started buying them and it sort of caught on. And then it course they will always push the limits to see how much people are willing to spend (sorta like phones, add a few bells and whistles and slowly creep it up so people don't realize the jump)


they're also absurdly large now - both tall and they seem to hardly fit in parking spots. designers need to reel it in a bit


Living down here, I can confirm this. I can't even count the number of people I know who own big ass trucks with pristine condition beds because they don't fucking need a truck.... then complain about gas.


So I’m not the only one that thinks the flex gate is pointless and stupid?


You are the only one. It is God’s gift to the American Man, and therefore the world. It will solve racism and the climate crisis and we will finally heal.


Of all the gimmicky shit I see in car commercials that stupid tail gate is on up there. Also what's up with all these Christmas commercials for cars where people just give their spouse a surprise $50000 car... is this some joke im too poor to understand?


That's what you think


*Now here's a truck*


Smells like a steak and seats thirty-five


12 yards long, 2 lanes wide, it's 65 tons of American pride


She blinds everybody with her super high beams, she's a squirrel squashing, deer smacking driving machine!




If I have to see anymore commercials about a multi-functioning tailgate, my head will explode.


Idk man, I like the one with the guy and his cat


Clearly this guy hasn't met the all new 2022 Dodge Ram with extended 18 position multipurpose bed which can hold all your tools while you sit upstairs in your work from home office as an accountant.


They've tried to advertise solely on the tailgate, next they're gonna be talking about the thing that props the hood open. Adding USB ports to that thing and showing someone film a tik tok with it


Let's be real, the people who are buying new $50,000 trucks are not the ones using it for actual truck stuff. They dont care about the towing capacity, they just care about some fancy feature they can flex at a tailgate.


*Excuse me*, those expensive propane grills from my father-in-law don't haul themselves!


Honestly anytime I see those commercials I try and figure out what actor has sold out (no cap) and is voicing whatever brand truck. But probably because I can’t afford a new truck and if I could I would obviously buy a New Ford F-150 because it was built Ford Tough^TM


The ones with the rear tailgate from Chevy are so stupid. This man is seriously out there talking about the back of his truck to his neighbors and friends, to the IRE of his family? Who does this? Do you know anyone IRL that talks about how awesome their trunk is?


I mean its stupid but if were going to talk about the least relatable truck commercial people the GMC one where the husband buys an extremely expensive truck and an extrenely expensive SUV for Christmas without consulting his wife wins hands down.


Look at the size of the house in the commercial, that’s the house of a family that can drop 70k on two vehicles without thinking twice.


And the only thing the beds of those pickup trucks will see are maybe some bicycles.


That’s also the house of a family who can afford something orders of magnitude nicer than an uninspired SUV from GM


Let's be honest, people living in a house like that don't drive GMCs. The real situation ends with the wife laughing and asking where he put her Range Rover.


https://youtu.be/WcEylCwkSxE This SNL bit is a great riff on that concept.


I reference this in another post, it's so cringe. "One for me, one for you!" Who does this? Who gives cars for Christmas? "Hey babe I love you so much I got you a Brand new GMC ™ Sierra 2022. Now with rear tailgate." Or the Jewelry ads. Oh man there are so many ads I could bitch about. "This year get her something **that matters** evvery kiss begins with Kay™"


Look at their house though, they are probably stupidly rich. The next thing she probably says is "ok I'll park it between the Bentley and the Lamborghini."


I think if I did this I literally would get divorced. Buying a new car as a suprise and it's a pickup truck lol. Here hun, your seden just wasn't cutting it, now you are set for 4 wheeling on your way to daycare


"Here, for the 0.01% of our viewership who can afford to just spend $50k all at once without breaking a sweat, is a new commercial. The rest of you can go the bathroom and not watch - but don't flush if it's not poo, you probably can't afford the wastewater bill"


WaiT yOu WOrk HeRe???? Fucking stupid asf


I was at a wedding and this drunk guy that I sorta know but don't really care for kept telling me how his boss paid for his fully loaded truck. He kept telling me how amazing it was and did I mention his boss paid for it. Man his truck was so stupid loaded and his boss paid for it. I just kept going "oh that's cool" until I found my escape route. So to answer your question drunk Texans talk about how awesome their trucks are. Especially if their boss paid for it.


The cat one is kinda funny.


The cat one is great because I had a cat who was very much like the one in the commercial. She'd go on walks with you and in many ways acted far more like a stereotypical dog than a cat.


I can't remember if it was Chevy or not but the one with the built in cooler always makes me laugh. 99% of owners are going to use that max once a year.




That's the feeling you get from driving the other brands. The all new Ford F-250 feels like watching Marlin Jackson pick off Brady in the AFCCG. Ford. The ones who get it done.


The new Ford F-250 extended box has so much storage space that you can haul your “AFC Finalist” banner everywhere you go without even rolling it up. Now that’s built. Ford. Tough.”


yeah, when a multi-folding tailgate is the focal point of a marketing campaign I'd have to agree.


The new Energizer commercial that's a parody of the Christmas vehicle commercials is honestly a 10/10.


Pickup trucks and insurance companies.


A truck so manly it’ll fuck your wife


I almost miss the cringeworthy car commercials that show that they won the JD power award. As if anyone actually cared.




Honestly I think it used to be much worse. They got rid of the commercial - kickoff - commercial sequence and that ended up extending to avoiding breaks in quick succession when possible (things like injury delays being an understandable exception)


Yep agreed, I've noticed pretty serious improvement at least in the sequencing of commercials (not sure about the overall quantity)


Part of that is because they've been trying to make the game shorter. Things like putting ad breaks during replay reviews and those picture-in-picture ads are some of the ways they've tried to cut down on airtime so the games don't last 3 and a half hours like they often used to. Just as an example, you never see commercials directly following a kickoff anymore, because it was so disruptive to the pace of the game for both players and viewers. So yes, because there's technically the same amount of ads in a shorter amount of time, it may feel like there's more ads than before, but the primary reason is because there's less time spent at the stadium sitting around waiting for commercial breaks to end.


I'm all about picture in picture ads. NASCAR and Soccer do it, doesn't bother me


Same. Please god ncaa take notes. Watching college football has become so miserable. 4.5 hours atleast for any main network game. It's fucking ridiculous.


My strategy now is to start watching games about midway through the game. Fast forward all the ads and dead time and I usually get caught up right around the fourth quarter.


they're all the same too. they get shoved down your throat repeatedly that eventually you throw up. it's very disconcerting even WORSE is that it's holiday season which means the capitalistic greedy fat cats that give each other cars for the holidays are back. ONE FOR ME, ONE FOR YOU! OH THIS ONE'S MINE! who cares


You mean you don’t love driving in a Ford F-150 powdered by Chevy and covered by your USAA membership while you get surprisingly great rates from Statefarm on your home insurance as you join the NFL’s newest team, the Lowe’s Home Improvement Team?


while drinking a Bud Light™ Seltzer


that fucking commercial infuriates me because of that "WOOO" sound that they play 4 fucking times to annoy you into remembering their stupid product


I just want nachos with cheese in my home too


Gronk? Dem nachos??


My least favorite ones are the Uber Eats ones. “Tonight, I’ll be eating some weird meal you don’t give a shit about.” *sound of doorbell ringing causing my dog to lose her shit*


>*doorbell ringing causing my dog to lose her shit* Every fucking time. It should be illegal to put doorbell noises in TV commercials and siren noises in radio ads.


> and siren noises in radio ads. Especially this, it's stupid to put something in that will actually distract drivers into looking around for a safety issue that isn't there.


Not only that but they try to be horrifically unfunny. "I am my daddy's daddy." "Wait what."


>they're all the same too. This is what gets me too. It's not so much the existence of commercial breaks during the game, but the fact that the same commercials are shown over and over again. Then you have what I call the "Geicoization" of TV commercials, where everybody tries to be weird, random or edgy, and barely gives any mention to the actual product or service.


It's even worse on streaming, where they literally do show the same commercial over and over. Last week they played that student loan commercial with the dancing girl every. single. break. Before Halloween, they would show the same trick-or-treat dairy product commercial five times in a row. I'm not exaggerating.


The thing is that Geico at least works in their product with the same message. So now if somebody says "Saving money on car insurance" I automatically think of Geico. Most of the "nothing to do with the product" commercials don't even manage this.


I swear there are only 10 commercials and they repeat endlessly for 3-4 hours. Pretty sure that was used as a form of torture in Guantanamo.


If you go to a bar and watch 8 games at once you'll notice that this is pretty much the case. The same ads air throughout all games in the 1pm and 4 pm slots. When one game is in action, another is in commercial break playing an ad, then you see the same ads when game 1 goes to commercial. It's almost eerie in a way. It's all scripted.


There was one year, where Vampire Weekend sold their “Holiday” song to EVERY GODDAMN COMPANY willing to hand them a bag of cash. You’d hear it 2-3 times in the same commercial break. I have never wished for a musical group to fail so much in my life.


Just wait until they start partnering up for commercials with different companies. Opening scene. Its a dark cold morning. A man is walking outside and you can see his breath in the air as he walks to his truck. He gets in, turns the key and it starts right up. The narrator says "You want to be reliable. You want things to work right the first time, every time. When it's time to go, it's time to go." Next scene. A shot of the truck pulling a huge trailer up a hill. The camera pans inside the cab and his wife is in the seat next to him staring at him longingly. Narrator: "You need to be able to get the job done when it's time to get going. Whether its a spur of the moment short trip, or for the long haul." Final scene. The truck pulls into a hotel parking lot in the dark. The camera pans back into the cab and shows the dash clock say 1:15 am. The wife says "Are we done for the night?" The man gives her a grin and says "Not a chance." The truck does a massive burnout in the parking lot, and the "Like a Rock" tagline shows and the song plays. Both the Viagra and Chevrolet logos are shown.


I just don't watch most prime time games these days. RedZone or no thank you. (And even that's started showing on-screen ads which is a travesty, yet probably inevitable. They pretend they're not doing it by going "oh look! Current top {position} stats!" (like anyone cares about those numbers while the games are going on?) as they shrink the screen of what you're trying to watch. Then show an ad for 5 seconds after the meaningless numbers go away.)


It's been over a decade since the NFL last added commercial breaks to broadcasts


Yeah, I’m saying it feels like they’re doing them more often. There’s less of analyzing the previous play and more of “and here’s a break”. It was very evident in Lions v Browns when there was literally a penalty called over a commercial break.


You’re referring to the “we’ll be back in 30 seconds after a word from X” ones right? Fuck those.


Fuck them all. There shouldn't be a commercial after a punt or a turnover either.


I remember when it used to be commercial + kickoff + commercial. At least that doesn’t happen anymore.


“While you were away the officials decided the contested touchdown was in fact a score. No you will not get a replay, it doesn’t fit into the timeslot. We’ll be right with the kickoff after after these messages”


I missed a live touchdown recently during a game because of a commercial. That's like fucking broadcasting malpractice or something.


They have a set number of commercials per half, and they try to fit all of them in as early as possible, so they don't have to go to commercial during the end of the half when the drama is typically the highest (such as this clip). So yes, let's shove those after clock stoppages like a punt or turnover early, so we don't have to deal with it later.


The Eagles / Saints game we challenged Hurts second TD and they decided it was in during a break...takes a lot of hype out of it.


It’s borderline offensive how shit the commercials are too. If you’re gonna shove a commercial break down my throat every 5 minutes, at least make the commercials bearable. TV ads have all sunken to the level of the ones that used to only come on at 1am on the free channels.


Honestly I don’t think the NFL is that bad about commercials. I watch a lot of CFB and it’s WAY WORSE in college games. NFL breaks are usually at logical spots like a change in possession, TOs are sometimes only 30 seconds with the commercial on only half the screen, the breaks aren’t super long like college games. The big thing though, and I remember it being mentioned as a point of emphasis a few years ago, is that if there’s 2 commercial events close together (like quick changes of possession) they’ll skip the second break if it’s doable. This stemmed from the NFL getting rid of the commercial-kickoff-commercial sequence. I’m ready to be downvoted because everyone hates on commercials but I don’t find the NFL to be that bad with them. When compared to college, the NFL is actually wayyyyyy better.


I used to go to Florida Gators games, and there'd just be random spots in the game where everyone stands around for 5 minutes because it's a TV timeout.


Kyler Fackrell is still in the league?


Thought the exact same thing when I saw him..


It's not like he was bad.


Making just enough plays that we sometimes get excited about him then he disappears for a few games.


Which is honestly not bad for a backup pass rusher


True Luckily Nwosu has really stepped his game up so Fackerell is the backup now. It was split earlier this year.


Amateurs. ESPN would have used the extra time to talk about how Big Ben’s pet fish died 27 years ago and that it’s incredible he’s playing tonight.


RIP Sparkles.


I mean, there’s usually a break at the two-minute warning, isn’t there?


Stadium was playing the wrap it up music, had to hurry up


[For the uninitiated](https://youtu.be/j-emlb2_jdI)


better wrap that gavel up, B.


Yes, but the way the NFL does commercials is that there's a set number per half, and if they run out, then they're done for that half. They try to get it over with early so that they don't interrupt late game action as much.


As much as people love to complain about commercials, it’s so refreshing to watch a close contested 4th quarter with very few breaks. The negative is usually the 3rd quarter was unwatchable.


I feel like you’ve been beaten into submission and while it looks like you’re looking for positives in an ocean of negatives, this reads like you have Stockholm syndrome lmao fuck them commercials


"As much as people love to complain about commercials, it's so refreshing when there aren't commercials." my man really thought he was on to something here.


Yeah that didn’t come out the way it sounded in my head. I’m more saying people love to bitch about the commercials during the start of a half, but it’s worth it since it allows for some great 4th quarters with fewer commercial breaks.


I can always tell the NFL fans who don't watch cfb because they complain about ads during an NFL game. It's infinitely better than cfb.


NFL games flow so much better than college. I wish college adopted the NFL time keeping rules to help speed up the game.


They could just have less commercials in the third quarter as well as less in the 4th though Like, that's an option: less ads


Great game


There have been multiple games this year where they didn't go to break at the 2-minute warning, which is something I'd never, ever seen before in 30+ years of watching the NFL. Edit: There are still 9 breaks per half, no matter what anyone wants to say about "more commercials" this year.


I laughed so hard. The way it coincided with Heyward shaking his head was perfection.


The head shaking was perfect timing! I'm surprised a comment about that is this far down.


I misread title as "AI", as in "Artificial Intelligence", which led to momentary confusion.




Man I do love Michaels and Collinsworth. Iconic football as they come.


Agreed. I don't get the hate on them as announcers.


Anyone who hates Al Michaels' announcing just doesn't have a brain


Exactly. I can understand some hatred for Collinsworth since he can get on tangents and be a doofus at times. I think he’s fine, but I understand. Michaels though, like how can you not like the guy? He does his job and does it well. What do you not like about that?!


Michaels called the 1980 US Soviet hockey game. One of, if not the greatest call in sports by any broadcaster. You can’t hate him.


He's a living legend. "Do you believe in Miracles? YES"


Listening to Collinsworth spend an entire quarter talking about playing other sports at the high school level was the perfect example of this


I’ve heard enough of collinsworth essentially masturbating to Patrick mahomes the past few years


For those that haven’t heard, [this is what it sounds like ](https://youtu.be/yhiqtrWIcu0)


It evens out when Aikman calls our games though. Aikman hates Mahomes.


The raiders have only played on Sunday night against the chiefs lately. Imagine, the one Sunday night game you get all year and the announcer non-stop felates the opposing teams QB, even when your team has the ball. I mean shit, last year Carr matched Mahomes completely and I don't think Collinsoworth even noted that Carr was playing well.


“Heyward is so tired” every 10 seconds was a great example too. So was his obvious rooting for the Steelers. I’ve always hated his commentating


I like Chris but he does often announce like he’s getting paid per word


I know it was inappropriate but I freaking loved when Al made the joke a few years ago during a Giants game saying "and this guy has been having a worse week than Harvey Weinstein" at the height of the Weinstein case. I practically spit my drink out at home. Then it came back from commercial break and Al was like "yeah I made a joke, sorry if it was dumb, anyway back to football" and it was like "fuck yeah Al"


Al Michael's is a goddamn legend


Nobody hates Al it's just Chris is an annoying smart fuck head


I feel like people just hate on every announcer unless it Peyton and Eli who arent even talking about the game half the time.


Nobody hates on Kevin Harlan




Collinsworth was clearly rooting for the Patriots in SB LII. His boner for certain QBs can make him very annoying if it's not your team.


Yeah, even as one of the few neutral parties rooting for the Pats in that game, he was unbearable. I generally love Collinsworth but I don't blame Eagles fans one bit for hating him. It was bad enough listening to him fellate Rodgers when we'd play them and that doesn't even come close to SB LII


it's funny because there are plenty of patriots fans who hate on michaels and collinsworth because they felt they were clearly rooting for the seahawks in XLIX. personally i don't give a shit if the announcer hates my team or is clearly rooting for the opponent. if they can breakdown football as it's happening and provide interesting analysis, i don't care if they have a 12th man tattoo on their face while they're talking.


Most of the hate I've seen for Collinsworth is from Eagles fans and it's specifically because of that game. I like him a lot, but I can't really blame you after that.


That game and many other SNF games. A few years back, opening kickoff against the Cowboys, they fumble. Eagles clearly recover, under review refs say no clear recovery, Al and Cris call it a good call


Was this the one where the refs couldn't determine which of the 4 Eagles on top of the ball had possession so they said "fuck it" and gave it back to Dallas?




Collinsworth chooses one team to deep throat and proceeds to do so the entire game. Al is good though


I really like Al Michaels but collinsworth can be grating at times like when he very clearly has a team he wants to win or sucks off any QB he likes


CC can go off talking about nonsense at times. But they’re not nearly as bad as Dull Aikman and “Pass is CAUGHT” Joe Buck.


Oh my god that quote triggered me


I love Al. Collinsworth is mediocre at best. There are a lot better color commentators you could pair with Al Michaels to make an all time great pairing.


While I did prefer Michaels and Madden, this works well.


I’d say Al Michaels does the heavy lifting, you could stick somebody else in there with Michaels and it would work. Can’t say the same for Collinsworth


Better than Phil and Jim were.


I like Michaels, but Collinsworth grates on me. Collinsworth picks a narrative ahead of time and gushes over it for four hours, getting upset when reality doesn’t conform to what he wants to say. IMO, he’s not a color commentator, he’s your out-of-touch grandpa rambling on about ‘the way things should be’.


You’re 100% correct, there’s nothing more annoying than hearing “now here’s a guy” and then continues to slobber over whatever he decided to talk about.


Good. Usually they just use the 2 minute warning to show you the same old car ads or amazon "i onlllly have eeeeyessss for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" Actually using this time to show replays is pretty useful


drives me insane when there's a challenge and they just go to break INSTEAD OF SHOWING RELEVANT FOOTAGE


They used to show replays and mike or dean blandino, now whenever there's a review they just go stright to ads 80% of the time. Then they come back and give the referee comment. "After review the runner was down at the 35." Well, can yinz show the replay so we know he was down? Instead of ads?


> yinz I think you're missing your Steelers flair


You gotta watch sone random Australian stream to get weird Aussie ads during NFL games. Entertainment x100


Watching old sporting events from the 80s where the commercials are Left in is the best....


Collinsworth: "aight, i got u bro"


"Actually just kidding. This is a tide commercial. The whole game."~Al Michaels probably


I don't get it.


It’s a reference to a Super Bowl commercial. [https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zpaLHwwYxE8](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zpaLHwwYxE8)


Collinsworth is one of the best colour guys out there. People may not like his content but his ability to quickly segue between segments/talking points and not be caught off guard is amazing. He just quickly said "cool, alright, back to football" while making the transition from their "oops" feel and look seamless.


Sunday Night Football is kind of ass this year. Collinsworth just slobbers over random superstars. Shoebert makes a great tackle and Cris credits it to Cam's existence. Herbet/Williams have a great TD and he says "That wouldn't have happened if Minkah was still in." Al doesn't seem to know everyone's name or what position they play half the time. Michelle made an ass of herself on the view. This is the best commentator team we can get?