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Trump’s most important campaign promises: Repeal Obamacare:Failure Trump Healthcare:Failure Easily win a trade war with China:Failure Build a wall that Mexico pays for:Failure Bring GDP to 4,5 or 6%:Failure Eliminate the national debt:Failure Infrastructure bill: Failure


Release tax returns after audit: Failure Bring back manufacturing: Failure Save coal: Failure Lobbying ban: Failure Put "Merry Christmas" on WH holiday cards: Success!


Have conference at four seasons: success!


I still think that “incident” was probably the most absurd thing to happen in politics for decades.


Of all the absurd things to have happened in the last 4 years, I'm not sure that's even top ten. The man said he wanted to nuke a hurricane and floated the idea of bleach injections on live television. Dan Quayle was canceled over misspelling the word potato. The bar has sunk so fucking low, no one is sure where it is anymore.


Don’t forget when he tried to buy Greenland.


Yes! Everything about that was just bizarre. Denmark and Greenland had made no indication at all that they were interested in selling territory, and yet he makes this proposal public and the acts all indignant when Denmark says the sale was an absurd idea they would not entertain.


Don't forget calling our Prime Minister a 'nasty woman' and cancelling his visit to Denmark (thanks, actually).


lol what the fuck is wrong with this man. Like he is not okay in the head


He's not. There are bad Presidents and dumb politicians, but this guy made me wonder things that I didn't even have to question under Bush Jr.


Malignant narcissism.


When you're dead, you don't know you're dead. It's only difficult for others. Stupid works the same way.


It’s in the basement in a a locked cabinet with the sign that says “beware of the leopard”.


The light had probably gone. SO HAD THE STAIRS!


Don't forget he redrew the path of a hurricane with a sharpie.


Send out James Cameron. He’ll bring the bar up.


Maybe next to a dildo store, in front of a landscaping company?


Bro he got Clemson’s championship football team MacDonalds and Burger King when they visited the White House. I’ll never forget that image LOL




I want to thank the person that didn't automatically hang up on their phone call. That person should die satisfied no matter how the rest of their life goes. You know those people that are constantly talking about that great thing they did in high school and everyone just rolls with it to humor them since the rest of their life has been a failure? This person will be like that, but everyone else will be grinning along with the story for real. 90 years old: "Hey, you guys remember that time I had Trump and those idiots have a press conference in our god damned parking lot? Gold, man. That was gold."


My favourite thing about that is how quick on his feet the guy who took the call must have been. "No sir, this is Four Seasons Landscaping, you want.... [Light bulb] ... I mean, yes sir! We'd be happy to host your press conference!"


I love how their business basically transformed overnight. They were overrun with orders for the merchandise that they very quickly and wisely cashed in on, and now they're a goddamned tourist destination, of all things. Best thing that happened in those 4 mad years.


I've read a theory that Trump had already tweeted that they would be giving a press conference at the 4 seasons, before he found out that it wasn't available. With Trump being incapable of admitting any mistake, they just needed a way to make this tweet technically come true. So the phonecall could have looked something like: "No sir, this is Four Seasons Landscaping, you want the four seasons hotel. ...... Yes, we are technically A four seasons, but not THE four seasons. We really are not affiliated with the hotel at all......no, we don't, we only have a parking lot and I think the guy who sells sex-books across the street parked his van there.... What do you mean, 'still'? Am I being pranked? Are you just a Giuiani-impersonator? Alright fine! I don't care who you are, if you pay up front, you can do whatever you want in our parking lot. ...nutjob."


Wait why are we giving him shit for not saving coal? That actually sounds like a success


I mean he also failed at the wall which I call a success. His base thinks he’s so great but in 4 years he hasn’t made good on any of his outstanding promises.


Remember how a major campaign slogan on Trump 2020 merchandise was "NO MORE BULLSHIT"? Who do these people think was in charge for the previous four years?


Isn’t not “paying up” trumps thing? Seriously, did the people who voted for him think he was just going to turn around and start holding up his end of his bargains after a lifetime of doing the opposite?


The entire Republican legislative body was screaming "repeal and replace" for the better part of a decade. When they finally got their majority, they had nothing. Not one idea what that would look like. It was pathetic. And yet their mouth-breathing base lapped it up. Republican voters are a lost cause at this point.


No, their plan will be out in two weeks. Always two weeks. Never more, never less.


Will ain't this administration a temporal oddity, two weeks from everywhere.


I’m a Dapper Dan man, dammit.


“Damn! We’re in a tight spot!”


That's because Obamacare is a Republican idea. The only way to get a more fiscally sound healthcare option would be universal healthcare.


Speaking of that idea which is basically Romneycare, I actually miss when Mitt Romney was the scariest thing about Republicans.


Republicans have been this depraved for decades, they just used to bother with decorum on camera.


Republican voters have one agenda despite what they spin up there for a candidate: which guy can keep the coloreds down the best?


> When they finally got their majority, they had nothing. Not one idea what that would look like. You clearly don't know what you're talking about. The Trumpcare plan was crystal clear: shove a lightbulb up your ass, drink some bleach, and refuse to take any preventative measures.


Steal election: failure


The only accomplishments are: 1. Tax cuts for the rich 2. Stack the courts 3. Empower racists 1 and 2, any president with an R next to his name would have done. So basically his only accomplishment in four years was legitimizing the existence of racists. That’s why he will go down in history as the worst president ever.


Don’t forget locking Hillary up, which was also a failure




All true but his biggest failure was ignoring, then mishandling followed by ignoring again a major pandemic because his only concern was reelection to avoid possible criminal charges and to avoid having to pay off massive loans coming due. His creditors are probably going to want until after 2024 to see if he gets reelected to go after him because they're afraid of him.


Dude could have worn a mask and buckled down on saving America and would have been re-elected in heart-beat, easiest election ever


Too easy. He's too 'smart' for his own good and he has failed at everything he has done throughout his adult life.


Marriage vows x 3 = failure x 3


Don't forget Get Re-elected: Failure


People assume he was successful because of his authoritarian actions and persona but he didn't accomplish jack shit except maneuver everything to avoid getting into trouble for his crimes and almost overthrow our democracy. Does the public really want Biden to do that same shit? No, they're expecting Biden to pass a bunch positive changes against a senate where he holds *bare minimum* majority and any one senator can derail everything since Republicans unanimously oppose Democratic bills.


Don’t forget he promised to be so good at President, that he’d only need 1 term: success


Lock her up: Failure


The things that make my ass itch are when he doubles down on stuff that everyone *knows* is horse caca, and that he knows we know, but you can't say anything about because either the person you'd be talking to already knows or doesn't believe reality's real Like it's moved on from "Election's been stolen," which, okay, at least that implies that it's a slight, and that hey, if that's true, something should be looked into, something should be done about it. You can know better, but if you already believe that, or want to, there's a glimmer of hope that it'd play out. Now it's "Election was stolen which we've proven conclusively." Why'd you have to push it that far? It's one of two things: the *opposite*, or, best case, depending on what minute detail you're talking about, unknowable because in some cases the pre-arguments were so half-assed they didn't bother fully examining, wherein they would have found out for-sure it was still bullshit, but since they didn't, you technically can pretend the glimmer is still there undocumented. Either way, *certainly* not *proven* as the *other* conclusion. Like you just wanna ask him, straight up, where's your proof, can I see it? The Axios guy tried with the charts and that was tense but also cathartic. It's the Sharpie weather map all over again. Instead of just saying "Whoops I misunderstood" or "whoops I fucked up" or a decent white lie like "that's not what I meant, or I thought you were talking about a different hing," it's gotta be *draw a pocket universe bubble with a marker that tooootally is how those maps work and tooootally means something*. And it's a thousand year old guy, in charge of everything, and we have to pretend that's not frighteningly stupid and dishonest and insane. P.S. Unrelatedly, the Cameo video his son's doing make me super sad. You can tell there's a person in there but covered by so much facade. Also the contrived hand movements thing is so over the top it looks like he took a class on cosplaying. It's no wonder he needs his dad's approval to function because it looks like he thinks moving like that is the secret to success, conveniently ignoring the schemes and (so-called) charm.


Piss on the Constitution: Success Elevate White Nationalism: Success Get over half a million Americans killed by politicizing a virus: Success Get impeached twice: Success


Really makes me wonder what that MAGA slogan of "Promises Made, Promises Kept" was referring to...


Taxpayer funds funneled to the wealthy


Shut down TikTok: failure


Remember draining the swamp? Backed a septic truck up to the swamp and dumped an over full load right in!


They’ll blame the Democrats somehow


The one term, twice impeached holder of the lowest average approval rating in history who lost the White House and the Senate for Republicans SHOULD be trashed by them. That he's not speaks volumes about what's wrong with the GOP.


Hey that's not fair. He also lost the popular vote twice in a row


why the fuck is there anything BUT the popular vote in this day and age. Why even count it as a popular vote if it means dickall?


Because the electoral college is there to help curb the danger of demagogues... Wait just a minute


Apparently tyranny of the majority is very scary but tyranny of the minority is just fine.


California has 65x the population of Wyoming but each is given two senators. System has to change. Yes, I understand the tyranny of majority argument before some numbskull brings it up. But the opposite is happening now.


>Yes, I understand the tyranny of majority argument before some numbskull brings it up. But the opposite is happening now. Ideally there wouldn't be tyranny of either kind, but at least tyranny of the majority makes more people happy, this tyranny of the minority is extra bullshit.


Kinda funny that both sides fear the tyranny of the minority.... just different minorities.


Because Republicans wouldn't be able to win the presidency without the Electoral College. They're not about to condemn the only thing that lets them sometimes win. Since the end of the Reagan era, they've won the popular vote in a presidential election only *twice*.


Only once if you count papa Bush's one term as the end of the Reagan Era.


It’s mind-boggling that Republicans have won the popular vote once in the past 30 years and yet a Republican has been President for 12 of those years.


One popular vote out of the last 30 years, yet 6-3 on the supreme court. This was the game. They won.


>It’s *mind-boggling* that Republicans have won the popular vote once in the past 30 years and yet a Republican has been President for 12 of those years. You have a typo there in the middle of "completely depressing."


...and have appointed 6 of 9 justices of the current Supreme Court. Further, since the Nixon administration began in 1969, Democrats have appointed just 4 Supreme Court justices, while Republicans have appointed 16.


It’s so nuts: LA County in CA has 10m people, while the entire state of Wyoming has 600k. They both get two senators.


Flip Texas blue and you’ll see Republicans change their tune about the Electoral College *real* quick.


Because racist white land owners didn’t want women and later on, black voters to count 200+ years ago and we haven’t caught up to modern times yet.


The electoral college has evolved into a modern 3/5ths compromise, the fact that abolishing it is such a controversial topic tells me all I need to know about why we still have it.


We’d need significant voting reform before popular vote becomes the *only* vote. The FPTP system encourages shitty candidates, we need ranked choice or literally any system that doesn’t encourage massive, uncompromising partisanship like FPTP does.


I agree with you about moving on from FPTP, but I'd still consider popular FPTP better than what we have now, so I'd disagree about it needing to be fixed before the electoral college situation.


More if you include all those recounts he lost more with


He lost a popularity contest to Hillary Clinton.


Ouch. Even those of us who supported and voted for Hillary as a professional president would struggle to name her Ms. Popularity! Trump couldn't even receive more votes than one of the most disliked (and mercilessly smeared) people in America.


Only president ever with a peak approval rating below 50%


Sad thing is I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden’s average dips lower than Trumps. Reason would be because democrats approve or disapprove based on actions so it’s possible for him to lose support where as trump’s base thinks he can do no wrong so he will never dip too low.


The Republicans depend on Trump's base. They are the majority of their voters. And now that they are poised to take back at least one chamber of Congress and possibly two (not to mention win the executive in Virginia on Tuesday), it would be absolutely foolish of them, at least from a realpolitik view, to turn on Trump now.


> They are the majority of their voters. Because they alienated every other voter that remotely believes in reality, including many conservatives. All they've got left are the fanatics who will accept that the sky is green if Trump says so.


Yup. Trump has the GOP over a barrel, and it would be *so very* amusing to watch, if only the future of our country wasn't at stake.


They shouldn't depend on Trump's base....my father, a life long republican told me tonight he considers the republican party as bat shit nuts and said he is left leaning now. That's great news but is also very telling....


And what that really means is that there are no middle of the road Republicans anymore. My parents were in the same situation as your dad and say they same thing now. This means that the furthest right candidates are going to win even more primaries so the dem voters are going to have to not get complacent when they are less than happy with the dem candidate because they are going to constantly be going up against far right nut jobs with rabid bases. So a lukewarm dem vote is always going to need to be more voters than that die hard 30% that will vote like clockwork for the nut jobs.




So he acknowledges that Biden is president? Edit: I just made a flippant comment, it unexpectedly blew up (4590 points and 8 gilds when updating this), and I feel a bit bad about it being misleading. To be clear, Trump has acknowledged that he did not win on a few occasions (Jan 7 - https://youtu.be/rYKkQ3BOo_E, in June https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/article252177178.html, and likely several other times.) I just think he avoided saying that for a long time so hearing him talk about President Biden, even in a negative way, is a bit satisfying.


>So he acknowledges that Biden is president? Sounds like he's conceded. Many people are saying so.


I also hear that many people are saying this.


Really smart people, some of the best around, are saying it.


Big guys, firefighters, with tears in their eyes.


Hugging and kissing each other as they say it while crying.


*Lindsey Graham has entered the chat*


*Mike Pence has asked Mother for permission to join the chat*


Mother says it wouldn't be appropriate


Mike Pence's fly disagrees.




Yes! FUCK LINDSEY GRAHAM AND FUCK DONALD TRUMP! I am so sick of this kind of bullshit news!!! Who gives a good God damn what fuckface trump thinks or says!!!


Tears in their eyes, and they said "sir.....sir.....he definitely is the worst president." You wouldn't believe it folks.


So powerful.




Even Baron is saying it. He’s very good at the cyber you know.


A man with a hard hat. A man with a harder hat. A gun that is alive.


Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV.


Many people are saying he has the best concessions. On both sides they're saying it. Beautiful concessions, beautiful. The best. You know, many Presidents actually concede either the night of or the morning after the election. Not many people know that.


*Both* sides, you say?


Person, woman, man, camera.


The conceited has conceded


And that Obama isn't the worst


If you cornered Trump on this, Trump would declare Biden and Obama are in a tie for worst. Book it.


Well either that or he would say a bunch of words that almost sound like a complete thought but mean nothing.


Trump's words, as usual, have no informational value. All the previous presidents in my lifetime were patriots. Of course I barely remember Reagan, but I think its a fair statement to say regardless. I think, from what I can recall all the people who got the nomination were patriots, except Trump. He is self before party before country. Heck he has recently promised to hurt the republican party if they don't continue to support him. You also know he doesn't think of the country first, because when asked what kind of opponent he would want, he always says a weak one. He doesn't even consider what would happen if a bad president got in charge. He only considers getting in charge himself.






I may be behind the times but last time I checked the QAnons were claiming Biden is just set up in a studio that looks like the interior of the White House and trump is still actually living in the WH and performing presidential duties. (Of course it makes no sense.) I imagine they're sure the Pope is in on the scam along with all the G20 representatives and the UN folks.


> trump is still actually living in the WH and performing presidential duties. So are they...happy with recent WH policies?


Ugh. I literally facepalmed reading this. What can we do to get Fox News off the air, and would it matter at this point? Edit: I just stuck my head in a conservative safe space. The biggest thing they seem to be crowing about is a rumor that Biden shit himself at the Vatican during a meeting with the Pope. Nothing to corroborate, just a rumor, but they’re all talking about it. If that’s the best they can do, I’m not too worried.


Remember how Trump was quite obviously wearing adults diapers? Like, you could see them oulined on his too-tight pants. This is just their desperate clawing back trying to make out any criticism of Trump was actually just something about Biden. Look through every single complaint and that's all they've got. It's gonna be 4 years of "I know you, you said you are, but what am I?"


Sems like it. Thoigh the article title should be "Worst President in US History Projects"


I read this and thought, "I dunno. Biden might be difficult because he's only had a year so far. Trump would be worse because of the sheer amount of information that needs to be distilled into a 10 minute class presentation." Then I realized you meant "projects" as in "accuses others of things accuser is guilty of", and I felt dumb. I totally agree, though.


He got beat by the worst president ever? Does he realize how hard he just owned himself?




In Trump's mind crayons are food


Don't disparage marines like that


Biden and Trump had virtually the same electoral votes that Trump and Hillary had in 2016 (And the exact same pledged electoral votes), which Trump called a landslide. So, Trump lost to the man he calls the worst president in history by a margin that Trump himself called a landslide. Plus, unlike Trump, Biden won the popular vote.


Lol. Self-awareness doesn't seem to be something he's familiar with.


I can’t even listen to him speak. Disgusting.


I'm tired of seeing Trump's name in the media like his opinion means anything. I get he makes a convenient lightning rod for Democrats but damn, people need to stop giving him the attention he craves.


Yes! His constant need for attention *at any cost* is what really bugs me. Growing up in the NY Metro area, I was painfully aware of his shenanigans. His need for approval/verification has grown exponentially since then. Because he's the "former guy" however, the news media feels it has an obligation to cover him. Enough, already!


I also grew up in the area. We have all been seeing his name on the tabloids in the checkout line / knowing who he was since the 70s. Seeing everyone else in the country buy into his shtick is like hearing them boast about the great deal they got on a watch outside grand central station the one time they went to the city. “You got flim-flammed.” “No I didn’t, I got a great deal, I got a $10,000 watch for $1,100.” “Dude, there’s only one “L” in ‘Rolex.’”


We've known for at least 40 years that he's a pathological liar, a fucking blowhard, a needy toddler, a con artist, a racist asshole but mostly, a failure. Only recently we found out to what extent. The idiot wasted away $400+ million he inherited from his father. If that isn't America's biggest loser I don't know what is.


How do you make a small fortune in real estate? Give Trump a large fortune in real estate.


How many trump supporters does it take to screw in a light bulb? None! He just tells them it's done, and they cheer him on as they sit there in the dark


They aren't obligated to. They just see way more clicks when Trump's name is in the headline.


Unfortunately his option does mean something because he still has a rabid base. He still has influence of the republican party. It would be great to be able to truly ignore him, but the right isn't going to, which means we can't just ignore him either.


Rabid but shrinking, every day that goes by with him grifting, lying and stealing another supporter finally realises that is all he's been doing all along. And they're literally dying off as well, being told to avoid all the preventions of a deadly pandemic.




He will likely run for a little bit just for the donation money. With no actual intention to win. He's just pure grift all the way down.


That's what he did the first time. He did not expect to win.


That was the plan last time, until he won.


He'll be 78 if he runs again, and he doesn't look like he's in great shape now...




My favorite is when he interrupted a couple's wedding at his golf course to spew shit about the 2020 election. Then again, the couple did agree to have their wedding there so . . . trash all around.


No shit! He's still constantly in the news....and they're giving him MORE free air time why? Apparently, so he can have a platform to air his stupid, selfish, BULLSHIT, whiny opinions to the 30% who still give a fuck about this miserable air bag.


He’s building an army to attack the United States of America from within. Are you really convinced just ignoring it will make it go away?


*with Russian help.


He plays a mean imaginary accordion, tho.


Oh I don’t. I flushed Trump from my life like the POS he is. I just keep an eye out for the rest of the crazies- u know the GQP.


I haven't heard him speak in probably a year now, and I'll be happy if I never do again. The memory of his word salad and the knowledge that people revere him in any regard grinds against my sensibility like a rasp.


Not only impeached 2 times but also desperately wanted to be known as the best president after fumbling fixes for problems he created…


and he entered the last election without a single policy idea. I think he said “we’re going to do things” and left it at that.


His party didn’t even have a platform at the convention. It literally said they support whatever Trump wants to do.


Not only did he enter without any policy ideas, he also forgot to update his policy platform for 2020. One of his campaign promises said he would undo the damages caused by the previous presidential term… which he made in regards to Obama, but accidentally left it in for 2020.


Hannity lobbed him the easiest softball ever and trump still hit himself in the nuts swinging.


Who cares. Who’s upvoting this? Whoever he’s mad at is always the worst whatever in history, we know. He’s an energy vampire, downvote any shit-ass clickbait magazine that amplifies his bullshittery.


[How to Remove Trump From Your Reddit Feed](https://imgur.com/gallery/xTZBUs3)


I had to scroll this far to find this. Who gives a fuck what this guy says aside from his cult? Why is this news? Oh yeah, clicks.


500,000+ dead Americans under Trump’s watch. National debt increased by 8 trillion dollars, a 40% in the debt from when he came into office.


The national debt increase was strategic. Look up the Two Santa Claus theory. Short of it is Republicans spend and reduce taxes on th wealthy then clutch their deficit pearls when democrats take office.




Doesnt matter what the media says, republican voters will. not. read. anything.


The “I know you are but what am I?” defense.


Project, project and project


He's going to call every president, D or R, who isn't him or one of his spawn 'the worst president in history' for the rest of his fucking life. Stop giving him a platform.


When Trump left office after just four years, the economy was in free fall, tens of thousands were dead from the virus he totally mishandled, and people were rioting in the streets and trying to overtake the Capitol. Not sure how that doesn’t put him at the bottom of the list


\**hundreds* of thousands


Thanks for the correction. It was hundreds of thousands.


Rioting *at his urging* and explicitly telling judges across the land that they believed it was what he wanted them to do.


This is the problem with language, as used in politics Trump is, in fact, the worst president in history. It's not just me saying it, it's common among presidential historians Republicans will call ANY Democrat the worst in history because they hate ALL Democrats. This is not new. My ultra-conservative father used to call them "dummy-craps" in the 60s. He never criticized specific policies in detail, he just hurled insults and hate


Trump is bottom 4. Buchanan is undisputed worst for his failures to address secession. Pierce, and Johnson are easy bottom 3 for their actions leading up to and post civil war. Depending on the findings of the January 6 report, Trump could find his way into the bottom 3.


I hate to be this guy, but most historians would disagree. Buchanan was the worst.


Worse than Harding or Jackson? Like I get Buchanan let a Civil War happen, but at least he didn't single handedly oversee a genocide in opposition to his own country's laws.


“I should get credit for the vaccine! Unless you don’t like it, in which case don’t take it and it’s Biden’s fault.”


Wait until Tuesday; if Youngkin wins, trump will take credit. If Youngkin loses, trump will blame him for not embracing MAGA! and that's why he lost.


Mr. 14% unemployment called someone else the worst? How does THAT work?


That's rich coming from Trump: he had four years and almost destroyed the country, added $8 trillion dollars to the debt which set an all time record, tried to overturn a fair election and also tried to overthrow the government and was impeached not once but twice and he's got the balls to say Biden who's only been in office for 9 months is the worst in history!


Here's a thought : Stop reporting on the things this moron says. His reach is now limited without socials and having a write up about him in relatively respected press every time he says something ridiculous doesn't make him shut the fuck up. It'll just embolden him to say more and more outlandish (is it possible? I know...) because it's now the only way to get the attention he desires above all other things, apart of course, from illicit money. Trump says... Who fucking cares should be the headline whenever he opens his mouth. Trump says... Blank paragraphs. This is the way.


There are rankings put out by historians, Trump is in the bottom 5 in every one of them.


Trump is the type of person to "meet Donald and Goofy" at Disney world and would legitimately think they are a) real and b) happened to be there that day in a "what are the odds" type of fashion.


You’re right but you forgot to add the part where he sexually harasses/assaults one or more of the princesses.


And then figure they must have come to Disney that day because they heard he was coming.


Just to be sure, we're talking the **one term** sore losing twice impeached?


GOP is like that movie "The Human Centipede", the base thrives on what Trump shits out.


That visual made me vomit in my mouth a little bit.


As opposed to the worst PERSON is history


Any time I bring up the impeachment thing to anyone they always say the same thing "hE wAsN't ReAlLy ImPeAcHeD"


“Worst President in History tries to give away his title” ftfy


Lol I knew he'd try to pin Afghanistan on Biden, that's the only reason he negotiated that mess. I would call him a sore loser, but I think he might actually be mentally deranged.


Trump should be exiled to Guantanamo.


He should be blasted into the sun


There would be a nice orange glow for days.


*Don't we have an island or something we could use...*


Tell him they have a golf course. That he has never played (and he never will)


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/trump-biden-worst-president-fox-news-1251167/) reduced by 78%. (I'm a bot) ***** > In Trump's opinion, President Biden has had the "Worst presidency in history," the former president told Fox News' Jeanine Pirro in an interview that aired on the network Saturday night. > I think this is the worst in the history of our country," Trump added, going on to speak about the messy departure from Afghanistan and the U.S.-Mexico border crisis, where Biden is continuing a Trump-era deportation policy. > "What grade would you give the Biden administration?" Pirro asked Trump. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/qjxhov/the_only_us_president_to_be_impeached_twice_calls/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~606017 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **Trump**^#1 **Biden**^#2 **vaccine**^#3 **president**^#4 **rating**^#5


Are the qucumbers losing their minds that he called Biden president?


As always with Trump, every attack is a confession.


A piece of shit always thinks the stink is someone else's fault.