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If the FBI found 300 classified document at my house, My ass would be in jail.


You'd never make it to jail, you'd be in a CIA blacksite and never see the sun again.


Your ass would be joining Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.


Trump gets a slap on the wrist and a trial that takes 15 years while he’s out on bail dying of old age.


What a horrible yet accurate summary


Straight to jail! No trial no nothing. Jail.


I'd be chained up with a hood over my head in a dungeon on the other side of the globe.


Reality winner did considerably less.


If a normal civilian were caught with that much classified material, they would probably be tortured for years on end for information about who they were gonna sell it to, locked away deep in some government facility to never see the light of day again.


300? Try one. A single one, even if you had clearance for them. Your ass would be in prison for a very long time.


Right? I don’t get why this isn’t this enough to arrest him right now


True but you would never have access to them.


He should get 20 years for each and every single one of them.


If he was giving them/selling them to anyone else it should be much more.


I think we can all agree 6,000 years is an acceptable starting point for negotiations.


If he is convicted of espionage he could face the death penalty. Not that he would live long enough to see his appeals exhausted.


Brother, that’s the age of the dang EARTH /s


They have video footage of people taking docs n and out… s long story short they photocopied them


I am happy with a year per document


Hell even a month per document and he would still die in prison sometime in the next 25 years


I’ll take it




Yes, but he should keep his money and resources so that he can get of all the crazy medical procedures that only people like him can afford in prison. Then he can actually live out his 6000 year sentence. That would be justice


Very legal, very cool.


Is that a lot of classified material? Cause that seems like a lot of classified material.


Depends on the context. If you’re in a SCIF and surrounded by the heads of every intelligence agency, then no. If you’re in a cheesy country club and they’re secured with a padlock in a storage room, yes.


About 1 hamberder.


> ... a lot of classified material. Should be about 20 years worth, with good behavior. 50 years without.


Some have said, some very smart people who know like me, said, he has the best and most classified materials. No one knows as much as I do about these affairs as great minds. Best dercuments has Trump classified.


Yes, but also we tend to classify alot of things that maybe shouldn't be. AG used the word nuclear so, I assume it has something to do with that and that's a huge deal. Hillary had I believe 13 classified or documents talking about classified material on her server. Those were classified,but ultimately were nothing important and wasn't worth charging. Very well could turn out like that too, in trump's case. I doubt it and that word nuclear is pretty important.


SCI is always appropriately classified. It's a control marking referring to specific sources & methods that the information is derived from, and those sources & methods are never not TS.


Nor do they usually leave sight of those in custody of them. You have to have TS clearance to even stand in the same room as a guard. Someone with a pistol belt on should be hanging around docs like that all of the time.


>that word nuclear is pretty important *Look, having nuclear — my uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. John Trump at MIT; good genes, very good genes, OK, very smart, the Wharton School of Finance, very good, very smart — you know, if you’re a conservative Republican, if I were a liberal, if, like, OK, if I ran as a liberal Democrat, they would say I’m one of the smartest people anywhere in the world — it’s true! — but when you’re a conservative Republican they try — oh, do they do a number — that’s why I always start off: Went to Wharton, was a good student, went there, went there, did this, built a fortune — you know I have to give my like credentials all the time, because we’re a little disadvantaged — but you look at the nuclear deal, the thing that really bothers me — it would have been so easy, and it’s not as important as these lives are — nuclear is so powerful; my uncle explained that to me many, many years ago, the power and that was 35 years ago; he would explain the power of what’s going to happen and he was right, who would have thought? — but when you look at what’s going on with the four prisoners — now it used to be three, now it’s four — but when it was three and even now, I would have said it’s all in the messenger; fellas, and it is fellas because, you know, they don’t, they haven’t figured that the women are smarter right now than the men, so, you know, it’s gonna take them about another 150 years — but the Persians are great negotiators, the Iranians are great negotiators, so, and they, they just killed, they just killed us, this is horrible.* -TFG


74 million Americans thought that this guy was the best person to lead the country. *This fucken guy.*


Not just that, they treated him like some kind of political messiah who is gonna bring down all the corruption in that system because he’s so smart and clever. That guy. They still treat him that way but they used to too.


I think it's more accurate to say that they were conned into pulling a lever next to his name as some sort of culture war statement.


They weren't classified at the time or marked classified when sent to her.... important distinction


They were classified when sent. I believe it was something that shouldn't have been or didn't really need to be classified. Even conversation talking about classified material can be classified. It's one of those better safe than sorry things.


Important note: These 300 documents are AFTER Trumps team had been requested to turn everything they had over and they said they had


And subpoenaed to do so, thus a court order.


And signed a document saying absolutely everything has been turned over


It’s mob mentality. Deny, deny, deny and guess what? Fucking deny you did the wrong thing. We ain’t done nothing wrong. We’re legitimate businessmen!


And before whatever the fuck he disposed of, has hidden away elsewhere, or already provided to his Russian pals.


I️ think the article says the 300 includes the ones that were turned over in January and July as well as the ones recovered by the search warrant. The article says an initial batch of 150 documents was turned over in January, another batch in July, and a third batch from the raid. It doesn’t specify anywhere that the 300 came after the first two batches of documents were recovered. I️ think in total so far they have recovered over 300 classified documents


If top secret documents are in the cases that were recovered, it doesn’t matter what the info is in terms of illegality. He should be behind bars regardless. That said, I’m terrified of what type of information he was keeping there and ever more scared of what he may have done with it.


had a conservative coworker tell me it doesn't matter because "every president" takes classified documents when they leave office


When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. 


Didn’t think I’d find a Danhausen reference in this thread but I was pleasantly surprised! Very nice, very evil!


Weird how this hasn't popped up on r/conservative yet.


Not until the Babylon Bee spins it for them.


That, and the constant shit post pieces. They're only against things, never for things.


Isn’t the Babylon Bee satire?


Sort of. It presents itself as satire but generally just says exactly what conservatives really believe.


Either way they wouldn't get meta satire more than they understand satire. And their lack of understanding made them close the loop and go full on life imitates art in the worst way


Babylon Bee is a perfect example of how right wing comedy is dead. They have maybe 1 or 2 jokes, and it's not evenly distributed across the political spectrum, as well as being based on hate and barely qualified as jokes (often transphobic). If you can't tell jokes about yourself, or in the case of political humor joke about the leaders of the side you support, you aren't a comedian. But they also know that if they joke about Trump then they'll get cancelled by their viewers. Trevor Noah makes jokes about Biden/Pelosi/Dems all the time, and even has quips involving Hunter's Laptop. It's no secret he spends more time laying into the GOP, but they are far more cartoonishly evil and the content writes itself. He makes fun of things conservatives make fun of Biden for but they don't like him because he jokes about Trump too.


Just one joke now. "I identify as..." has been replaced by "My pronouns are..."


It started out as a kind of Onion for Christians. A satire site with self aware Christians who could poke fun at themselves, and it was kind of funny for a certain crowd. Then it was sold and it turned into what it is now which is mostly cheep shots at minorities and hate.


Oddly specific liberal satire.


Technically most of their articles don’t meet the requirements to be considered satire. They have some good ones, but primarily they’re just intended to rile up people who can’t tell that it’s not true, which is largely their base.


My pronouns are nuclear documents.


They're waiting to hear how the fox news room wants to spin this


The people over on /r/conservative often seem to think that Fox is 'liberal' and prefer sources like Breitbart. It boggles the mind to consider how extreme they must be to see Fox as left-wing.


I am continually surprised by the source material posted so frequently there. You think they’d tend to intersperse material from more trusted sources which lean conservative such as the WSJ or Washington Examiner along with centrist sources such as Reuters and The Hill but instead they pander straight trash right-wing blogs. Their top post right now is about celebrities supposedly skirting water restrictions. I outright ignore pieces from MotherJones and Slate. Why do their subscribers not expect a higher level of sanity?


They believe they've narrowed down the media outlets that report "the truth" to about three or four. They have no shame about their exclusivity. They think the entire REST of the planet's news is the extreme, radical, propagandized version of events. This only makes sense to someone who completely believes in a globalist conspiracy. I do wonder why it never occurs to them that their own frequent in-fighting might be an example of how difficult it would be to get 95% of all media interests on the planet to agree to lie about something. If the majority of humanity tells me I'm wrong about something, I like to think that I'd consider listening to them and trying to understand what they're talking about. Delusions of grandeur seem to be part of the psyche of many MAGA-heads.


Delusions of grandeur, and a victim hood complex hand in hand.


Breitbart just waits for Fox News and then one-ups them on the crazy scale.


It doesn’t fit their “alternative facts”


I got an article on there once from the washington examiner about manafort admitting he was feeding polling info to the russians in 2016. Good times


I have been putting all kinds of stuff on there. I can’t wait to get banned! The stuff they post and believe are mind blowing to say the least


I mentioned this fact to my right wing brainwashed folks and they said "well some people plead guilty to get a lesser sentence" what a stupid arguement cuz you wouldn't plead guilty if there wasn't evidence. Idk how they keep the bullshit straight...


You might if you have a shit lawyer. Not if you’re Paul fucking manafort.


Jesus I hopped over there to see what they were chatting about and among the "new vaccine has microchips" and "no one believes the bill will reduce inflation" I hopped back out


You mean dr.fauci is the devil lmfao.


Do they still all believe the ‘87,000 IRS agents sent by the Democrats are coming after the average hard-working patriot’ narrative?


Yeah IRS stands for _I Reap Souls_.


"Buttery Males" -- man how it aged well.


Too busy talking about drag shows and the effects on children or why the media “always” says “former President Trump.” Real meaningful discussions.


*The radical left has closed the Trump Presidential Library & Pool Storage* Donate now!


Is that enough to convict yet?


Probably. But there's zero chance the orange incident had enough brain cells working to figure out which documents were most important. They have to figure out how deep this goes to cut out the cancer.


"The Orange Incident" FTW!!!


God, could you imagine if he really had no idea what was in these documents? Like, he just grabbed them by the handfuls and said “Ok, there has to be SOMETHING in here that I can use as leverage if they ever come to get me.” But then just… didn’t look? He just saw how many word there were and how many pages he had and said “Fuck it, I’ll do it later” but just *fucking didn’t?* Holy shit, I think I just talked myself into believing that’s exactly what happened.


That's EXACTLY what happened. I've long believed that Trump is functionally illiterate. I don't mean the guy can't read, if you put a word in front of him, he could sound it out. But if you put a book in front of him he couldn't read past the first page. I suspect the reason he enjoys Twitter so much is because the tweet length is the extent that he can read. I can totally see Trump getting a bunch of classified documents, vaguely knowing they're important, but just getting bored after the first paragraph and just moving on. There's a reason why after Trump became president his daily briefings were shortened to a single page, with pictures and lots of mentions of his name!


I read recently that the same percentage of Americans with bachelor’s degrees are either functionally illiterate or completely illiterate. 37% being functionally illiterate or worse sounds staggeringly high, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump or others have ascended alarmingly high without learning how to read


Can also be a tactic. If he never actually reads anything well…then he never has to actually ever get his hands dirty. He just makes pseudo threats and coded demands like “stand by err and stand down” and “Russia if you’re listening” coded trigger words. He’s like a bad Austin powers style Russian asset. And holy fuck the fact that he’s made it this far laundering money, tax fraud and bank fraud for years and years, is incredible!


And several businesses ran into the ground too, surprised he made it through all of those.


He’s honestly the epitome of how to fail upwards with a failing economic system in a failing country. Be an obviously bad businessman and a very secretive but good mobster (which autocorrects to monster)


That is a lot of classified documents. Like a shocking amount. For a country that claims to take national security very seriously, we look like goddamn clowns.


Clown show has been going on for some time now.


from the party that likes to claim national security and law and order


Trump doesn’t reed anything without pictures of himself. He was selling this info to Saudi’s and probably Russia. Lock him up


Its a whole books worth of classified items, imagine how easily one of those could have slipped through the cracks and been stolen


> ... been stolen. Or sold.


Spies don't take the documents. They photo them and leave them there. We have no idea how much of that has happened and we never will. We have to assume all of it was compromised. That makes a lot of work for the intel agencies who have to respond not just to the information being out there but recovering compromised sources before they are killed or exploited, devising different methods. I wouldn't be surprised though if the urgency to get them back was driven by the discovery that the information in them had been leaked.


Presidents leaving office seemed to have enjoyed enough trust for them to not be shaken down for any stuff they might have stolen. That might change now. As always: all it takes is one asshole to ruin it for everyone.


Oh won’t someone think of the poor ex presidents…


its entertaining tbh, its like a shitty tv drama . you cant stop watching because you wanna see how bad it will get.


Looks like 45 was going to blackmail our government with classified documents. smh


I strongly suspect that blackmail is how he got the undying loyalty we've seen from republican leadership in the very anti-democratic, morally reprehensible, clearly criminal era of Trump.


Giuliani said Trump “stole his soul”. That might be code for Trump had so much shit on him he had no choice but to be a stooge.


My thought is that the entire GOP is being blackmailed by the KGB, who is much stronger as an intelligence and threat agency, and Trump is just the middle man doing all the talking with the GOP and letting em know what happens to them if they don't do what he says. All courtesy of Vlad. Also, the RNC emails that Russia hacked adds to their intelligence leverage. Would also thoroughly explain why those 5 GOP senators went to visit the Kremlin on the Fourth of July that one year. And why Rand Paul hand delivered a letter from Washington to Putin in Moscow. Or when Lindsey Graham suddenly changed his entire view of Trump, a complete 180, after going golfing with him that one significant day. I think that's why all this shit is so impossible to extinguish from the GOP.


I think you are close to 100% correct. I'd just like to add that Trump's friend Epstein (See all the pictures in Google Images, and know there were many more.) was largely in the business of gathering blackmail materials on politicians of all stripes. They were much more successful with the Republicans. We need a new generation of politicians who have not been caught in FSB-spun blackmail webs.


Forreal, I forgot about that Epstein b.s. as well.


this would be some heavy shit


I've actually thought it for quite some time.


Act of war?


This has been my working theory for a while, and I suspect there are many, many more of us who also came to this conclusion 5-6 years ago.


Well, the Russians have shit on Guiliani; by extension, so does trump.


Oh, how *delightful* would it be that the moment it *really* starts to sink in for the Orange Traitor, he knows he's fucked, so he takes everyone with him and just releases every bit of dirt he has on a good amount of them. It's gotta be good, too. This kind of shit you couldn't sweep under the rug, no, this would have to be *damning* and *scandalous*. Career-ending. Maybe even criminal, in a lot of cases. That has to be it. A lot of the higher ups in the GOP may be just as evil as Trump, if not *worse*, but they're not his base. They're not usually unintelligent people. They've been trying to distance themselves from Trump quietly, but they just *can't*. As soon as they look like they're getting uncomfortably far away, Trump lassos them back in with his drama and reminders. Two reminders, actually. The first is what he has on them. The second, is his sway. He knows that his base rallies to what he says, and his base makes up about 40% of Republican voters. Not a majority (shockingly) but enough to sway elections in the Democrats' favor if he tells them all not to vote in the general election. So, they're both locked into a bit of a paradoxical death spiral, since Republicans can't detach from Trump, because of what he knows, and how much sway he has with the voters. And Trump can't detach from the Republicans, lest the meager protections he has at all come crashing down around him. Republicans and Trump are ripping each other to shreds while giving each other blood transfusions. Both will die, it's only a matter of time. We only need to do one thing right now: vote for Democrats. Vote blue straight down the ballot.


If he is ever truly fucked, he will flee the country at the drop of a hat.


It's why he went nuts about his passports.


Remeber, the RNC was hacked like the DNC but the material wasnt released. Also, trump worked with the owner of those tabloids in new york. PLus, what kind of dirt would a guy who owns high end hotels and parties with epstein have come up with


I've wondered since the search if more people outside of the Justice Department knew of and supported the investigation leading up to the warrant. If Trump had information on other Republicans and he was using that info to keep people in line, it could motivate those Republicans to assist in the investigation. Trump gets taken down and they get their compromising info back. It's a stretch though and I fully admit that. Most likely this is just a simple case of a moron stealing highly classified information and (hopefully) facing consequences.


Seems like he would’ve just taken a pic or copied them. Why take the originals? I think they are evidence against him he was hiding. But then why not just destroy them. I’m confused to be honest.


I believe I have the answer: he’s an impulsive idiot with absolutely no foresight.


Because foreign govs buying nuclear secrets for possibly billions (look at Kushner randomly getting a 2 billion fund from the KSA, or a 1 billion bail out for his 666th fiasco from them) want to be sure that it’s legit, so they want the originals


I’m fairly certain he was selling them


We never mention that person's name in our home.


Yup. The photo album wasn't stuff found online.


Yet, they wanted to lock Hillary up for a few emails with a 'C' on them.


Emails which she didn't even send.


300 documents he had ZERO right to be in possession of.


and there I was, having the most beautiful time, I was over at a place, a certain place, of a very famous friend that I have, very rich, not as rich as me, but he has like a lot, and I'm not gonna say the name because if I do, the Fake News will say, "oh Trump said the name!" and so we're not gonna be doing that. but I was there, and I saw it there on a very big, very powerful television screen, and you know, Tivo is such a beautiful thing, I love Tivo, everybody loves Tivo, and so I played it back, because these people in the Fake News, they're so sick, they have something wrong, and people know what I'm talking about ok, not good, but I looked at it, played it again, because I had to be sure, and they're trying to say that I had thousands and thousands of documents, which by the way I had done a Total Declassification, totally and completely, but they don't wanna talk about that. the Fake News would never tell you anything that makes me look better. and it should be probably illegal, what they're doing is highly illegal, quite frankly. and when we do The Takeover, because you have some States, a lot of States, and we're getting our Good Republicans, our strong ones in there, because we have to have Freedom, we have to stop the Radical Left from trying to hurt us, and trying to hurt our Beautiful Constitution. you know that our Second Amendment, it was never so strong as it was under Trump. now you have Sleepy Joe, he's trying to take it away, but our Beautiful Patriots, our Incredible Patriots, they won't let that happen ok. and I've probably done more than even George Washington, more than Lincoln. they're gonna be putting me on Rushmore, that I can guarantee.


Is this like a quote, because I can't tell?


I think we found a former speech writer


The lack of capitalisation is on brand, but makes me angry.


Ugh, good work, because I almost instinctively downvoted it. Fuck, I still cannot believe this is a believable quote from a president.


Man the FBI went crazy planting over 300 documents, pretty ballsy. Seriously though, how this treasonous fuck isn’t behind bars is mind boggling. Also, Jared mysteriously gets literally $2 billion from the Saudis after leaving the WH, Trump hosts the Saudis for some tacky golf tournament, these documents are just lying around his property… there’s conspiracy bullshit like Jewish space lasers and pizza parlor sex trafficking, and then there’s plausible suspicions of a person who clearly has no loyalty to anything or anyone but himself. At this point if you still support him you’ve been brainwashed so thoroughly there’s little hope of coming out of it unless you decide to.


But whudaboud her emails? Whaaaa




*coughs on dust*


Hunter’s smart watch from HELL


Buttery males!


I can hear Hillary cackling over a Chardonnay all the way from Chappaqua.


Unless, of course, she’s just chillin in Cedar Rapids.


> An initial batch of more than 150 documents marked as classified was recovered by the U.S. National Archives in January, the newspaper reported. Aides to Trump gave the U.S. Justice Department a second set in June, while a third batch was seized in an FBI raid earlier this month, it said. [ ... ] > During its search, the FBI seized 11 sets of classified materials at Mar-a-Lago, some of which were labeled "top secret" - the highest level of classification reserved for the most closely held U.S. national security information and which can only be viewed in special government facilities.


> which can only be viewed in special government facilities. Are you telling me a closet near the pool room is not a special government facility?! FAKE NEWS! s/


Damn. 300 documents is going to be way more than just 300 pages.


Wouldn’t 1 classified document mean jail time for me?


One might imagine a most unpleasant outcome, yes.


That's a lot for a person that doesn't read.


So how did he choose which documents to take? Trump certainly didn’t read or understand them. Someone… perhaps Lavrov… gave him a list, and then there were more “plumbers” who got those docs to MAP. Seems like a job for roger stone.


Yes, this is an important question. Trump would have no concept of the importance of a document. Someone gave him a shopping list.


And someone picked the order.


And these documents have to be requested. It’s not like a 99 cent DVD bin. He had help


Well, and who physically acquired them for the collection, under what pretext, and when. Are there no records kept of classified document withdrawals from wherever they’re normally housed?


All excellent questions.


He was told. The question then becomes: who told him.


I wouldn't be surprised if he was pulling classified material for years. In the last weeks of the Obama Presidency, he [ordered all materials related to the Russian intrusion into the 2016 election to be given serial numbers](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/obama-officials-made-list-russia-probe-documents-keep-them-safe-n741146) because he was afraid Trump would try to destroy the evidence/documents. Trump [constantly tried to obstruct the investigation in to Russian and Trump communication in the 2016 election](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia/in-unflattering-detail-mueller-report-reveals-trump-actions-to-impede-inquiry-idUSKCN1RU0DN). There are multiple reports of him destroying documents while in office, he only returned about half of the documents in January when the Natl. Archives demanded them back. And Trump made an [attempt at "declassifying" "all" the documents related to the Russian influence probe](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia/in-one-of-his-final-acts-trump-declassifies-documents-on-fbis-russia-probe-idUSKBN29O2TB) just before he left office. I suspect a good portion of the actual classified documents around the probe of Russian and Trump collusion was removed by Trump so he could "declassify" only specific portions that fit his narrative and hid certain crimes that the public may never know.


It’s ironic that he made it punishable by 10 years per mishandled document. Not a lot of foresight. lol


It's five, but, yeah, he did that to get someone *else*.


There are people in prison for nonviolent possession of drugs for long stints, while these clowns committed treason, insurrection, incitement of violence, and basically tried to completely overthrow democracy are going to get what?


That's all this man knows what to do... Cheat, sue, and blame someone else. Enough, put his ass in jail.


What do you guys think will happen first? Trump finally gets jailed for his numerous crimes? Or George RR Martin finishing a Game of Throne book.


Or either/both just kiel over before anything comes to fruition?


“But her friggin emails, for the last time!”


Over 300 classified documents recovered….. so far


Ask the donald has posted trumps filing like its not a legal shit show… idiots. Once again ole don has ensnared a lawyer / lawyers into doing his dirty work… one wrote up the letter saying all the docs were returned and the other signed it… not to mention they kept the cctv showing multiple people moving said boxes from one location to the next in mar a lago.. how isnt this entire family not in jail?


I just don’t get why Trump - who ignored all kinds of briefings - would want the documents, unless it was for nefarious purposes.


After many many stories, this has the potential to become THE story of the Trump presidency. The one people will be referring back to twenty years from now. He’ll be the president who did that thing.


Oh he's fucked


I'll believe it when I see it. I think it's gonna take years before something happens...


Put traitor Trump and his minions in prison already


Just imagine the cost of the counter-intelligence operation that this had to cause. They have to investigate each document and see if any method or source has been compromised. The cost is going to be staggering. Trump needs to be put in jail now.


What if it was Melania who took the files and was going to use them a leverage to leave him.


She wouldn’t need 300 of them.


Buttery males??!! /s


Lock him up.


Wake me up when Trump goes to prison Every time, I feel like this is the time Trump will be charged and arrested. But this fucker keeps wiggling his way out of everything. I think he won't ever be held accountable. A white swath of Americans genuinely support him and love him and would easily install him as king. I'm not even being hyperbolic. I live in middle America and literally see his every day. Even in a blue island among red state.




Wow wow wow… wow.


Farking crazy


300 classified document in 12 boxes... That's about 25 documents per box. They could each be pretty thick documents. From other stories it appears that Trump is very concerned about other documents the FBI gathered in the search. I think it is quite likely that Trump kept records of other ongoing criminal enterprises in the same room, and in his desk. He seems to be so concerned about those other documents that it appears he has not realized that the last person who gathered hundreds of top secret and above documents in his home got over 20 years in federal prison. That other person might have been kept on solitary on the theory he might tell something secret to his cell mate.


Can we just start calling him Florida Man? "Florida man had boxes of classified documents in his closet" "Florida man buries ex wife on golf course" "Florida man chooses to represent himself in espionage case" "Florida man believes election conspiracy"


300 classified documents found on Mar A Lago. That is 300 more than the number of missing Trump ballots found in Georgia.


Search his other residences too...he was in NY before the scheduled 'visit'... make sure he "locks things up"






But Hillary’s emails!!!




I thought he unclassified them… haha


That's just dozens. Like 25 dozens.


So is that five years per document?


I’m sure only a couple hundred were important


But her emails!!