I often find myself setting Vim to highlight the wrong keywords, keeps me sharp and on my toes.


I set the vim shortcut to cooy n lines to be a the source code to fizz buzz followed by the nth prime. Keeps me on my toes


this could be a r/programmincirclejerk post


this could be an r/metapcj post


I usually code with black code over black background. I find seeing my code immensely distracting.


My editor is configured to dark grey code on black background, I consider this a somewhat frivolous indulgence.


TFW [someone abuses Unicode to inject a backdoor into your software](https://blog.rust-lang.org/2021/11/01/cve-2021-42574.html) and you don't notice that during a code review because no syntax highlighting :(


As if anyone reviews code in their editor, we all know the right way to review is take 20 smoke and coffee breaks while blankly staring at GitHub/bitbucket, find a few potential nitpicks, and then just allow apathy to win and click approve anyway after sending a slack message to yourself/submitter saying you'll revisit those nitpicks eventually.


Gotta get on the same level as my dev lead: only look at diffs, not the whole file, then complain that you don’t see a permissions check and pretend you don’t understand when told it exists. Only accept a PR once the “missing” code has been removed, committed, re-added, and committed again.


What, do you have some better approach than using a process borne by collaborators who don't know/trust each other and who's main methods of communication are code submissions and email? Yeah didn't think so


True 10x'ers code using hex editors and are therefore immune to such trickeries that would only trip a lower being.


>how do you know when you have missed one single parenthesis somewhere ? >Does it sound presumptuous if I say that hardly ever happens? And if it does, the compiler never fails to remind me. :-) You can't hide from the compiler! ;)


> how do you know when you have missed one single parenthesis somewhere ? > I simply do not make mistakes.


At the risk of sounding like a snob, I program exclusively with black punch cards. The risk of making a mistake is truly thrilling. But I don’t ever make mistakes. I have no thrill.


10x CommonLisp dev


Bold of you to assume I compile


I usually autoconvert comments into asci art. Ignore this huh? Honestly some days I feel like text is just bloat, but I am not yet ready to fully switch to whitespace. At least not until they start supporting utf-16 oficially.


I prefer utf-512, because I'm a forward thinker prepared for the future.


utf-512 will offer huge amount of new features and constructs in Whitespacelang, due to huge whitespace variety - i am also awaiting for this to land in offcial roadmap, but devs are little sloppy


Think of all the emojis we'll have then. You can hear all the webshits creaming themselves over it.


I too hate convenience which is why I program in a hairshirt while whipping myself


I edit my code with my own editor, that shows only one line of code at a time. Less distractions, I fully know well my code, I freak'in wrote it !!!


> As a side note, the way it helps many people who prefer it has some fascinating cog-psych underpinnings: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_search > Sometimes I wonder if those who don't prefer it might have some synesthesia which might allow their brain hardware to provide what the syntax highlighting does for the rest of us. You could easily reproduce synesthesia by microdosing psilocybin in your morning and throughout-the-work-day coffee. You might also start seeing spiders crawling inside and on your computer screen, but that's just one of the pro-cons of being a superior developer. 😎




Why would i want to train myself to make more typos?


“Bug me harder, Daddy!”


Is that because you're too afraid to go near a computer anymore?


The way I see it, most syntax highlighting is actively adding mostly irrelevant information to the cognitive load of programming: stuff that should be obvious if you know the language. It does as little for my understanding as a novel in which, say, every proper noun was printed in red.


Rob Pike would be proud


Skill issue


This feels like it comes from the same place as people who want English to be a programming language.


Can't jerk. I'm with this guy.


I never want to know where my braces end I never want to tell if I my eyes darted to a type name or variable name I like to write code in string literals which will confuse anyone looking at my screen I like garbage