Should I upgrade from a galaxy s8 to a s21?

Should I upgrade from a galaxy s8 to a s21?


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What deal do you have to upgrade? Samsung sometimes has good deals


The deal would be through my carrier tmobile, I would get $700 off something like a s21.


700 off for a S8 is a good deal, so i would think go for it. If you get the normal S21, if u want the S21+ than might as well get the Ultra considering the specs difference


How did you get this offer? Via in store? Because on their website I can only get $30 off for trade in


Yeah seriously, I've been wanting to get the 21 and my s8 was worth basically nothing and I couldn't find a single worthwhile deal for tmobile. Maybe they meant they can get it for $700, instead of $700 off. Best deal I could find is best buy for $500.


Yeah I straight asked the sales rep and they said I could get $700, but for it to work you have to switch to the magenta plan. This is tmobile btw.


have you tried best buy? I think they recently added the Tmobile option because it wasn't available when I was trying to get it. Right now they have it for $500 with tmobile activation. I don't know if you have to switch lines or something though.


The Magenta plan probably costs you more money, which means you're going to be paying that $700 back over time.


T Mobile? Eww


Before the s21 series came out you could preorder and trade in an S9 for $800 off, no add a line, BOGO, or special plan required Hopefully they do the same for the s22


I went from S8 -> Note 20 regular -> S21 Ultra. Definitely happy with all the changes...biggest thing was that the S21 underscreen fingerprint reader worked much better than the Note 20. However, I miss the weight of the Note 20...S21 has fallen off my car magnet many times when navigating.


If you need to! There haven't been any "exciting", new or significant upgrades in the general smartphone experience since 2015, in my opinion.


Compared to 2021 phones, 2015 phones are ancient relics.


I mean you're right. The screen technology alone is farrr better not to mention 120hz is night and day and even your most basic phone users will see the difference. And the processing power is miles better its not even comparable


I went from S8 to a Note 20 Ultra. Pretty happy with it so far. Chose the Note cause I wanted to see what they were about plus I wanted the microSD and S pen.


Yes go for it. That's a huge upgrade and Trust me you will see the difference, especially in software since s8 is running one ui 1.0 while s21 is getting the latest one ui 4.0 as of right now


A52 5G


Id wait for the S22s at this point and hop on one of their pre order deals. Otherwise if you need a phone right now. maybe wait to see how the pixel 6 is


Do you enjoy phone payments?


If you're willing to wait a couple months, go for the S22.


I upgraded from my Galaxy S8 to a Galaxy S21 Ultra. I've been loving it so far! My S8 felt modern and it never felt old but this new Galaxy S21 Ultra is so fast and fluid! Definitely worth it upgrading. If I were you though I would wait for the S22 because it comes out in a few months.


I would advise not to, especially since new android phones are right around the corner. I was about to make the switch to s21 but the Pixel 6 has intrigued me enough to wait for it and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna grab one. They're always the best in the camera department imo and now they'll have a custom chip that will put them up with Samsung flagships in terms of performance and will be optimized really good like iPhones are. That will also help immensely in battery life.


Who cares? Get both? S21 for now, see what the 22 looks like.