Honestly think boston will win it all


I’ve always had respect for Tatum after he said he originally wanted to be drafted by the Suns. Poor guy was looking at houses and everything.


Yup thats why im rooting for them jayson tatum seems like a cool dude


yeah im rooting for boston at this point


I’m rooting for the heat personally


Heat or Celtics followed by mavs and then the warriors. At least the bucks are gone.


Same, my Dad is a heat fan and we wanted a Suns vs Heat Finals matchup... But after today's L, I'll be rooting for the Heat to win it all


The Heat make the most sense, as they relate to the Suns.. 🔥


Warriors taking it


Steph is a likeble star, so I'd be fine with it


For sure.


Nah I’d prefer we actually just played like shit so we’d have an excuse for losing. Hope warriors sweep them. I’ll be sipping on modelo and tequila too


For the rest of this playoffs I am rooting for a Men in Black agent to memory wipe me so I don’t remember this years playoffs


Man fuck Luka. Nothing will erase that game 7 from history and him getting a chip will only make our loss part of his legend. I hope golden state embarrasses them.


Against most opponents I'd agree. But I hate Luka so much, I couldn't handle that. I hope Warriors destroy them.


You and me both. Talk about a punk in the making. It’s night and day from when he first came into the league, when he actually played with some class. They’re up 40 tonight and he’s still showboating with his 3-fingers gesture and acting ugly. Great player…insufferable human being.


They're not good and GS is going to wipe the floor with them.


If they aren't good what does that make the Sun?


Obviously, also not good. Gimmicky, undisciplined until the 4th, major lack of death, anemically slow offense. GS would've swept us as well, look at the two games we played against them in winter. Lost by 20 each time.


Agreed. It’s still essentially Luka and a bunch of streaky 3-point shooters on a hot binge. Lesser teams have ridden that formula for the time being. Wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest with a GS sweep.


Can finally watch as a neutral fan. Rooting for the heat in the bubble cause of goran and then suns last 2yrs. Can watch without getting stressed out 🥲. Also gonna enjoy warriors fans being salty about Luka.


Some local IPA’s on this side. I think it’s wild that the warriors beat the Grizz without there best player and a lesser version of the same nuggets we swept last year and get all the praise. Celtics get pushed to game 7 by the bucks without there second best player. Celtics get all the praise. Cp3 had torn ligaments in his wrist and we still have a pretty equally competitive series in the finals last year when there fully loaded with there stars and Suns get killed for it. Mavs are good. People are gonna kill the Suns regardless of how good they do. I’m still walking off the plane in a Booker jersey in every new city I touchdown in all summer. Imah rep regardless Just remember as quickly as the narrative switched for the Suns it could have easily been about how bad the Celtics are if they lost there game 7 and how they need to breakup the Brown and Tatum duo. It’s always good to keep a little perspective


No, the best thing is if GS sweeps them. They think they’re hot shit. Luka is a great player but quickly turning into a trash talking punk. Cuban is a smug snob. It’s still a 1-man team with streaky 3-point shooters who had good games, running into a team that broke down in unprecedented ways. Not impressed.


Warriors weren’t looking too good last series I feel like it’s gonna be a long battle than people expected kind of like people who thought suns where going to sweep 🧹


GSW will make quick work of them. The Mavs aren't great. The Suns just decided to suck ass.


Fuck the mavs


No fuck the mavs. Go heat. There symbol is a flaming basketball like ours


Warriors in 4. Fuck dough boy and that shit fanbase


Part of me agrees. But part of me wants to use this opportunity to root for the Warriors for once in my life cuz fuck the Mavs


I think GS will beat them. I'm rooting for the heat.


Fuck Dallas, I don’t want them winning shit this year. And for the record I’m drinking Clorox tonight


I also hate how a bunch of liquored up Mavs fans think Dinwiddie is “the shit” now. Lmao…such an average bench player who played well above his pay grade in game 7.


No fuck the mavs. We don’t owe them anything. Fuck the warriors too.


… we flopped. Period.


If we cant win it going for GS or Miami since they won a bunch of times before.