I concur. Something was off. We may never know. But this team shifted in a negative way to end the season. Never got their mojo back


100% agree with this analysis- our calling card was how cohesive and tight this group was. They seemed to love playing for one another and that is what helped us last year en route to a Finals appearance. I think to an extent we felt entitled to a championship being a 1 seed and the body language throughout the playoffs seemed like the fellas weren't really having fun anymore. I don't know if it was DA's pending contract, Monty mismanaging minutes, or the pressure of setting a franchise win record, but it seemed like there was angst on the court not enthusiasm throughout this Mavs series. And if you're not enjoying yourself out there, it's hard to excel at your craft. All of these factors crescendoed in a hapless Game 7 performance. Obviously hope I am wrong about this and we regroup for 2022-23, but something clearly soured and only the coaches and players can answer that.


Remember when this team was barking and going crazy. We saw fucking none of that in the playoffs. They were having fun and tried to switch into serious mode and that's where they fucked up.


This seems to be part of it, and maybe the biggest part. They psyched themselves out by rolling all season on confidence and fire then, when faced with having to back it all up and prove their worth they stopped just rolling and got lost in their own heads. Whole team just felt unfocused. That’s on them, but it’s also on Monty to keep them in their flow.




FUCKING THIS. I swear when that happened it just did not feel right.


Agreed. We died a lot that day.


Yeah I think so too. Something in the locker room or outside of a court. Possibly a pretty bad argument between a few players that were brewing for a bit or the coach's. Might be all of the above. I think something will come out in the coming months,something real damning we will all say "ah no shit". Team looked like a shell of themselves though the whole playoffs.


CP3 is known for pushing guys too much and losing the locker room. We saw Jae blow CP3 off earlier this series and him and Monty disagreed with his playing time twice. If I had to speculate- I think CP3 not sitting while he was injured and ineffective was the last straw for the team. CP3 needed to sit himself or Monty needed to make him sit while he was injured. Instead CP3 was selfish and hurt this team by having so many minutes. If the locker room was getting sick of CP3 than it all fell apart when CP3 wouldn't decrease his minutes while injured. All just speculation from an internet nobody tho.


I'd rather take CP3 with one arm than Cam Payne


Same. Can Payne was AWFUL once cp3 came back from injury. Just stagnated the offense every time he touched the ball or wasted the possession on a chuck it 3.


Payne was playing like such shit he couldn't sit. If that was the case Monty needed to step up and make the adjustments. Tbh tho it's hard when no one was hitting. That could have all been part of the lack of wanting to play together. Imo it's when we lost frank the tank. He was the glue that kept the team together.


Felt like they blew their load trying to get that Franchise record. Chris Paul never sitting out back to backs, 40 minute games, etc. If they decide to run it back I want CP averaging no more than 30 minutes and sitting every back to back.


Chris Paul can eat a dick. If we can't trade him, cut his punk ass


Probably Ayton being pressed to play aggressive and he didn’t want to risk getting hurt




I don’t think I saw him go for a single loose ball this series


That’s been his whole career


I was worried since Game 3 (or was it 4?) when fucking Kleber & Bertans looked more like the twins than any of the triplets did in warm ups.


Honestly I think their rhythm got messed up when Cam Johnson got injured. He was such a key piece for us and we never really adjusted without him


i totally agree and don’t get why people want to trade him now. he will get back to his pre-injury self. he was 3rd place 6MOTY for a reason. not a ton of people can drop 39 off the bench


I dont think any logical Suns fan wants to trade CamJ


I really think there is something more to it


This is based on nothing and me just typing on this sub to wear off being drunk. I think there was a player vs coaches thing that sort of came up. There was a few times CP3 and Booker seemed like they were mad at Monty for taking them out. And then the Ayton thing today. Maybe added to by Cam Payne and McGee getting super reduced minutes or Holiday getting none. Idk but it feels like that relationship got frayed.


Interesting theory. Something definitley wrong in that locker room


Maybe it had to do with the sarver thing?


Even if it didn’t, fuck sarver he needs to leave. We are kidding ourselves thinking the suns will ever hold a trophy with that dude as owner


That’s silly to say considering we were up 2-0 in the finals last year. What does losing 4 in a row have to do with Sarver? He’s like the last person you blame for that situation.


Sarver doesn’t deserve to win anything ever, so he won’t. Karma is real


Sure. But to say we will never win a finals with him when we made it last year and we’re up 2-0. Sarver didn’t blow that lead. The players did. Don’t be dense.


We could be up 3-0. Doesnt matter. We literally already don’t have a ring because refs and everyone else in the league hate Sarver with a passion and they cheated Nash because of it. We will never win an NBA championship with Robert Sarver as an owner because he doesn’t deserve to be the owner of a championship winning Phoenix suns team


Ok. Dueces. Go watch another team.


I’ll just wait until Sarver finally gets ousted for being a piece of shit? How bout that


It's the best theory


I bet CP3 wore thin on the guys. He always does. I think he and the team hid an injury, and I bet that pissed the rest of the guys off. We would have been better off if he sat. He controls everything, and if he is out there injured then it’s a huge problem.