I'm in my Ted Lasso stage. "It's the hope that kills you." But it's still nice even just being involved in these rumors. 5 years ago this tweet would've been 200% trolling and would've just pain lmao


This has to be the bargaining stage of grief. Maybe the SUNS will find a way to solve everything and make a ring a sure thing next season!


The Suns and Cards (and to some extent U of A) killed that in me. I'm never getting my hopes up again. I bought into the hype but no more


This is phoenix my boy. Our big free agent signing will be somebody like Gordon Hayward or Steven Adams lmao


Nonsense, we're finally gonna land Aldridge and let him play the 4 😎😎 Anyone have Tyson chandler's number?


You mean our biggest free agent signing in Suns' history, Tyson Chandler?


Honestly Steven Adams wouldn’t even be all that bad


At least we would never have to question his effort


I'd take him in a heartbeat, he's such an underrated passer and his screens to CP3 would be gold. Give me Desmond Bane and Adams and we can work something out for Ayton


Would have loved Gordon Hayward on this year’s roster but if he’s the only move we make next year and we lose DA + others, yeah that would be terrible lol


And you know we'll all convince ourselves that next year will be different lmao See U Next Season Been our mantra for over 20 years now. I am ready to be hurt again


Hey man it sucks but at least we’re in the mix now. I remember going to games s couple years ago where suns fans were outnumbered by the other team’s fans and we were losing at a historic rate. Success comes with drawbacks


The way I look at it is we're not one of this againg teams filled with vets coming off of a go all in fuck it type of roster. All of our best players are young *and* drafted by us except for CP3. There's Crowder and McGee, but they're not key pieces and Crowder's not that old I believe.


Nah Phoenix is a nice city.


That's great and all but it doesn't lead star players to come play here in any sport. For the longest time, this state's biggest "signing" was having Peyton Manning come here for a visit before deciding to go to the Broncos lmao


The first letter of this tweet is a G. The only superstar who's first name starts with a G is Giannis. It's Giannis boys he's coming here to atone for his wrongdoings in the finals against us.


Lmao, I know you’re joking, this would be so fuckin ironic if true tho


2021: Giannis? Fuck that guy! 2023: Giannis?! Holy shit I love that guy!


Don’t forget 2022 Giannis: FUCK THAT GUY


Idk I never hated on him, even in a heat of the moment type of way like with Kobe. He's a pretty cool dude who's stayed loyal to a team based in Milwaukee. Can't hate him for just being really good.


Whatever hate I direct toward Giannis is based around how he's officiated. Imho he should foul out by halftime every game with the way he plays. But he seems like a genuinely nice & humble guy on a small market team so I can't really hate him.


To be honest, as much as I disliked Giannis for what he did against us, I didn't actually hate the guy. I do wish he didn't get reffed in a different league, but he's a monster, a competitor and seems pretty respectful off the court. He's also got Booker-like loyalty to Milwaukee.


George Hill




You have to compare the first letter of the tweet with the players first name. That's just how the science works


What are the chances this is someone like KAT lol. Might get downvoted but like real talk...he just had a horrible showing in the playoffs. Is probably over trying to win in Minny has loads of connections to Book and CP3. Idk just throwing shit at the wall since everyone else is too.


In a lot of ways KAT is kind of a clown BUT he’s a superstar level scorer and I can at least appreciate that he plays with fire. I think if he were to play with someone like CP3 and Monty they’d help him clean up his shitty basketball IQ, I wouldn’t mind it tbh. We need another guy who can give you 30+ on any given night and KAT’s that dude


Stem cell KAT better play some fuckin defense.




All we can do is keep our hopes






I hope he is talking about Frank Kaminsky. 64-17 before we cut Frank, 7-8 afterwards




Welcome back STIX!




Superstar, aka Christian Wood


KD? Kyrie? Beal? Dame?


DA for Beal? DA (and more) for KD? (I honestly can't think of a KD trade that would work, but let's get weird.)


Beal and Kyrie are free agents so you don't necessarily have to sign and trade him there directly (I think you could get the cap space rights for the RFA if its a diff team?) it could be a three way deal too. KD is a trade so it would be unlikely but we'd probably have to give up DA and Mikal for that one


Let's say Ayton gets John Collins money 25M per .. We can then S&T Ayton (25M) Cameron Johnson and Dario Saric for KD But we would most likely have to give up a few first protected first rounds.


God not kyrie. Anyone but kyrie.


He is crazy enough to do it, and is friends with Booker and always singing his praises


Oh he crazy for sure. So crazy you can’t count on him playing any game at any time. Might see a butterfly die and be to emotionally distraught to play.


Hot take, Ever since the refs got slightly more serious about calling travels on guys like Kyrie turning the ball over he hasn’t looked nearly as good.


Have you ever heard the screams of a dying butterfly?? You’d be shook too.


Flex seems to be right most of the time but this conflicts with my rampant doom posting so I'm gonna be skeptical. This team deginently has to do something though. We need someone who can take over a game bad.


That's the final step in Booker's evolution but he's unfortunately not there yet. CP3 could be that guy, but at his age it's not sustainable.


He was that guy in Game 2


Had to look up deginently ngl.


It wasn’t a typo? Figured he meant ‘definitely’


KD has openly loved Phoenix, I've always thought it could be him Could be Dame too.


if its KD I think I'd lose my mind


Same. I’ve hated on KD ever since 2016 but I would love to have him.


Dame time


Portland would have to take CP3 because CP3 and Dame just seems worse than Russ and LeBron lol KD to Phoenix would be an absolute dream. I'd also gladly pay a reddit professional to scrub all my KD slander from my comment history.


It’s too late. KD already saw it.


Can’t hide from the burner accounts.


Man I want KD or Dame 😩😩 Imagine the Book/KD duo or Dame/Book backcourt. Dream come true


These sound nice but don't we need to do a sign and trade with either of those? I dont know any of their contract status but what we have to give up to get them? I'm sure any package with DA is a sign and trade situation.


I think its Lavine or Dame. The only thing that scares me about Dame is his contract, and what else we would have to give up to get him. Dame is currently on a supermax lol


The Dame desire is delusion. CP3 ain’t going to the bench to play under 30 minutes a game. It won’t be a PG as much as people want it to be.


It reminds me of a legendary trio: Bledsoe, IT and Dragic.


You just made me upchuck my lunch.


Ulis, Carter, Brandon Knight


Lavine and book are buddy buddy


It’s 100p Dame. After his tweet to Ayton and him defending CP3


What tweet?


Sorry my bad, I misread the Bleacher Report article last night. He liked a tweet saying they should team up https://fadeawayworld.net/nba-media/damian-lillard-likes-a-tweet-urging-deandre-ayton-to-team-up-with-him-ayton-needs-to-do-whats-best-for-himself-and-go-win-a-ring-with-dame


Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but he means ayton in Portland I think. Ayton is almost certainly not coming back from the looks of it


The ant sarver contract!


Stifle Tower with all that bs going down in Utah?


I thought of this but if its CP3 being the 3rd option they have to be able to score


People are weirdly overlooking LeBron too. Lakers need to blow it up, CP3/James jones direct connect, Booker owns his last #23 lakers jersey ever, they mention “allowing CP3 to take a lighter load”, Paul and James could literally fly back to LA together for family


Plz if there's a basketball god out there do not make this person's theoretical turn to reality.


I'll take the chance on KD. I'm done with Ayton


I believe Flex because he’s mostly right about what he reports… The only thing I’m confused about is what his definition of a superstar is


May I present to you one lightly used Gordon Hayward


I think it’s Bron honestly Lakers are a hot mess and probably just gonna blow the team up. He’s close with CP3 and JJ.


That would force me to root for the Sun's while also rooting against LeFlop... My head might explode lol


We would become the villains for sure, but the NBA already treats us like the villains so, meh. I'd be worried though, because Bron tends to blow up his new teams mid season


Well Ayton might be forcing us to blow up our team so might workout


Alright let’s throw out some names: - KD, close connections with Monty and Book, has mentioned he loves the city. Not sure how he feels about Chris Paul, I feel like I’ve never seen them interact - Dame, friends with Book and has mentioned Phoenix as an organization he admires recently, also loves Mikal and has worked out with him several times I believe - Zach Lavine, contract situation coming up and it’s possible he doesn’t love what he’s seeing in Chicago - KAT, really good friends with Book and former teammate. Possible he’s frustrated with Minnesota and that he’s had very limited success there. Also might see the writing on the wall that they prefer Edwards long term - Shai Gilgeous Alexander, former teammate with CP3. Not a ‘superstar’ talent but wishful thinking from me as I’d love to see him as CP3’s successor - Siakam, also not exactly a superstar but a very good player, there were weird vibes going on with him and Toronto this year, possibly disgruntled? - Dejounte Murray, another non-superstar but Spurs are going through a weird semi-rebuild, is it possible he could be CP3’s successor? Can score and defend his ass off EDIT: Lebron, Lakers management seems annoyed with his meddling and he has to know LA is going nowhere fast. He also has the leverage to be traded to anywhere he’d like. He likes Book, is supposedly close with CP3 and Monty was almost the coach of the Lakers. Oh, and how could I forget the biggest connection of all? The James Jones connection


KAT is a really good one I didn’t think about. I’m not sure if the org is gonna keep DA and KAT would be a really sick fit in the starting 5, plus he can handle the ball when needed.


Ya KAT is intriguing, but definitely would mean sign and trade DA and cam johnson.. We would suck on defense again, and I dont think KAT would get along with CP3 though..


KAT is who came to mind when I read the tweet in the OP. CP3 and KAT are cool. A couple years ago KAT even made a happy birthday video for Chris mere months after he and the Thunder clowned the T-Wolves with the whole "untucked jersey" thing. Chris got cool w/ KAT and Booker when they entered the league. They're all represented by CAA.


Siakam is very gruntled.


You forgot one name. Lebron, he would want out of the Lakers I reckon


Based on the tweet I don't think it's Dame. If CP3 would truly be a 3rd option that means he's starting. I don't think anyone would assume Booker, Dame, and CP3 could all start.


bring out the point guard hydra


STAT coming out of retirement


Still would attack the rim with more force than Ayton to this day.


That Superstar? None other than DeAndre Ayton!


I feel like either lebrons going to want cp3 on the lakers or to join cp3 on the suns. Not saying it’s going to happen but I could definitely see them talking about it.


Give me that LeBron trade. Is it really that crazy? LeBron and James Jones played 8 years together in Miami and Cleveland. They definitely have a real connection. Suns have all of our picks and some movable assets. Booker + CP3 + LeBron either all tear their hamstrings or make it out the West. I like that it suits the CP3 timeline. Give me this shit lol


I mean LeBron is the reason that James Jones is nicknamed "Champ". He made it a point to bring James Jones with him on his title runs because he respected the dude that much. And we already know that him and CP3 are best buds. The logistics in this happening are seemingly impossible but sign me up lol


I’m out on Lebron because of the additioanl number of nationally broadcast games this would likely mean for us, which means listening to Reggie fucking Miller more…


Go all in next season! The Ayton Era is over


I had this thought yesterday. Ppl saying it's going to hurt Lebron's legacy but like would it? Imagine taking Cavs, Heat, Lakers, Suns to championships. 2 franchises to their first title. The biggest issue here is.. Chris does not have enough to say "hey LBJ, you come here" I have to imagine LeBron would be the one to say "Chris you come here".


Honestly have no idea how it would hurt his legacy to be honest lol. He’s already jumped around 3 teams what’s one more? Yeah I’d assume if lebron came to the suns it would be lebrons idea not Paul’s influence. And I only think he’d consider it because of how god damn horrible the lakers situation is.


Although it’s ridiculous to discuss this in earnest, Lebron doesn’t need CP, he needs the young team that’s around him.


100% you've got the right take here.


i think the bigger issue with this is the money


Very true. I mean I’d assume we’d shed crowders contract as lebron would obviously replace him and we wouldn’t be resigning Ayton which would get us closer but likely still wouldn’t do it.


If we traded away Shamet, Jae, Craig, Payne and Saric to match LeBron's contract and just give them an armada of first round picks.. just imagine we sign and trade Ayton to bring pieces here to place around Book/LeBron/CP3... I'm dreaming I know but it makes me feel better after last night lol


if he wants his friend to win a championship maybe he’d take a pay cut 😂


Lol I mean at this point with how much money lebron makes away from the game just sign him to the vet min.


I dont see how Lakers could get CP3 even if we were open to it. Like we are still going to be in contention next year, taking Russ and their draft pick would be ridiculous lol We can ship out Shamet, Craig, Payne, Saric and Crowder to match LeBron's contact and then send 4 first rounders to Lakers for compensation. I feel like LeBron could finagle his way to Phoenix since he gave Lakers a ring. They would need to blow it up right after and just go full OKC mode to horde picks.


I was honestly thinking about that yesterday when they were whispering to each other. I mean it’s not as wild as some people may think


We’ve seen crazier things that’s for sure


that would be a super weird move from Lebron, feel like he wants to go down with the ship in LA


Dame and KD. Fuck it. James Jones, do it like its 2K


I hope Flex is right, I'm okay with letting DA go and signing a star, there is no reason McGee and Bizzy can't handle our center spot, maybe with another young guy in rotation who can learn. And at some point Dario will be healthy.


Sounds like a bye bye ayton situatuin


I think this makes sense, I trust flex, but I also know that players around the league know we are close, and they can picture themselves winning it with them as the final piece. Ppl will want to be here, if it takes a DA trade and some future assets to make it happen, I’m all for it.


Either KD or LeBron make a lot of sense potentially. LeBron especially with the James Jones/CP3 connection, and he could stay close to his family in LA. For either guy, it's an opportunity to join a 64 win team but still get all the credit for saving us if we did end up winning.


Yeah, I thought there was some rumor CP3 was trying to recruit Lebron to come to Phoenix. They are good friends (CP is Bryce James' godfather, etc).


interesting wording is "true superstar to take a load off CP3" That means keeping CP3 and still somehow landing said superstar. And would it have to be a point guard? hmm


Anybody that thinks CP3 is gonna go the bench and be a sixth man playing under 30 minutes is crazy and hasn’t paid attention to who CP3 is for the last 15+ years. It won’t be a PG, it’ll be a playmaker from one of the other positions.


Exactly. More of a rhetorical question lol. Its a strangely worded tweet imo. Pretty much eliminates Dame


Yep definitely eliminates Dame, won’t stop the constant posts this off-season tho I’m sure lol


the only even slightly reasonable idea is kd. trading our entire future + sign and trade ayton + probably like cam j unfortunately to get kd to play the 4 and sign a center in the offseason. still though i dont believe there is any chance kd will get traded to phoenix because that makes no sense (same with every other superstar)


I would think it WOULDNT be a point guard. Saying someone is the "3rd option" means they are starting. I don't think anyone coming off the bench has ever been described as a third option.


Either KD, Dame or possibly Zach Lavine if things don’t go right in Chicago


I saw some other post that it could be Kevin Durant


I would trade Crowder and cam Johnson but please God don't let bridges go.


It is probably Dame, thats why he came out today and defended us against the professional clown, Pat Bev.


What if it’s Jokic??? He loves Monty and I’m sure is frustrated with his two main guys not breaking their asses to get back to playing (Mitchell and KPJ). Maybe he’s seen that Nuggets are at their limit and wants to play for Williams after becoming friends at All-Star weekend.


That'd be the dream. He's an expiring. 😳 No way Denver trades him though lol.


Pretty sure Jokic has said that he’s a nugget for life


No doubt. I’m just going along with this silliness.


I just groaned out loud reading that. Is Zach Lavine a superstar because that’s who I’ve seen as a possibility but he doesn’t fit that superstar in my mind.


Maybe I'm tripping but I'd love a Lavine/Booker backcourt. Don't think it's him though I thought he was an LA guy? Then again.. maybe it's like CP3 where the LA teams aren't an option so he's taking the closest he can get? Hmm


He's going to command a 25M per year contract. Unless we sign and trade with Chicago that's not a good deal for us. IF we trade Ayton it needs to be a for a 4 who can take Jae Crowders spot and who can score buckets for us.


>He's going to command a 25M per year contract. Who's commanding $25M/year? If you're referring to LaVine, he 100% will be asking for $40M/year, which is the max anyone can sign him to.




Anyone other than westbrick and Kyrie


I do not think they have a commitment from anybody, it feels more like a wishful thinking.


well I hope Ayton likes portland


Don't. Don't give me hope.


I’ll believe it when the trigger is pulled and react appropriately. Right now it’s about soul searching and figuring out what happened to the defense creates offense PnR specialist suns.




I will believe it when I see it. No hopes here


This thread looks like it’s from the lakers sub we’re naming damn near every superstar. But the speculation will be fun


Hopefully Dame. He’s been singing our praises for years now. If not him then I doubt it’s him, but I wouldn’t mind snagging De’Aaron Fox. He’s been rotting in Sac Town for a while now.


Highly doubt SAC is willing to part with Fox. They traded away Halliburton so it seems to be they’re all in with Fox now.


I'd rather find a way to get Halliburton than Fox.


Coulda just drafted halli or bey and we’d be so much better off. I’ll never understand the stix draft. Those two were clearly better options.


the funny thing is, Stix isn't a bad player. He just was a poor fit that was a greater project than the Suns wanted to take on. In the end, I'm not sure he's substantially worse than Torrey was from the trade and on.


Dame liked a tweet that said DA should go to Portland


DA should go to Portland, in exchange for Dame.


SRSLY Portland already had a fire sale and I want nothing from them except Dame.


So do we trust flex on things like this?


If it’s really a superstar as Flex says, there’s no way it can be a point guard imo. It can’t be Dame or Kyrie. Because no way a superstar will come off the bench for CP3 and no way CP3 comes off the bench. He might be referring to an SF or PF. POSSIBLY a combo guard that can play 1-3. I just would have no idea who. Hopefully he’s not just fucking around


This gives me hope (if true) idc if it's KD even, I just want this team to win a damn championship already. If we can somehow sign and trade Ayton to bring a star like KD, Embiid or Dame I would most likely shat myself.


Is cp3 really okay with coming off the bench if we get dame? If not a line up of cp3, dame and booker starting is not going to be good defensively.


If CP3 would really be the 3rd option, as the tweet suggest, that's not a bench player. So, has to be a forward or center. Or this guy doesn't know what he's talking about.


I really hope it Dame Lillard


It’s Dame time!


Dame time


James Harden coming home…




I say it this dead serious. It makes so much sense. Lebron James.


I am starting to feel like this is who it is too. The fit makes to much sense. He got the Cavs out of the mud he could do it for the Suns.


I cannot believe the resentment towards bringing in one of the all time GOATS. Not just in basketball, but he’s probably on the American Sports Mt. Rushmore. Yes, he’s older but you’re probably getting at least 4 years from him, and he’s coming off a 30 PPG season. At this point we have to do whatever it takes to get that first ring.


That’s what I’m saying. We don’t have time to build a dynasty team and win back to back just get me a fucking ring bruh! Honestly Lebron would be the best fit other than KD just because KD is a little younger. KD ain’t coming to Phoenix though just doesn’t make any sense.


it makes too much sense, honestly.


We’re good, we already have an old aging superstar passed his prime in Chris paul


I just saw Lebron put up 30PPG. He’s not washed.


Lebron had to put up 30 ppg, did you see his team? AD injured for 99% of the season, Westbrook never showed up. Booker could’ve put up 30 ppg if the roles were reversed


Booker definitely could. But imagine having TWO guys on your team that can do that.


Lillard. Calling it.


who fuckin cares. let’s just chill till the actual off-season.


We've already landed that super star, and his name is Deandre Ayton.


Lol Flex already on his bullshit.


This, I love flex but that dude is a hype beast journalist, this season he swore on his mothers f grave that we would trade for Thaddeus Young and news of it never even suggested it


Please Dame and not LeBron.


Dame can not fit with cp3 and booker. If we were to add lebron then we actually have a chance at a championship


maybe but long term that’s a horrible plan


There is NO long term right now.


I think if we can get a fresh PG to replace some CP3 minutes with some money Ayton might clear up then we still have long term viability. The core is very young minus CP3 and letting Ayton go would hurt us but we’d be okay for awhile with Mcgee, Dario and Biyombo. We could also replace (maybe) Crowder with Cam j to get some money for a better PG backup. I’m obviously being super optimistic but I haven’t lost faith in this team just yet. But some changes definitely need to be made


Nah that's a smart take. We can float a year without Ayton with the right pickups.


All we should want is KD or Dame. That’s it 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


Embiid or the above.


Duncan Robinson


I feel like I’ve turned to the dark side but after last night, landing KD or Lebron would be insane. Feels disillusional to think either is doable though. I would embrace the media hate of being saved if it meant a ring for Book


Is Flex a sports writer or something? What can he know? I thought he was just a fan who called into 98.7 after games.


It’s probably Eric Gordon his heart never left Phoenix CP3 EG Book the league is in trouble now


Calling it now. CP3 and Ayton go to Brooklyn and Kyrie and KD come to Phoenix. We also sign Cousins to add toughness to the center spot. Jk I wish though 😩


Cousins add toughness to the center spot? What year is this??? Did I wake up and its 2012???


The three letters in this sentence are "G...I....(giannis?)...R" GIR. Finally, been waiting for Invader Zim to dominate in this league.


Me, every single time a Flex tweet gets posted: "This man is an obvious fraud with nothing actionable and is regularly wrong. The only things he's ever gotten right were heavily suggested or reported on previously." Me, reading this: "The man is directly in talks with Booker, Monty, and James Jones. No chance he's wrong here."


If we keep CP, and I'm not opposed to it, we need another point to play majority minutes during regular and even the opening games of playoffs next season. I refuse to believe that someone goes 14/14, and then another two solid games in the next series, to completely out of it without injury. Biggest thing will be getting this team back to the mentality we had in the bubble through the playoffs of last year. CP coming off the bench could be best for everyone, if he can get past his ego that makes him want to hide injuries to the detriment of his team. I'm excited for the changes and can't wait for the Finals to end so we can see what the landscape is out there.


less than 24 hours after our collapse.. you cant put much into this (although i really hope its true that a 'true superstar' wants to come join this team).


Bruh why y'all think it's gonna be KD




Its not KD its LeMickey. He’s been in Phoenix and spending time with CP3 in LA recently. Theres been tons of rumblings. Im scared he's washed though.